Save The Planet


Seriously Colyer, if you want to use a million dollar word, make sure it’s the right one. I am not fallacious in any way. I’m right on the dot when I’m saying that your blatantly obvious plug for your song has nothing to do with these boards. Your song and cause, although noble and respectable, is irrelevant to what this board discusses. You constantly stray off-topic to bicker about how a woman broke up with you and to proclaim the glory and greatness of your songs. I’m sorry to hear that she used you for money, but it’s not something I really want to hear here. If you think I’m intimidating other members thats your opinions. The majority of the members on this board have yet to make a single post on this forum and most of if not all of them just browse around the threads to look at images of muscular or giant women or to read stories about women growing unnaturally huge. It may be way out of line to speak on their behalf, but believe me that’s what they do.

More people have come to my site from She Grew! so far in July than from any other site on the web. I am sure the primary interest is famale muscle and growth but Save The Planet or something is getting hits. It may be my devotion to the Swedish group, ABBA.

ABBA from Sweden

ABBA Revival

I am interested in female muscle, and it is what brought me here to begin with. Here is a link to my favorite picture of Cory Everson.

Cory Everson

I used to whack off to this picture until Veda broke my heart so bad that I can not even look at a woman.