Umm, I must have been mistaken. I remember The Collector playing a online game and having the ability to grow his character as a power, he even posted some screen shots, this was probably a year ago if not earlier. It may have been before City of Heros, not sure. Anyone have any insight?

The Collector was talking about a different computer game called "Freedom Force". It’s about a group of superheroes from the 60’s & a good game, btw.

There are many pictures for your characters (called "skins") for that game that you can download from the ‘net, including some giant skins & muscular skins.

The closest I ever got to having an Amazon-type superheroine in the game was having a character with a 10 Strength (the highest in the game), with a Donner skin (a tall, blonde superheroine from an old cancelled comic book from the 90’s called "The Shadow Cabinet" , who was strong like She-Hulk).

As far as I know, you can pretty much make an Amazon-type in "City of Heroes". I made a superheroine who was 7’6" with super-strength & Invulnerability (two types of superpowers in the game), called Ms. Muscle.

And with their costume creation system, you can pretty much make them look just like you want ’em (read: gorgeous Amazons! 🙂

Hope this helps.


Eric F., EnhanceMan