damn frenchy

Mark Newman

I agree with Magnus. I’ve written over 2 dozen stories and I want people to read them as much as possible. And I have no objection to readers playing with the stories and changing them, in private. I do that too, but I keep it to myself unless I get the writer’s permission. I also give my consent to people posting sequels to my stories or even writing variations, IF they ask me first.

But my stories are my creations. I like to control WHERE they appear and HOW they appear. That is my right, under the law, whether or not I put the copyright symbol on the story. Look it up.

I’m not going to prosecute or sue anyone. I post my stories for the enjoyment of our small community. This is a treat for them. It’s free, unlike many art or photography sites. I ask little in return. But one thing I ask is to keep my work as I’ve done it.

I’m not uptight. I am an artist. I ask for appreciation and respect and membership in this community. Most people understand that.

And that’s my last word on the subject.