role reversal

Mark Newman

I have a special directory of role reversal stories and never tire of writing them. I can read sequences like the folloiwng again and again and never lose the … enthusiasm.

"Hey, what happened to my muscles?"

"Your muscles? Awww, honey, you’re always losing things. Let me help. Why, HERE they are, dear.," she says happily, pointing proudly to her burgeoning biceps. "Looks like theyre’ MINE now!"


"What is it, Superman?"

"I don’t know. I … suddenly feel so … weak."

"Funny, I was just going to say … I’ve never felt better!" she replies, beginning to float into the air.

And of course the strories I’ve done with Nomdreserv: Tennis, Give and Take and Matt ‘n Emma.

Keep ’em coming.