damn frenchy


Damn Frenchy

"i just want to thank thank you for your opend mindedness. not that its an excuse for what i did, but man, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. so i guess every body in here dont own vcr’s or burners and all that devilish stuff, cause i mean you wouldnt want to be violating REAL ACTUAL COPY RIGHT LAWS.

thanks again Averageguy2, i appreciate it."

First of all don’t thank me, I examined REAL ACTUAL COPY RIGHT LAWS and everyone on here who has created a story has LEGAL right to their works at the moment of conception. They don’t NEED to file such work with the US copyright office to have intellectual property rights to their work and anyone wishing to make changes to their work still NEEDS permission.

For my previous statement, all I was trying to note was that for everyone who has ever created a story on here, complained about copyrights, and then downloaded video clips, songs, or copied movies without permission, needs to examine their own infringements concerning someones artistic work before they rally to their own. An atmosphere of respect for person’s work is only guaranteed when they also respect others.

I for one know that the internet, including those who share our mutual interests, have perpetuated an atmosphere that is often ignorant about copyright infringements in general. In that respect, after all the Kazaas, mozillas, napster wannabes, story websites which used named characters from other venues, etc, I can understand how one might be confused that changing someone’s story might be okay. Heck, I’ve read stories all over the place that refer to Superman, Batman, Buffy, etc, etc, etc, who also don’t have permission to use those characters. (Not sure how it works so don’t yell at me)

Likewise, people who believe that something isn’t copyrighted because it hasn’t been filed in a patent office need to learn the law and realize that a person’s work IS protected under law.

One way or the other, this little conversion has made me more sympathetic to the grievances of people in both smaller and larger entertainment venues and we should ALL be weary about how we confront the issue.