WOW that’s BIG


Not promising anything Darktalyn HOWEVER you did me proud by linking to a honking big image.

Though it’s understandably difficult finding good reference pics I often silently fume when seeing a call to action only to find the resource pic is no larger than my avatar. 😛

In the linked pic there’s more than enough surface area to freakin PAINT in the muscles based on stretched textures from the large areas of shadow and light. you could scale the whole image a fourth of the size and still have something nice. Not to mention the distort function in PS.

This picture is nice in that the light source is straight on giving more leeway to convincingly expand the limbs. Also if it scomes down to swpping out limbs the lighting matches that of a bodybuilding pageant stage.

So good set up now it’s time to see what we all can attempt eh? 😯 😆