Use the BMI (body mass index)


Calculate her start BMI.

BMI = BMI= (703 * W / H)/H

then reverse the formula at her new height or weight tu get the other.

(Weight is in pounds and Height is in inches)

H = square_root(BMI*W*703)

W = (BMI*H*H)/703

so if you want to alter her height to make her twice as tall you’ll find her new weight with the last formula (her BMI remains the same no matter how tall she gets) and if you want to double her weight, to make her twice as big, find her height using the second formula.

for other parts…

assume that if she grows proportionately, she wil grow as much in width as she did in height… and she’ll be proportionately bigger "around" if she’s twince as tall she’ll be twice as big around anypart of her body… waist, bicep, name it. if she’s 15% taller, she’ll be 15% bigger around as well… do the math.

Now, if you’re into Vore or such stuff… and you want to know if she can eat a man whole… a human stomach can hold aproximately one pound of food per hundred pound of bodyweight. Some people can stretch their stomach to twice that volume or more but more than twice the norm is extremely rare (think world record breaking potential)

Any questions?