Alexandra Vusir


Alexandra Vusir – check her out. I first saw a photo of her in WPW about ten or twelve years ago – it left a big impression. I was amused to see the "before" and "during" photos of her transformation. In her first contest photo she looks pretty puny.

I used an online translation engine – near as I can tell one paragraph reads something like this:

She was flexing at age 17

Alexandria bas been lifting weights for ten years, first competing in 1985. She was seventeen year when she first tried to flex her muscles. One day she stood before a mirror and watched to see what she looked like in the most muscular pose she could muster. But nothing happened!

She concluded that she had to learn exercises that would give her large muscles.

With this in mind in 1981, and with bodybuilding still being relatively uncommon, building up her body would seem to be an almost impossible goal. But Alexandria enjoys a challenge. And stubborn as she always has been, she succeeded and became the woman she is today.