damn frenchy

magnus knight

I wrote one of the stories frenchy changed. I would have liked him to ask permission first, but I’ll let one slide. Only problem is he changed more than one. And the stories he changed were already gts community classics by some of our best writers. If you really want to add more detail to a story take one without any. For example the story "Made to Order" about a gts movie has this blank in the center where three girls grow, but no real detail. I always wanted to fix that, but didn’t out of respect to the writer. Take a story like that, ask the writer’s permission, load on the details of the growth, and post it the propper way. Or even better write something semi-original. I’m trying to get people to enter my gts story contest. i’ll extend the deadline for you and tell you the topics no one used yet. Write the story and we’ll all get off your back.