Veda sings and has muscles

Matthew Lim

First off, YES your post is spam. This is She Grew! a forum for fans of female growth fetishes. You have posted on this forum five times and aside from one three word reply, all your posts have been plugs for your site and your song. I don’t know what you think spam is, but for me and probably for alot of other people on this forum, that is spam. This thread and song has no topical relevance to the art of female growth so I have no idea why it’s posted here in the first place. In this thread you claim to have a muscular singer, yet I have been on your site and have not seen a single muscular female on it.

Second, I don’t know what kind of ego you are carrying to believe that one song is going to change the world. Our country has thousands of plant and animal conservation groups and yet the world still stuggles to keep it’s rainforests and endangered species alive. Singers far more famous than you have been advocating peace through their songs yet we still have hatred of all forms in the world. Believing that one song could have stopped 9/11 is a bunch of if not complete bull.

I am all for world peace and the conservation of plants and animals but I don’t believe that one song can change the world.