Before and after pictures of female muscle?

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    Mr Burroughs

    A while back, Lingster linked to the Body for Life page of a woman who, starting out quite pudgy, had dieted and exercised her way to a muscular, fit physique. Since this was BFL, the woman had pictures of her progress lined up sequentially.

    My question: Are there any other sites like this, where a woman posts her progress as she grows more muscular? There are presumably personal pages by bodybuilders that show this kind of progress, but I haven’t found many. Even Gina Davis’s page begins in 1999, when she was fit enough to show her body in competition.

    Personal sites, yahoo groups, whatever. If you know of anything, post ‘er here.


    Alexandra Vusir – check her out. I first saw a photo of her in WPW about ten or twelve years ago – it left a big impression. I was amused to see the "before" and "during" photos of her transformation. In her first contest photo she looks pretty puny.

    I used an online translation engine – near as I can tell one paragraph reads something like this:

    She was flexing at age 17

    Alexandria bas been lifting weights for ten years, first competing in 1985. She was seventeen year when she first tried to flex her muscles. One day she stood before a mirror and watched to see what she looked like in the most muscular pose she could muster. But nothing happened!

    She concluded that she had to learn exercises that would give her large muscles.

    With this in mind in 1981, and with bodybuilding still being relatively uncommon, building up her body would seem to be an almost impossible goal. But Alexandria enjoys a challenge. And stubborn as she always has been, she succeeded and became the woman she is today.


    Yeah, I just did the math. At her first contest in 1985 – after four years of training – her arms were just 11.6 inches. In 1991/92 – at the time the article was written – she’d increased them to 14.2 inches. She’s 5’5".

    I think it’s delightful that she was such a scrawny little weakling to begin with – her photos would make an excellent "Charles Atlas" ad for women.


    here’s another link to some pictures of alexandra. Definitely a sweet swede.

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