Automobile GTS


Just some notes that you might find interesting. You may notice that there is very little by way of plot or character development. Normally, you simply have to have these things. But erotica seems to be able to get away with out it.

Of course, it still can’t compete with other stories found here. Young Giantess, seems to get a great deal more attention here, than the stuff I have shared. But YG isn’t really what you would call erotica either. Personally, I think that it leaves a lot behind. But on the other hand, I am coming at it with different expectations.

But this douse come with a consequence. Without plot or character, there is very little to keep the reader in. With Mary, once she stops growing, that’s it. In fact, I find it worse than that, once she runs out of things to burst out of, that’s it. If it works, it works for the same reason a strip club works. No one goes to a stripe joint to have her read poetry to you, you want her to take it all off. Well, once she dose this… then what? You’ve seen every thing; she has nothing left to offer.

But I have done enough studies to know that there is a balance. You give her a personality, a history, a character, and motivations. You just can’t throw her in the mud-pit and expect it to work as good erotica. The reader would come to care about her, and seeing her just do it has consequences, for both the character and the reader. And its difficult to cross that bridge. Not to say that it can’t be, or hasn’t been done. Just that I haven’t figured out how yet.

The reason I am telling you this is the hopes that you out there might take pen in hand, and try writing yourself. That said, while there are lots of books on how to right fiction, I can’t seem to find any that shad insights into erotica. So perhaps if I share some notes, it might help you guys (and girls, this is equal opportunity smut here) with your writing.