Veda sings and has muscles

The Muffin man

I’ve been nice and kind and quiet. But you know what Jim? You’re really annoying me.

Cram it. Alright? Shut up. Stop talking. Nobody really cares. You’ve pretty much pushed more of us AWAY by your refusal to do anything BUT talk about your site and how you think you can change the world. Put it in your sig and post normally or get out. This is NOT your own personal billboard.

I have rarely seen a post where you did not find some way to weasel in your site. Stop it.

Now I’m not a mod or an admin, but ask anyone. I’m not a confrontational person. And I really like posting here. I don’t want people like you leeching off the bandwidth for your own good. I don’t want Shegrew to go down and YOUR site still leeches hits elsewhere because your interest has faded in a site that has an inexplicable tolerance for your (pardon my french, KissTheManiac) bullshit.

I’ve run out of patience and I think you should leave before the other members decide to stop being patient with you.