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Generally, when writing stories regarding female muscle growth, there must be SOME change in the girl’s attitude, as the girl cannot simply live life the way she always did before. To what extent or degree depends on the circumstances of the growth, as well as how she’s changed. Here’s a list of factors one might wish to consider while writing a story:

– How big are her muscles; is she simply athletic-looking, as muscular as a bodybuilder, or farfetchedly huge? Bulky muscles may prove useful, as they can intimidate foes, if she is often facing adversity. However, huge muscles can also intimidate regular people, thus estranging the girl from a lot of society. This can affect her career, social love, romantic life, already-existing relationships with people, and more.

– How strong is she; is she just stronger than the average girl, or is she like the next She-Hulk (One must note that a woman can be rather bulky in the muscle department and not too strong in stories – her muscles purely for show – or be super-strong without looking like she is – like Wonder Woman)? If she’s super-strong, this could, once again, be a double-edged sword. On one hand, she could battle foes more easily and lift heavy obstructions (Which is helpful in both emergencies, like rescueing someone trapped under a lot of debris or hefting a boulder that blocks her path, or in non-emergency situations, such as lifting that car that parked in her spot, or picking up the fridge to clean the hard-to-reach place beneath it). On the other hand, she might not know her own strength, and might crush, smash, squash, break, destroy, obliterate, or annihilate things – or people – by mistake. Similarly, one must question the degree to which she can control her strength; it’s possible that she can shift from super-strong mode to gentle mode at will, and thus can reap the benefits of super-strength without the downsides.

– How tall is she; is she of average height, or is she able to look down at NBA players? Often, muscle-girls get taller in fictitious stories, making her big all around. Getting super-tall can be a major pain when it comes to fitting inside houses and cars or under limbo sticks. Being super-tall may be unneccessary if she’s strong enough. Height can be rather intimidating to foes, though, regardless of muscle-size. Of course, intimidation has its bad side, too, as stated previously.

– How fast is her muscle-growth; has she grown steadily over a period of months, like most bodybuilders, or quicker than normal, over a period of days, hours, minutes, or even seconds? The longer it takes, the more time the girl has to adjust to her body’s changes. If she changes too quickly, she might become scared, horrified, or angry. On the other hand, she might enjoy the changes happening to her, the feeling as she gets bigger and bigger, as her body fills with energy. If it’s over a period of months, though, odds are she’ll have little trouble with it, as most likely she’s working toward a goal of bigger muscles in such a storyline.

– Does the spell/ray/potion/etc. that transformed her have any side effects that influence the girl’s mind? The girl’s regular personality may not affect her attitude on her situation if whatever transformed her has a DIRECT effect or her mind. Generally, in storylines where a girl’s attitude is magically or scientifically changed, the girl can become power-mad, enraged, primal (Acting more like an animal than a person), sex-crazed (Possibly even becoming bisexual), evil, narcissistic, or dumb (Like the old "dumb jock" stereotype… although with women, dumb jocks very well be less common. Athletic activity raises a person’s testosterone level. If a guy has a LOT more testosterone than estrogen or if a girl has a LOT more estrogen than testosterone [Basically if a guy is a especially masculine or a girl is especially feminine], he/she is more likely to have lower mental abilities, whereas the closer a person is to having equal amounts of the two hormones, the smarter a person is [Which is why stereotypical nerds aren’t usually very masculine or feminine… of course there’s a lot of other factors that influence intelligence other than hormones], so technically a muscle-girl should be SMARTER than the average girl.)