Dragonball: Absurd Crossing


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Dragonball: Absurd Crossing

Chapter 2; First Steps.

2 months later…

"21… 22… 23…"

"Chichi, are you sure your not tired yet?"

"No dad, I just started!"

"Just making sure sweetheart!" Ox King said, chuckling alittle uneasily. At the edge of the forest, he sat on the ground, his burly thick legs crossed in front of him while little Pan sat in his arms. There they sat, watching as Chichi continued her squats with a giant tree on her back.

"Go grandma!" The little girl cheered. Videl snickered from her kneeling spot beside Ox King.

"Don’t call her ‘grandma’ Pan, it makes a lady sound old…"

It was now alittle over 2 months now since she started her own training in hopes of challenging her own husband to a meaningful match, one that he would not hold back on… Ox King remembered the day when she made her determined, and ridiculous proclamation…


"Chichi… are you serious…?" Ox King asked after getting up, rubbing his throbbing nose and trying to figure out if one of his eyes had suddenly gone bad, or if he was looking through a now cracked lens in his glasses.

"Yes, I am," She answered, standing to her feet and dusting herself off. "It wasn’t until now I realized that I want to fight him; as best I can, like we’d did once before when we were kids. Plus, sitting around the house is getting really boring now. With Goten out to college, I’ve really got nothing else to do, and Gohan has his own life of course, so I might as well give myself something to do, right?"

He nodded alittle. Couldn’t argue with the desire, but still…

"But Chichi, you’re much older than you were back long ago! I don’t think it’s safe…" She shrugged, then blanched.

"Wait, are you trying to say, I’m OLD..??" Ox King swallowed hard.

"Of c-course not!" He shook his head vigorously, "But still–"

"Oh, okay. Then it’s settled," She cut in sweetly, heading inside the house. "Now, what to fix for dinner…"

Gyuu-Maou kept his mouth shut. Though he still wanted to argue against this sudden decision, he didn’t want to go hungry tonight because of it.


The large, pickup sized tree trunk caused the ground to tremble as Chichi dropped it, panting as she and headed into the house a moment after catching her breath. All in all, she was making excellent progress Ox King observed. She was probably back to being as strong as she was in her prime, maybe even stronger. But usually her training exercises never ended this early.

The three observers watched as she headed over to the phone, paused, took a deep breath, and picked up the receiver hesitantly before dialing out a number. After a short exchange in conversation, she hung up the phone, silently heading into her room to pick up a capsule. Stepping outside and pressing the button atop it, she tossed down the capsule and waited as her hovercar "BOM"ed to life before her.

"Dad, Pan, Videl, I’m going out for awhile okay?" She said, giving a small bow before hopping in the car.

"But Chichi, where are you going?" Ox King asked, very concerned.

"To continue training," She answered, before the car shot off in a cloud of dust. Sitting on Gyuu-Maou’s massive shoulder, Pan waved as grandma Chichi disappeared into the distance.

"Byebye grandma!"

Videl sighed.

"I always knew she was strong; but now I got a pretty vivid idea," Videl said as she stared on in the direction the car flew off. Ox King bit his lip.

"She was always a strong girl; I just hope she doesn’t get herself hurt…"


"And so, you see, I know it’s a rather large favor, but I would really cherish it if you would consider my request–"

The old turtle master, ‘Kamesenin’, otherwise known to the people close to him as Master Roshi, held up his hand in the middle of her request.

"Training? From me? To fight your husband?? I’ll admit that I am flattered, but you should know that he far exceeds my abilities. Why not have Gokou himself train you? He is your husband after all. Besides, I don’t train people much anymore."

"But if I’m going to even think about fighting my Gokou evenly, I need to at least a basic knowledge of chi! And I don’t want him know; I want it to be a surprise, a present for him next time when he sees me. Please?? I know it must be strange to be getting such a sudden request from such an old woman–"

Her words became stuck in her throat as she felt a tight dual grip surrounding the bosoms atop her chest. A deep boiling red began to cover her face as she curled her fist so tightly her knuckles popped…


After recovering from the initial stunning pain, Roshi dug his head out of the sand where it’d impacted from Chichi’s bitter rabbit punch, rubbing a large lump the size of a baseball cresting the top of his head.

"Well, I hope this answers your comment on the age issue anyway," He said, spitting out sand and staggering to stand.

"You still look as radiant as you did long ago when Gohan was but a child! You’ve taken good care of your body…"

Roshi hadn’t noticed it before, but now taking a close look at her, her sleeveless arms were showing faint definition to them, the biceps standing with actual definition. He surmised that she must’ve been working out this morning, and that this was the progressing outcome of the training she’d begun. It was proof enough for him to show that she serious about her agenda… as insane as it may be.

"Besides, I’m the last person who can talk about age. As for your request… I… will accept it."

Chichi beamed happily.

"IF! You do a request of mine one day."

Chichi’s face faltered. Roshi thought he felt his mustache beginning to sizzle from the heat of Chichi’s glare. Obviously she still remembered exactly who she was truly dealing with; ‘The Pervert of Perverts’.

"And, what kind of request might that be, wise old master?


A large sweatdrop ran down the back of his hairless head as the old man chuckled VERY uneasily.

"We’ll, ahh, talk about it later, okay?!"