Tall girls


In my’s 35 odd years on this Earth, I’s have known many tall women.

So lovely, angelique creatures. Whilst others were dominating demontrixs who’s souls were as vile as their flesh.

I’s currently have a friend, Cynthia (M’Lady Cyn) who stands over 6 feet, 2 inches and is blessed with endowments that rival basketballs (and she’s all natural as well). I’s met her through The Shadow (she had a crush on him, literally and figuratively, despite their age difference of 10 years. Him 15, her 25) and she is now married to a German man, 6 feet 4, who worships her dearly. It must also be remarked that The Shadow also had a stalker in the form of a 15 year old girl (now 16) who stands between 6 feet 2 inches & 6 feet 4 inches. Despite her intensity, she is actually quiet a lovely girl and is a constant source of amusement for I when it comes to pointing out how tall ladies are generally attracted to his 5 feet 8 inch stature.

But it must be said that I’s am not truly attracted to tall women. That is not to say that I’s fidn them unattractive in any way, shape or form, but in terms of asthetics, it is not height that is sort in a female companion. But it is always the true beauty of the soul that doth inspire the most of arosal, no matter the height, flesh or gender.

‘Though it must and remarked that it is recalled the tallest ladies this Flesh has ever known, Ashanta, stood a most impressive 7 feet 3 inches in stature (she suffered from a form of gigantism) and possessed one of the most beautiful and engaging souls that I’s have ever encountered in all my’s Years, despite the limitations of her condition. She was in fact so large and physically over stretched that it was impossibly for her to move or preform action without the pure infliction of pain. Though she was brave -braver than all known- and ventured ever day to the gym in order to battle her pain and affliction, despite such activities causing and heightening them as well.

If there were any to be called Amazon, it would be she. It is also saddening to remark that she passed on 2 years back from liver failure, a complication brought on by her gigantism. She is sorely missed. Such a lovely Soul should never be stripped so cruelly from this World, but such is the decrees of The Fates.

Sorry to spill such a sombre mood upon this place, but such memories could not be confined.


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