Wow, Marknew…we are not worthy.

An EXCELLENT story, with style and great descriptions. I like that you take your time in making the characters grow and explore the changes, and the variety of ways in which they discover their growing power.

One personal criticism: I would have liked to see in this "day" (or the one before) what was happening with Cindy and Calley. There is little doubt now that she is going to emerge from the basement totally transformed into a massive amazon. It would have been nice to have seen something midway, something involving her friends amazement at discovering the pleasure of pumping iron and seeing their muscles emerge and grow. Heck it would be fun to see Cindy’s mother initial shock to her daughter’s transformation…and maybe have her join them when she realises the reason she had started to notice changes in herself…and realise she likes the idea!

It would be nice to have brief mentions of the main characters parents and relatives also beginning to realise what is happening to them and others.

All the different threads are very well developped. I cannot wait until the next installments arrive. I encourage you to keep up the excellent work and thank you for your numerous contributions to this most excellent board.