your story: A Young Giantess Growing up and Up.


Dear Happiest_in_Shadows,

It’s me again.also I was think about increase her (Kate’s) stergth and endurure though intense exersize.

Like shit-ups and push up with tromendous weight either on her belly or back.

swiming both above water and below as fast as she can.Also excerise to increse the speed and accerecy of her action. In all the she needs to push herself till she thinks she can not go futher and then go much futher.Also what about intense biofeed cback training to stergthen her mind-body conection and her control there.I things push hard as possible increase the power of her senes and the abitty to safull use them in all condations.What about puting her in a absolute vacum chamer and having her body yo that?What about doing what need to keep her run and grow for raditiuon soures only/All raidation soures there are with 100% effectivness.While keep the abitly to eat regular food and digeswt for social resons and to be able to countine to enjoy the taste of it?

What about delvoping tech to make it possible foir her and her kind to explore the whole cosmos?

What about bring amy back for a threesome both social and intimate?