Veda sings and has muscles


Dude, you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

Let me tell you what the average passerby is thinking when they visit these forums.

"Hey let’s see if there’s anything new going in the FMG/GTS/Other category for pictures. I hope there’s some giant boobies or huge muscle pictures I could see today, if not well maybe I’ll just see if they have a new fiction story for me to read."

-Looks over to General

"Song about saving the environment? What the hell? This has nothing to do with female or muscles! What the hell is this topic even doing here? I want to see females with muscles, I don’t care about music or the environment! I just want to get a stiffy goddammit!"

This post has nothing to do with FMG/GTS/BE or any of the above, it has to do with saving the environment. The only thing that has relation to muscle is the fact that you’re bitter about a break up you had with a beautiful woman, that does not mean this thread belongs here. You should be posting in a forum where people are out trying to save the environment, not here, here was just want to see pictures or stories or anything relating to females with muscles.