damn frenchy

Matthew Lim

I have to agree with everyone on this subject. Frenchy, whether you want to believe it or not, you are under violation of copyright infringement laws. Anyone of the authors who wrote those stories could sue the hell out of you for misuse of thier creative works. As an artist I don’t post most of my work online because of people like you. What you’re doing is basically like some person downloading one of my drawings, putting another face on the character and posting it as their own work without giving me any bit of credit. It may be in all fun and games for you but take it from our side, the side that creates this stuff you enjoy. A lot of us take pride in our creations and really don’t appreciate people who come along and basically cut and paste and try to get the same glory that we work our asses of to obtain. This is a friendly GTS/FMG community but it can be very vicious when you do stuff like this. And if you want to understand just why some of us get so sensitive about this stuff, why don’t you spend a week or two and come up with your own original story that you’ll take pride in and we’ll take it change some names and repost it. So stop your whining about just having fun and do your own work.