damn frenchy

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    I think your out of line rewriting and posting other peoples work without their knowledge.

    They took weeks and months ever years putting stories together. Then you come along and stab a few new words in there and put your name on them.

    I’ve helped new writers before by cleaning up a story and making it easier to read. However I’ve never changed its contents and put my name on their stuff.

    Why would you take someones hard work and do this?

    damn frenchy

    how about you get off the ban wagon, and let me be. if you would of read the stories, you would of noticed that basicaly all i’ve done is change the names, thats it. maybe added a little more details……. but all in all, its the same story.

    as for claming them as my own, you’ve obviously miss read my post about me clearly stating that i DID NOT WRITE THESE STORIES.

    so i dont know what you’re trying to prouve here or what, but how about you lighten up, enjoy the stories, and every body will live happily aever after.

    ps. if these stories were’nt made to be read or reposted or what ever, they never would have been released in the first place, or a copyright would of been added.

    my only intension here was to share my love for these stories with others.


    Your not even giving the real author credit for their OWN stories buddy.

    I’m not the only one who isn’t too happy with you taking others stories.

    Like others have asked you………..did you ASK if you could do this from the people that wrote them?

    As for enjying them. I did that when they were first posted by the writers.

    damn frenchy

    i’ve never seen or heard of such an uptight gts comunity… holy shit. you guys are truely something……. talk about anal.

    which ever’s cool, i’ll just remove all the post i put up and you all will be happy once and for all……..



    Amazing how you seem to think there is nothing wrong with taking an author’s work, renaming it, adding a bit, and not even giving the original author credit when posting a story. If you really want to share these stories share them…and here’s a crazy concept….AS THEY WERE ORIGINALLY WRITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll find that not only is this GTS community a group of people who get upset by that, but any community. I’ve been working on a story for over a year since it takes me a while to figure out how to put my thoughts on paper in the form of a story, and quite frankly I would be very upset if I found my work retitled with some changes (even minor ones) and I’m not even credited as creating it. The very thought of doing this offends.

    damn frenchy

    i dont know. maybe its me. maybe i missed the sign that sates that this is a fucking gts writters convention. man, you guys sure know how to suck the fun out of something. you all you guys harping on me would let go of your hard ons, and concentrate your energy on your writters blocks, then there would be lots more stories out there for the gts fan to enjoy. all i intended to do is share my finding here in this comunity. there are way to many half ass gts web sites out there that charge you to see these guys cut and past shit using ms paint for their collages. i tought this place was more then that. all i see is fucking hate for others. i mean, honestly, you all truely need to lighten up. it was an inocent move, which obviously pissed a selected few off. if you cant look past that, then go fuck yourself. get life, and leave me the hell alone.

    magnus knight

    I wrote one of the stories frenchy changed. I would have liked him to ask permission first, but I’ll let one slide. Only problem is he changed more than one. And the stories he changed were already gts community classics by some of our best writers. If you really want to add more detail to a story take one without any. For example the story "Made to Order" about a gts movie has this blank in the center where three girls grow, but no real detail. I always wanted to fix that, but didn’t out of respect to the writer. Take a story like that, ask the writer’s permission, load on the details of the growth, and post it the propper way. Or even better write something semi-original. I’m trying to get people to enter my gts story contest. i’ll extend the deadline for you and tell you the topics no one used yet. Write the story and we’ll all get off your back.

    Mark Newman

    I agree with Magnus. I’ve written over 2 dozen stories and I want people to read them as much as possible. And I have no objection to readers playing with the stories and changing them, in private. I do that too, but I keep it to myself unless I get the writer’s permission. I also give my consent to people posting sequels to my stories or even writing variations, IF they ask me first.

    But my stories are my creations. I like to control WHERE they appear and HOW they appear. That is my right, under the law, whether or not I put the copyright symbol on the story. Look it up.

    I’m not going to prosecute or sue anyone. I post my stories for the enjoyment of our small community. This is a treat for them. It’s free, unlike many art or photography sites. I ask little in return. But one thing I ask is to keep my work as I’ve done it.

    I’m not uptight. I am an artist. I ask for appreciation and respect and membership in this community. Most people understand that.

    And that’s my last word on the subject.


    Rob Smith

    Magnus & Mark — here, here! You both have said it perfectly.

    Matthew Lim

    I have to agree with everyone on this subject. Frenchy, whether you want to believe it or not, you are under violation of copyright infringement laws. Anyone of the authors who wrote those stories could sue the hell out of you for misuse of thier creative works. As an artist I don’t post most of my work online because of people like you. What you’re doing is basically like some person downloading one of my drawings, putting another face on the character and posting it as their own work without giving me any bit of credit. It may be in all fun and games for you but take it from our side, the side that creates this stuff you enjoy. A lot of us take pride in our creations and really don’t appreciate people who come along and basically cut and paste and try to get the same glory that we work our asses of to obtain. This is a friendly GTS/FMG community but it can be very vicious when you do stuff like this. And if you want to understand just why some of us get so sensitive about this stuff, why don’t you spend a week or two and come up with your own original story that you’ll take pride in and we’ll take it change some names and repost it. So stop your whining about just having fun and do your own work.

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