Save The Planet


I am not spamming the board. I have had an interest in female muscle and growth art. That is what brought me to this board in the first place. The female bodybuilder I was working with dumped me for a younger, better looking guy. She spoke of her loyalty and her integriy. She had no integrity. The only loyalty she had was to herself, her mother and the swinging dick next to her whose ever it might be at the time.

I can talk cosmology, geology and evolution. Man has been on this planet in some form for 5 million years. The 10,000 years you mention is in reference to recorded history, civilization. I am optimistic. I do not believe mankind will become extinct. I believe we and our descendants will move into space, colonize the solar system and eventually the galaxy. The Universe is 15 billion years old. It is middle-aged. In another 15 billion years, Jesus Christ will appear (His second coming will occur in the nick of time) to save those who accept Him. Meanwhile, it is our obligation to clean up the environment and Save The Planet.