Automobile GTS


ah but the reasom why your story (though written differently, and ‘plotted’ differently) is so popular- at least to me, is becuase of the suspense. yes thats right – suspense. Will the now-gigantic feamle continue her growth spurt? How will those with authority deal with the new-found situation of dealing with a 25 foot giantess who, from all accounts clearly enjoyed her growth spurt. the erotica adds much, yes thats true. But the rest of the story is left to ouer each different imaginations, so that we can all envisage an outcome, or follow-on story that we desire.

You simply provide our imagination, (and our sex drive in this case =p ) with a step in a neqw direction.

thank you – I and my imagionation enjoyed this story very much, and you have encouraged me to ponder on what stories I would like to contribute