The Noctivigant Nurse


Tia inhaled deeply, causing Chad to hang on for his life.  She secured him with a hand as she spoke.  "Wherever should I begin?"  She pondered.

   After a moment, she looked down.  "Is something troubling you?"

   Chad's face was deep red.  "Won't Teddy… see us like this?"

   Laughter caused Tia's amplitude to jiggle erratically. "Honey, I severed his ARAS.  He'll sleep until I restore it."

   Fury caused Chad to forget that he was less than a foot tall.  He remembered an experiment in which a cat with a severed ARAS spent the rest of his life in a comatose state.  "You performed brain surgery on my son?!"  

   "No, not surgery.  I just temporarily drained him of certain neurons.  It's one of the uses of sarcophrenia."

   "Where did you get this power?"  

   An overcast frown marred Tia's beauty.  "I was born with an enigmatic disorder.  Known generically as Failure to Thrive, I was placed in a hospital ward.  I recovered, but I didn't grow any more until I was placed in preschool.  For the next couple of years I experienced a growth spurt, but all the other students came down with baffling disorders.  Osteoporosis, acute sarcopenia, marasmus.  One day I realized that I was absorbing their somatic tissues and integrating them into my own structure.  As my powers and body grew, I realized that I could fulfill my odd metabolic requirements by draining any humanoid creature, and that I could reverse the process, using the material of my own body to reconstitute the forms of other people.  Thus, I carefully healed my classmates, never letting on that I was the cause of these transformations."

    "Amazing!  Most children that age are purely egocentric…"

   Tia nodded.  "Yes, but I also appear have this psychic empathy.  It literally pains me when people are suffering."

   Chad gazed into her eyes."That's why you are a nurse…"

   "Exactly.  I can heal people while having a nearly unlimited potential for growth."

    Chad's microscopic eyebrows twitched.  "You heal by draining yourself, but you grow by draining others… I'm getting confused."

    Another seismic laugh brought the shrunken man to his knees.  "You don't fully comprehend my endowments.  Now that I have mastered my gifts, I can decide which tissues to drain.  I can leach muscle and bone away from people, but this same ability can remove tumors, fat, bone spurs, and other virulent things."

    "What about the couch?  It wasn't alive."

   Tia looked at the remnents of the furniture.  "Actually, I can drain any organic substances, but only concomitant to draining human tissues.  It's rather vitalistic that way."

    Chad clung to the flesh around him, slightly anxious about sliding off.  "Why did you shrink me?"

    Tia grinned.  "Mostly to get raw material for these delightful boobs!"  

    Chad restated himself.  "Those look extrememly uncomfortable."

    Tia yawned. "They are a bit cumbersome, but I can put up with it for the pleasure that it entails."  She lifted the breast that didn't support Chad and kissed it playfully."

    "Thanks…"  Chad blushed again.

    "Ha!  This isn't just for your pleasure, Although I can tell you are enjoying it.  By the way, feel free to fondle something while you're down there.    

   Anyway, I find my size very arousing.  Do you know how thrilling it is to be able to crush a man with the flick of your wrist?"  A thumb loomed over Chad.

   "What about your empathy!"  Chad whitened.

   The thumb descended, stroking Chad affectionately again.  "I would never be so barbaric as to enjoy the injury of another human being, but I love having the power to do so.  Have you had everyone you know stand at least a head taller than you?"

   Chad rolled his eyes.  "…ahem!"

   "I mean before I miniaturized you.  I used to be a miniscule girl, infantile even at school age.  Some would jeer at me overtly, others would patronize, but everyone dismissed me.  Things are different now! Someday, I'll be the largest, strongest, and sexiest woman in the world!"

   "You could have easily attained that goal by now…"

   "True, but I want to do it subtly for a very important reason.  If I'm too overt about my supernatural capacity, people will fear me."

   "I thought you enjoyed scaring people!" Chad observed, rubbing the fatty mountain beneath him.

   Tia tittered "Well, sometimes it is fun to frighten people a little, but I'm talking about a deep seated phobic aversion that people tend to harbor against immensely powerful forces."

    "I'm not afraid of you at all."    

   Tia smiled, gently lifted Chad, and placed her in the valley of her cleavage, aloowing him to hear her heartbeat.

  "That's because I love you dearly, and I use my psychic ability to calm people within range.  You see, I truly care about people and I want them to be able to live to their fullest potential.  I'm walking a rather fine line, here."

   "What line is that?"  Chad asked from the depths of her sternum.  He began squirming, prompted by a sudden intuition.

   "A woman must be strong to love, and also to protect and support those she loves, but a bastion of fortitude as alienate as well as inspire weaker people."

    "What about a man?"  Chad massaged an escarpment of breast as he awaited his answer.

   Tia shrugged.  "I suppose that it's true for men too but men just seem a little weaker than women.

   "I suppose it would seem that way to you."

  "No, I wasn't just speaking constitutionally.  It often falls incumbent upon women to balance work and relationships.  Furthermore, women seem to be more attuned to their emotions, whereas your average man is more psychologically brittle."

  Chad stopped carressing Tia and climbed up to her face.  "I am a superlatively devout parent."  He roared.

  In response, Tia kissed Chad, etiolating his indignation.  "I know, and I respect you for that.  That's one of the reasons why I'm choosing you as a mate."

"How many reasons are there?"

   Tia counted.  "Well, I reserve my rights to privacy, but I'll tell you: at least one I haven't told you about yet."

  "What's that."

   "There's one more power I want to show you, but I'll have to return you to your original height, ready?"


   Pop!  Chad was again six foot two.  His body was his own, but not quite familiar.  He felt thicker, and denser.  "What's this feeling?"

  Tia giggled.  "All your snuggling put me in an erotic mood, so I enhanced your strength so I won't inadvertantly crush you."

  Chad inspected Tia.  She had to have gotten that mass from somehere, but it certainly wasn't her muscles.  Her formerly flowing tresses had almost completely receded into her head, and her body fat had been all but eradicated, increasing the definition of her already voluminous muscles.  Chad also realized that ice was forming on the window, and his exhaled air was visible.  

   "It's cold in here…"

   "Oh, yeah, I can convert thermal energy to mass too to an extent.   I know how to warm you up, though."

   Tia's limbs began to encircle him, but Chad halted.  "Wait."  Tia backed off for a moment while he wrapped his son in a nearby blanket.  

  "Okay..  I'm ready now.."

   An hour later, Chad and Tia held hands as they panted, sprawled on the floor.

   "Did you enjoy that?"

   "It was magnificent."

   When Chad was fully rested, He sat up and looked pensive.  "What is that last power you wanted to show me?"

   Tia smiled and commanded in a sultry voice.  "Look at me now."

   Chad inspected his paramour.  Her hair and curves had returned, and her muscles were slightly larger.

   "Umm… very sexy… but where did you get it?"  asked Chad, eyes searching the room.  The furniture was untouched.  Teddy wasn't any smaller.  His own body retained the puissance that Tia gave him.

   "That's the power I wanted to show you?"

   "You have a power that makes you grow during sex?"  Chad asked.

  "No, it's not a sex power, nor is the power even mine. It's actually yours."

  Chad stopped putting his pants on long enough to gape at Tia.  "What?!"