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    This is alittle fanfic that’s been sitting on my hardrive for awhile now. Haven’t decided on whether or not I’ll finish it, but C&C is graciously welcome. ^_^ And yes, more to come.

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    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the known characters in the dragonball series and am not writing this for the sake of earning money, but for my own (and others who may wish to read it) entertainment. Gokou, Chichi, etc, and anything else associated with Dragonball are all property of Akira Toriyama and Toei Entertainment. All other characters unless noted are copyright(c) and owned by me.

    Okay, now with the legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, enjoy!


    Dragonball: Absurd Crossing.

    Chapter 1: A Wife’s Outing

    "Did you get the grocery list?" Chichi asked as she stood outside the door of the house as the legendary man-mountain, Gyuu-Maou, the Ox King, revved up the hover car.

    He chuckled. "Of course! I got it right off the refrigerator door! You relax, and I’ll be back in no time at all, ok? Goodbye Chichiii!"

    Chichi waved back at him as he took off into the sky. She leaned against the door, staring out at the beautiful day before her. It’d been only a day ago since Gokou visited from his training with Uub. She’d made a feast fit for a king, or in this case, a famished saiyan, leaving the fridge albeit near empty except for a box of Baking Soda, and half a pitcher of water. Frankly, they were lucky to still have that much. She planned to take a drive out to the supermarket to restock on goods, but father insisted on doing it himself this time.

    She sighed to herself as she began to go through some old katas. For a 44-year-old woman, her skin was still clear and soft as it ever had been, and her body, though hidden under the loose and thick clothing she liked to wear, was still toned like it was 20 years ago despite her thinking of herself now as ‘over the hill’.

    As much as she loved the times when Gokou visits, she found that she was quickly beginning to miss him again. He and his student Uub were both probably off somewhere across the world, maybe not even in the same galaxy, who knows?! Training and having adventures. She was not the adventurous type, not anymore; but at this point she almost wished that Gokou would take her with them. But she knew that would be only a hindrance. She huffed in defeat as she leaned against the wall outside the house. Her strength and skill was not even a drop in the bucket compared to them as she worked out nowadays only to keep herself in shape and keep her martial arts skill sharp. And age was not on her side, like it seemed to be on her husband’s.

    ‘Damnit, it’s just not fair,’ she’d thought more than once lately. Of course, seven dragonballs and one wish later she could easily remedy afew of her problems, but she refused to do such a selfish thing. And besides, who knows when the next time they might be needed for something far more important.

    During her katas, she thought back to the last time she and her husband Gokou sparred at her own request. It was about 2 years ago. It was like reliving old times when they were but kids. Though she didn’t admit it then, it she loved to spar with him time and again through the years, and no words need be said to know Gokou’s feelings on their little sessions. Her wedding with Gokou after the 23rd ‘Number One Under the Sun’ martial arts tournament was still thought of as the most romantic moment of her life, though not many would consider battling their potential husband and then marrying them at the end of the day as very ‘romantic’, but not ‘everybody’ had her strong and unique upbringing either.

    Coming to an end on her katas, she took a deep breath, bringing her heartrate back to normal as she now felt herself becoming anxious for something else to do. After realizing the house would need more firewood soon, she promptly set off into the forest.


    She reminisced about her latest spar with him, and came to realize and understand once again why he did what he did. He loved to do it. It was his calling; his purpose. It was rare to see him that happy, and Gokou was usually a VERY happy man. Very strong man too.

    Their gentle bout left her feeling alittle sore from afew well-placed attacks. As a true martial artist she also recognized how finely polished and acute his movements were. Her ability even today would put all but the best to shame, but Gokou’s was so much greater, seemingly flawless to her eyes. It kinda dug at her when she spotted that sometimes he would blatantly open his guard to her advances, eventhough he denied it.

    After a half-hour walk, she stood infront of the potential tree that’d caught her eye. At 100 feet tall and about 30 feet around, it was one of the smaller trees in their neighboring forest, but there were even smaller ones around, ones that maybe she should’ve chosen instead of this one. When Gokou was around, he was usually the one who went off and did these chores, and if failing that then her father or Gohan. Staring up at the trees her unusual family used to drag home casually, it made her regret not grabbing a chainsaw or even a storing capsule before leaving. She sighed, but then cracked her knuckles.

    "Well, I’m not going to let a simple tree intimidate me; if Gokou and dad could being these home, then… so can I!" She surmised as she fell into traditional stance and focused her mind and strength into her fist. "It’ll be a good exercise for myself after all these years…"

    4 seconds later, a loud ‘kiah!’ followed with an intense, shuddering impact, scaring all of the birds in the immediate area out of the nests. After afew seconds, the enormous tree cracked and fell over from the stump, crashing heavily to the ground.

    "….OwOwOwOwOw OW OW OW!!" Chichi cried as she danced about, wringing her bruised, throbbing hand out. "Maybe I should’ve tried a kick like I was thinking at first. What ever possessed me to use my hand?!"

    She sighed. "I’m really out of shape…"


    Gyuu-Maou flicked through the channels on TV. It’d been an hour since he got home after buying the groceries on the list, along with afew sweets for himself that he would make sure a certain daughter would not find out about. He surmised that she probably went for a long jog or such while he was gone.

    ‘Good that she still keeps herself healthy,’ He thought to himself as he yawned, sliding himself into position for a small afternoon nap. A sudden booming sound came from outside, like a house had just been dropped down from the sky to their front lawn, startling him wide awake and sending him rushing to the front door.

    "Chichi! Are you okay?? Hey you brought home some firewood!" Father said as he headed over to the tired woman kneeling beside what must have been a possibly a 60-ton tree that she’d dragged home, panting, sweating bullets and covered in dirt and bark.

    "I haven’t *gasp* done anything *gasp* close to that, since I was… a little girl…!"

    "Are you okay?? Gohan or I should go and get the firewood for you Chichi," He took a moment to look over at the tree, "And, didn’t you take a storage capsule with you??"

    She shook her head and waved him off gently.

    "It’s okay dad; I wanted to do it. I’m not a weakling; you taught me everything I know, remember? And… I’ve come to a resolution."

    "What’s that?" He asked, leaning forward.

    Chichi thrust her fist to the air triumphantly, accidentally but obliviously clocking the Ox King in the chin and sending him toppling over backwards with stars in his eyes.

    "I’m going to become stronger than Gokou!"


    Just completed proofreading and Edits. Enjoy.

    Dragonball: Absurd Crossing

    Chapter 2; First Steps.

    2 months later…

    "21… 22… 23…"

    "Chichi, are you sure your not tired yet?"

    "No dad, I just started!"

    "Just making sure sweetheart!" Ox King said, chuckling alittle uneasily. At the edge of the forest, he sat on the ground, his burly thick legs crossed in front of him while little Pan sat in his arms. There they sat, watching as Chichi continued her squats with a giant tree on her back.

    "Go grandma!" The little girl cheered. Videl snickered from her kneeling spot beside Ox King.

    "Don’t call her ‘grandma’ Pan, it makes a lady sound old…"

    It was now alittle over 2 months now since she started her own training in hopes of challenging her own husband to a meaningful match, one that he would not hold back on… Ox King remembered the day when she made her determined, and ridiculous proclamation…


    "Chichi… are you serious…?" Ox King asked after getting up, rubbing his throbbing nose and trying to figure out if one of his eyes had suddenly gone bad, or if he was looking through a now cracked lens in his glasses.

    "Yes, I am," She answered, standing to her feet and dusting herself off. "It wasn’t until now I realized that I want to fight him; as best I can, like we’d did once before when we were kids. Plus, sitting around the house is getting really boring now. With Goten out to college, I’ve really got nothing else to do, and Gohan has his own life of course, so I might as well give myself something to do, right?"

    He nodded alittle. Couldn’t argue with the desire, but still…

    "But Chichi, you’re much older than you were back long ago! I don’t think it’s safe…" She shrugged, then blanched.

    "Wait, are you trying to say, I’m OLD..??" Ox King swallowed hard.

    "Of c-course not!" He shook his head vigorously, "But still–"

    "Oh, okay. Then it’s settled," She cut in sweetly, heading inside the house. "Now, what to fix for dinner…"

    Gyuu-Maou kept his mouth shut. Though he still wanted to argue against this sudden decision, he didn’t want to go hungry tonight because of it.


    The large, pickup sized tree trunk caused the ground to tremble as Chichi dropped it, panting as she and headed into the house a moment after catching her breath. All in all, she was making excellent progress Ox King observed. She was probably back to being as strong as she was in her prime, maybe even stronger. But usually her training exercises never ended this early.

    The three observers watched as she headed over to the phone, paused, took a deep breath, and picked up the receiver hesitantly before dialing out a number. After a short exchange in conversation, she hung up the phone, silently heading into her room to pick up a capsule. Stepping outside and pressing the button atop it, she tossed down the capsule and waited as her hovercar "BOM"ed to life before her.

    "Dad, Pan, Videl, I’m going out for awhile okay?" She said, giving a small bow before hopping in the car.

    "But Chichi, where are you going?" Ox King asked, very concerned.

    "To continue training," She answered, before the car shot off in a cloud of dust. Sitting on Gyuu-Maou’s massive shoulder, Pan waved as grandma Chichi disappeared into the distance.

    "Byebye grandma!"

    Videl sighed.

    "I always knew she was strong; but now I got a pretty vivid idea," Videl said as she stared on in the direction the car flew off. Ox King bit his lip.

    "She was always a strong girl; I just hope she doesn’t get herself hurt…"


    "And so, you see, I know it’s a rather large favor, but I would really cherish it if you would consider my request–"

    The old turtle master, ‘Kamesenin’, otherwise known to the people close to him as Master Roshi, held up his hand in the middle of her request.

    "Training? From me? To fight your husband?? I’ll admit that I am flattered, but you should know that he far exceeds my abilities. Why not have Gokou himself train you? He is your husband after all. Besides, I don’t train people much anymore."

    "But if I’m going to even think about fighting my Gokou evenly, I need to at least a basic knowledge of chi! And I don’t want him know; I want it to be a surprise, a present for him next time when he sees me. Please?? I know it must be strange to be getting such a sudden request from such an old woman–"

    Her words became stuck in her throat as she felt a tight dual grip surrounding the bosoms atop her chest. A deep boiling red began to cover her face as she curled her fist so tightly her knuckles popped…


    After recovering from the initial stunning pain, Roshi dug his head out of the sand where it’d impacted from Chichi’s bitter rabbit punch, rubbing a large lump the size of a baseball cresting the top of his head.

    "Well, I hope this answers your comment on the age issue anyway," He said, spitting out sand and staggering to stand.

    "You still look as radiant as you did long ago when Gohan was but a child! You’ve taken good care of your body…"

    Roshi hadn’t noticed it before, but now taking a close look at her, her sleeveless arms were showing faint definition to them, the biceps standing with actual definition. He surmised that she must’ve been working out this morning, and that this was the progressing outcome of the training she’d begun. It was proof enough for him to show that she serious about her agenda… as insane as it may be.

    "Besides, I’m the last person who can talk about age. As for your request… I… will accept it."

    Chichi beamed happily.

    "IF! You do a request of mine one day."

    Chichi’s face faltered. Roshi thought he felt his mustache beginning to sizzle from the heat of Chichi’s glare. Obviously she still remembered exactly who she was truly dealing with; ‘The Pervert of Perverts’.

    "And, what kind of request might that be, wise old master?


    A large sweatdrop ran down the back of his hairless head as the old man chuckled VERY uneasily.

    "We’ll, ahh, talk about it later, okay?!"


    Very good.


    Thxx for the words Lingster. ^_^ And now onto the next chapter…

    Dragonball: Absurd Crossing

    Chapter 3; Mysterious Excursion.

    6 weeks passed…

    It wasn’t long before Chichi learned the ‘basics’ from the old master. It didn’t surprise him in the least the sheer quickness she learned his moves, especially the use of her inner energy, her chi, and the Kamehameha wave.

    She must’ve seen Gokou and her other family members practice all of this hundreds of times. She only needed to be shown the secret and method to performing it, and of course some given some hearty practice. The amount of power she was placing into it was impressive as well for such a quick study, though he admitted that she needed to work on her control over her chi.

    Day after day for the past month that she came around, he could see the physical progress she was making on each visit. Her strength was growing by the day, her once ‘non-existent’ biceps now having visibly doubled in size, producing a strong, lemon-sized peak when she bent her arms.

    Her appearance also changed in more than one way. As each day passed he’d swear she looked more and more vibrant; the positive side effects of tapping the body’s potential. Still keeping her hair in a traditional bun, she now wore a decorative, long laced red ribbon around that simple bun at the back of her head. It was a rather simple, but effective look, with acouple of long locks of hair hanging down at the sides of her head that she’d grown out, reminiscent to her ‘younger’ days.

    On the especially hotter days, Chichi sometimes wore lighter clothing outside of her usuals, mainly a short sleeved white shirt and pants, like today. He could plainly see the light but distinct definition of the abs of her stomach when they practice sparred afew times, and he was soon beginning to wonder if he was seeing things or if her breasts, her ‘chi-chi’s’, had always been that size. They seemed a little larger than he’d imagined from all the times when he’d envisioned them through her clothing. He surmised it was from the gradually building chest muscle behind them pushing them out further, as he’d felt from the couple of times he ‘stumbled’ and fell against her in a rather clumsy and ridiculous moment.

    He rubbed his aching jaw at those sweet, sweet memories.

    ‘One’s fitting, twice’s shy…. but it was worth it!’ He thought to himself.

    The code of the Hentai;

    It’s ALWAYS worth it.

    "Chichi! Come here please!" Roshi called to her. Panting, Chichi headed over to him, dropping the two small thick 700 pound dumbbells she used to place extra resistance on her during her practice punches.

    "Well my dear, you have learned everything from me, and have quickly managed to shatter the wall of human mental and physical limits. I wouldn’t expect any less from the daughter of the Ox King and wife of Son Gokou! Now you are one step closer to your goal."

    "Yes!" Chichi exclaimed with a prideful smile on her face.

    "BUT, I should warn you… this is only one in the billion more steps one will have to take." He was careful in hs words, not wanting to raise Chichi’s spirits in her task too high… "Still, I can see that you will take this very far either way, like all the others have. I’m sure Gokou will be in for a surprise when he comes back!"

    "Thank you master," Chichi said as she bowed to him.

    "And now, for that little ‘favor’…"

    Chichi paled slightly as she’d forgotten all about that. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she watched as him scamper off into the house for a minute, to come back with a small photo camera. What sounded like rocks grinding unbearably hard against eachother, was merely Chichi gnashing her teeth at the thoughts of what he might ask of her to do in front of that…

    "Let’s take a picture together! To mark this day of your training!"

    Chichi facefaulted.

    "Ohhh! A picture! Nothing wrong with that!" She said to herself, chuckling uneasily.


    As she drove home, Chichi smiled fondly at the photo of her and Roshi in front of the camera, Roshi with a stupid grin on his face as he held up two ‘V’ signs. She was surprised; during the time she was with the Turtle Hermit, he never made any perverted moves towards her, outside of afew suspicious ‘close brushes’ and questionable occurrences perhaps, but nothing on the level with his infamous antics.

    ‘Then again, I’d been waiting that entire time for him to pull something, but not a THING! This is almost insulting in a way… Maybe I am getting old…’

    The picture, to her, marked a significant step in her training. She took a good look at herself standing beside the old master. She noticed now how different she looked before she stared and now, especially her body, which looked much, much stronger than it did so many months ago.

    She idly ran one hand over her left biceps, feeling how smooth and hard it was, and how it suddenly bulged from her former-slip of an arm into a hard and prominent full-size lemon. She felt really good; she could understand better now why Gokou was such a fanatic with his training. She knew though she would have to push the envelope if she were to have any hope of catching her husband. So long as she doesn’t kill herself in the process that is…

    <<Head… East…>> A voice called to her.

    "What the??"

    <<You must… head east…>>

    Chichi stopped the car, looking around frantically for the source of the strange voice.

    Chichi hmphed. "No way I’m not going in a direction just because a stupid voice comes out of nowhere and tells me to…"

    <<Your training… head… east… >>


    "You thought you could elude me forever did you?? Hah! As of this moment, my collection is now… COMPLETE!"

    Roshi sat in his chair outside on his beach, drooling as he stared deeply into the photograph he held in his hands. This had been the moment to strike, and strike hard. He just couldn’t resist getting one photo of her after all these days of watching her train at his house, his goal becoming clear the day she wore that tank top… with her prominent breasts pushing forth against the cloth, the tip of her nipples unknowingly poking into the fabric… soaked with sweat…

    Within the picture, Chichi’s pumped muscles were blatantly visible after her workout, her shirt clinging to her strong, curvy body, drenched with perspiration. Chichi didn’t realize how easily it was outlining every part of her upper body. Especially two parts. Still, this was more a picture for progress and prosperity.

    He then pulled out the OTHER picture he had managed to snap from the time she’d taken a shower at his house due to a devilishly clever plan involving a batch of foul smelling fish, a broken chair leg, a mirror, a muffin, a stop sign, and camera on time delay. Unfortunately, it almost resulted in almost burning his house down.

    Don’t ask. You can probably already guess.

    But, it was worth it; to see her in nothing but a hastily wrapped towel, giving the viewer the treat of a partially exposed nipple upon the left breast. He compared the pictures for a moment, and officially decided that she was now in league with Bulma in cup size, edging out #18 and Launch due to the strong illusion given by chest muscle building up from behind the two bosoms. What made it truly alluring though was how much curvier her body was from the stronger muscle tone it carried. And to top it off, a cute, firmed butt he’d trade his right finger in for the sake of bouncing a quarter off of.

    He added the two pictures to their proper places, the "special one" going into his secret collection as his newest triumphs, along side the small number of pictures he’d secretly snagged during the time Launch and later, #18 when Krillin lived at his home. And to top the collection off, his extra, super-secret pictures of a young Bulma that he hoped Vegeta will NEVER find out about.

    Looking at the picture again… the Turtle Hermit considered searching for another female with the desire to become a great martial artist… maybe one of those busty and leggy women on the exercise shows…

    "Yes! I can see it now… a harem, err, dojo of young strong, beautiful women, and ME as their great master!"

    The fire in the old pervert’s eyes matched the burning inferno blazing behind him as he clenched his fist in a determined look…

    "….Nah, that’s way too much work. My good ol’ magazines will keep me company." He paused during the flipping through of said porno magazine, looking up to the blue sky in thought, "Although it is an enticing idea… but where would I find even a half decent student…"

    "Umm…Master Roshi?" Turtle said as he swam to the shore….

    "The livingroom is on fire again…"


    Frantically, Kamesenin rushed back and forth around his small island to douse the fire.


    Chichi stepped out of her hovercar, swallowing another lump that formed in her throat as she ran her eyes along the immense, lush green jungle of the Paneva Ruins. In the distance and littered for miles were large ruins that stood high, hidden only by the even more giant and taller trees, save one temple that must’ve been close to nearly four-thousand feet high. She wasn’t sure why she doing what she was doing as she capsulated her car and stepped into the giant jungle. But, her gut told her it was the choice she wanted to make. Her husband would never run away from something like this…

    "And whatever the danger, I’ll meet it head on. Ha! This is my first challenge as a true warrior!" She said aloud to herself as she began to jog through the forest. Leaping through the giant trees in a blur with the agility of a jackrabbit, it never occurred to her, that Gokou was rather too innocent and NAIVE to turn away.


    It was deep inside of the large central temple that they toiled. This chamber was special from all of the rest within the old, smelly and dusty stone rooms, the walls lined with a strange marble that drank in light, and spew in return it’s own version of that ‘light’, from a different direction or location entirely. Space was bent and mangled, centered upon only the handful of beings who were gathered around the center floor.

    Monstrous figures, demons, of different sizes and shapes were gathered around a glowing pedestal that brought the only true wisps of light into dark and ominous chamber. Each one was knelt upon the floor, a grumble of incoherent words coming from their throats as they continuously chanted an odd, rhythmic and grating jargon that reverberated through the air. Atop the pedestal before them, a tiny statue stood, it’s glow alternating between a soothing white and a crackling, staggering dark red. It would soon be time…


    Chichi knelt down next to an unmoving human body, an explorer from the looks of his attire and equipment. He wore long beige, khaki pants and matching shirt, now dingy and sporting random tears. Buried beneath was a small backpack that held his equipment capsules. It only took a second to realize that the person was dead, and had been dead for not too long, over a day maybe she estimated. She choked back a small gasp as she witnessed how strangely shaped the body was.

    "It’s… as if something crushed him…" She thought sadly to herself as she took time to say a prayer for the soul of the unfortunate person.

    ‘… Why am I here??’ She thought to herself for not the first time since that voice talked to her.

    ‘I’m not cut out for this sort of thing anymore; Gokou has always been the one to play hero and go on adventures…’

    <<Please help… Please… help…>> The voice called to her into her mind once again. Chichi bit her bottom lip and swallowed her courage as she stepped towards the large steps of enormous temple before her.

    ‘…No, I can’t think like that. I have to be strong… I haven’t trained and worked myself this long just to stop. Whatever is in there, I can handle it.’


    ‘…I hope.’

    Chichi looked up just in-time to watch the giant pillar crash down upon her from above.


    Two demons, one thick with muscle, the other round, burly and heavy, both large and massive, chortled with glee from their perch inside the hidden crevice of the temple walls at the latest ignorant human to come across the path of the temple.

    Today was a special day; THE special day they had been waiting for; when their master would finally be released. Never sleeping, never resting, nothing would get past these demonic watchdogs on this particular day. And so whenever a snooping human came across their grounds, one of them would set off a trap. It was rather fun to watch the snoopers mashed by the booby-trapped pillars of the temple, even if they did have to pick them up again to reset. The other traps that littered the temple grounds were easier to maintain, but gave not a good view of the gory entertainment that went on from inside the pits. As they moved to hop down from their perches and reset the trap, they found something rather peculiar going on below as the enormous pillar moved.

    Once again standing but now with 200 tons of solid granite on her back, Chichi gave a small grunt as she tossed the three hundred-foot pillar behind her. The ground shook on impact, the pillar shattering into several large pieces.

    "Wow…The Turtle Hermit’s training really paid off!" Chichi mumbled to herself as she stared in surprise at herself, her upper body showing a mass of curvy feminine muscle underneath her simple training clothing. Besides alittle dirt and bits of concrete from the impact, she felt just fine. Well, between that and maybe the exception of an annoying piece of rock that had slipped down into her boot. But ever since her training with Kamesenin and learning to tap into her chi, she’d felt much stronger.

    The two demons gawked then snarled, looking back and forth between themselves and the female making her way up the steps again. Immediately they knew she was strong. Their main worries were the guardians of Earth, particularly the ones known as either ‘Piccolo’ or ‘Dende’ showing up. But they also knew that the gods of Earth also had allies, very strong allies. Steps had been taken to avoid this potential catastrophe from happening, including mystically shielding their workings around the forest. But it looked now like they were finally found out. With a bellowing roar, the two red-eyed demons leapt from their high up hiding places 200 feet down to ground where their female prey stood.

    With a complete backflip, Chichi leapt back in a visible blur, dodging the swathing attack of their extended, clawlike fingernails. The two demons licked their lips over their fanged teeth and over their gleaming 13-inch long claws before they again lunged at her with imperceptible speed.

    Three swirls of color danced around the front grounds for a half-minute, hundreds of blows, swipes, kicks and punches being parried, blocked and avoided faster than the eye could see.

    The two demons attacked with great ferocity and surprising teamwork, setting up openings for the other take advantage of as they quickly realized the true skill of their opponent. Chichi realized during the bout that she was significantly faster and stronger than the two bulky demons, but their dangerous claws kept her on edge. Until she felt them shatter and break against her body. Dumbfounded at the loss of their primary razor sharp weapons, they never saw the final folly.

    There was light touch of a single dainty booted foot touching the ground, and the powerful crash when the two demons slamming into the wall of the temple hard enough for each of them to create a couple of impact craters into the solid stone wall.

    Chichi rubbed a finger over the small cuts in her arm and on the side of her face while looking over the large claw she’d snapped off from one of the demon’s fingers.

    "I shouldn’t have been so careless," She mumbled to herself as she once more headed for the closed temple doors. One could see the large claws that once adorned the hands of the foul demons in pieces across the ground and stuck deep into the stone walls. She found that she only had nothing more than scratches that broke the skin, but her shirt was torn in various places from the demon attack. Fortunately it was still decent.

    "No turning back now," She blurbed to herself as she took a deep breath and stepped up to the two enormous 70-foot high stone slabs that made up the main door of the temple.



    The entire building full of powerful demons went into full alert upon the shockingly loud rumbling of the forceful opening of their main door that sounded off the rather tactless, full-blown entry of the black haired woman. Four of the weaker demons on guard duty watched the giant door open, knowing that their opponent must be very strong to have defeated the outside guards AND batter open the two giant solid stone doors. The locking mechanisms now lay scattered along the grainy floor, completely shattered by the forceful entrance.

    They had a strong opponent, indeed. But it was not one of the "gods", Dende or Piccolo, so it would nothing they could not handle.

    Chichi was immediately welcomed by a flurry of burning fireballs shot from the throats of the charging demons. The fireballs were strong, but their aim weak, their reflexes too clumsy to keep up wityh their rapid target. She quickly found herself more worried that her fragile tank top and pants being completely disintegrated by the end of this ordeal than the small stings of the exploding pyro about the area, singing her arms and legs as she swooped about the halls. As the demons charged, running across the walls and ceiling, the ravenhaired female met their charge doing the same.


    As more and more demonic beasts were smashed into and through walls of the giant temple by the one-woman-war, the horde within the large center room continued their dark chants. They could not be disturbed at this point. They would awaken their leader, their master, their lord to this universe once more. After tens of thousands of years of preparation, the hand of Ragnan would lead them once more, and they would retake their rightful places as they should in this universe once and for all.


    More and more demons, bigger or smaller, but netherless stronger than the last, fell at her hands as the determined woman dashed through twists and turns of the corridors within the temple like a bullet out of hell.

    << Keep ahead… Keep ahead… to the center… trust yourself…>>

    "Okay, okay, I get the point!" Chichi yelled seemingly to herself as her heel connected viciously with the chin of an incoming 10-foot demon. Its body crashed hard into the 20-meter high ceiling before dropping limply to the floor while she dashed underneath. Turning acouple of corners, she finally came to a giant, elegantly designed door. It screamed ‘important’ to her mind. The door refused to budge however despite her efforts, as if it were sealed by unnatural elements.

    <<Inside… you must… stop them…>> The voice said to her.

    "But I can’t get in," Chichi thought aloud after giving it a frustrated kick, not even being rewarded with a chip of granite or a rain of dust; but only a throbbing foot. This door was different from the rest…

    "Well, now is a good a time as any to give it a try…"

    Stepping back afew yards, Chichi steeled herself, took a deep breath, and brought her hands together in one fluid motion. She could feel her energy swell and concentrate at her command as within her fingertips, a ball of writhing energy began to form within her palms on the chant of each syllable, performing the attack like she had seen her family do so many times before.





    The light grew far more intense through the corridor, overpowering all other light, as her ki concentrated itself into a single point. And with a final shout, she thrust her hands forward, releasing the powerful well of potential energy.



    Someone was knocking on the door. And of course, the best was last.

    The strongest and most powerful of the entire demon horde stood his ground behind the door as a bright light glared through the cracks from the release of a powerful energy on the otherside. Half the temple shook to it’s foundations as the powerful attack collided against the door which was enchanted with it’s own power. It stood at 30 feet tall, roped with enormous muscles ranging from the size of car wheels to pickup trucks. His form was almost misshapen from his massive build, its sharp horns jutting from out its head and shoulders. His fanged teeth gleamed as the guardian demon concentrated on fortifying the large door against the pounding energy on the otherside, channeling as much energy through the link of his powerful lord Ragnan as his body could drink of.

    As his body radiated more and more brilliant, illuminating energy, he quickly found that the power on the otherside of the door was becoming incredibly overwhelming! With a roar, the powerful demon poured in enough power to easily shield the door from a tactical strike by the pathetic armies of Earth, but the force was still growing in strength on the otherside. The giant over-muscled demon strained with all his might to hold against the destructive power… but it was not hard enough. He could not drink enough of the power fast enough to stop it…

    Cracks formed across the smooth stone before it exploded into chunks as the large illuminating blue wave of energy the size of a bus plowed through the room, the shockwave itself strong enough to send the chanting demons sprawling across room into the walls and tear them asunder. The blue beam burst first through the large guarding demon who was once fortifying the door, the large wave of chi not pausing for a second as it passed through him, obliterating him from neck to knee. Unhindered, the blast continued through multiple granite stone walls until it shot through to the outside, blasting out into the evening sky.

    Chichi huffed and puffed, her muscles visibly tensed to the point of showing small veins on the surface from continuously pouring most of her inner strength into the Kamehameha wave. Fanning the dust and debris out of her way, she cautiously stepped into the dank and now fully lit room, thanks to the holes made by her assault. Chichi couldn’t help but feel alittle proud of her handiwork.

    "Hah! How you like me now!!"

    Yea. Just alittle proud.

    She cheered to herself boastfully, pumping one arm up and down, laughing pridefully as she surveyed the room, until she caught a glance of scattered and broken bodies of the giant demon she’d unknowingly blasted apart, along with the smaller subordinates, making her shiver at the terrible gore.

    "… Ouch…umm… opps…." she babbled speechless, not exactly sure of how to feel about this accomplishment.

    A glint of something shined into the side of her eye.

    <<… On the pedestal… The pedestal… >>

    "What’s this?" She mumbled questionably as she stepped toward what looked to be a glowing statue radiating a strange light back and forth between bright white light and a strange, blood gold. It was hard to completely see the shape or form of the statue from the deep glow it carried, besides that it had a human form of body, though this did not mean that it was actually human.

    "Is this what I came here for?"

    <<Yes! That’s it..!! …Take it…>> The voice insisted…

    Silently she reached out and took it into her hand. Immediately reacting to her touch, a strange tingly feeling ran through her body as tendrils of electricity started to pulsate around her form. Slowly the dark fold glow began to recede, the illuminating brightness showing through beginning to blind the surprised woman. The tingling increased dramatically through her body to a point of almost becoming painful, but as if she were caught in a torrent of electricity, she could not let go of the small statue. She could feel something building within her, something strange, alien…

    The sheer light began to emanate force through the room, blowing chunks of broken granite and dust about, as it became stronger and fierce. Chichi gasped as everything was enveloped in an immense illumination strong enough to shine impossibly through solids.

    And then it stopped, the feeling gone, as if it never existed. It was afew long moments before Chichi finally opened her eyes to look dazedly at the statue she held. The glow was completely gone now, the small statue seeming to now be nothing more than just that now; a statue of a slim person… it’s gender confusing from the look of it’s formless physique.

    "…What was that about?" As if responding to her words, the smooth carving statue crumbled in her hands like dry dirt. Chichi cringed, shocked as little pieces fell to the floor.

    "AHH! Oh no! What happened now?!! Why did it shatter like that?!"


    She sighed as she buried the man she’d came upon earlier on her arrival at the ruins, making a small grave with her hands and placing a stone cross she’d carefully carved out of the temple stone at the head of its base when she was done. Popping open her capsuled car and driving home, she felt that the entire ordeal had been useless in some ways. She couldn’t stop thinking about that strange statue as it crumbled in her hands inexplicably. She was sure she didn’t crush it… it just… broke.

    ‘Well, maybe not completely useless,’ she mentally corrected herself. She made the world a better place to live now with that cult of vile demons gone, and she got a better understanding of her capabilities. That made her swell with pride as she thought about it, but right now, food and a nice hot bath was analogue to heaven as the sun began to set in the horizon.

    "It is late… I wonder if Videl or Gohan went ahead to make dinner without me," She wondered to herself as she headed home. Boy would she have a story to tell them!


    Crawling out of the front door of the temple, the once massive demon, now reduced to nothing more than a head on shoulders with half of one arm still attached, growled in fury of being defeated on this most important, sacred day. Vengeance clouded it’s mind many times over as it’s only desire now was to heal itself and find the damned woman who destroyed it’s clan and assured that their master would never come to this plain.

    It would never get the chance. As an enormous white-hot light descended from the sky towards the temple, the demon let out its final cry.

    Piccolo hovered high in the air as he one by one destroyed the temples.

    "I still don’t like this. I don’t like that I just let Gohan’s mother go alone against a horde of beasts like them, and I like even less that I let her take an ancient alien artifact that even I have little knowledge about at this time…"

    <<Stop worrying yourself Piccolo!>> A voice talked to him inside of his mind; much more casual and flighty than the previous ghostly, shrill speech Chichi was hearing previously…

    <<That’s why you were there to keep an eye on her, just in case anything went wrong! And besides, this may be her one and only chance to make her wish come true, if nurtured the right way. It’s her long shot, Piccolo.>>

    The Namekian growled under his breath as he responded mentally. <<I hope you know what your doing. Why are you doing this for her anyway?>>

    Piccolo heard the Lord of Worlds cleared his throat before answering.

    <<… I… have my reasons…>>



    Dude this is great!

    It’s like watching the series but without the mind shatteringly dull filler episodes.

    Done the Terripen Pervert King proud with your rendition of his hedonistic planning. 😈

    The story FEELS like a Akira Toriyama drawing with the massive ancient temples and freaky demons. You would claim a healthy chunk of my mind’s dayadreams if you ever did a Chrono Trigger fan-fic in the same vien.

    Also you haven’t had the characters say out loud "Such and Such’s Power is more powerful than some other persons power in a way that leaves no mistaking the power inherent in their power". πŸ˜‰

    Coolness all around. Nice pacing and a fun innocent atmosphere.

    Thank you for sharing this volatile fan penned epic Vollar-Tile.


    Thanks for the extremely nice words CP. ^_^ I hope the later chapters live up to the critism you’ve given here.

    Unfortunately I’ve never planned a Chrono Trigger fanfic,

    *stomps on brain before it can attempt to begin churning up yet ANOTHER daydream/idea that may never see the light of day under his ‘pen’*

    AnywayI don’t think I could pull it off properly. Although the idea of a buffed Uber Ayla is interesting….


    *stomps on brain harder.*

    There we go. Anyway, I’m not sure how far the ‘innocent’ aspect will last, but I don’t think it’ll be any more ‘naughty’ than Dragonball could be at times. πŸ˜› If I make it that far that is.

    Well, next chapter coming up!


    Dragonball: Absurd Crossing.

    Chapter 4: Training with the Lord of Worlds.

    Close to a month later…

    Ox King was beginning to worry that Chichi might be overdoing her training alittle bit. It was close to a month passed since her adventure into the Paneva Ruins, and he was becoming prouder of his daughter by the day, if that were even possible. It was hard for him to compare what was a once a vibrant and ‘delicate’ woman with the even more vibrant, energetic and younger looking and acting woman with a now very obvious build.

    "Good job, Chichi!" Videl and Ox-King cheered in alternation as Gohan and his mother sparred in the open field. Unfortunately it was about all they could as the two fighters spent most of their time moving faster than their eyes could keep track with. She was tossing everything she had at Gohan, Gohan meanwhile remaining on the defensive throughout the contest. Gohan saw he was obviously frustrating Chichi, but in truth he just wasn’t sure he could throw a punch back at his mother.

    "Go grandma!" Pan shouted from her spot on Ox King’s left shoulder, waving her hands excitedly in the air. Ox King glanced at her face, or to be specific, her eyes. Atleast someone out of them could actually watch and enjoy the sparring contest…

    ‘Pretty stunning progress…’ Gohan could not help but think as he caught an incoming precision left hook within his palm, and nimbly ducked under the following roundhouse kick.

    Gohan plainly could see the outlines of her prominent bicep muscles outlining the ‘loose’ sleeves of her large pink sweatshirt like steely tangerines, her swollen thighs creating the shapely effect through her pants. Her face was steeled and determined, like she always became in anything she put her heart into. Meanwhile for Gohan, it has been so long again since he’d actually pit his skills against anyone, and Chichi was actually catching him by surprise here and there, nearly breaking through his defense at the beginning of the match before he finally fell back into the lessons learned in the years of martial arts training from Piccolo and his father.

    After that day with the demon hordes, Chichi fully explained to he and Videl what she planned on doing. Shocked wasn’t the word for their reaction of her training to fight again, let alone trying her hand at such a high task as trying to equal her own husband.

    After she’d returned from the ruins incident, a greater confidence and gusto came as reward, and she worked out twice as hard as before, yet still complained of not pushing the envelope hard enough. He worried she would soon or later burn out, but so far, she’d only grown stronger from it…

    Today however, she decided to take the day to spar with her eldest son, to measure her own current ability. Like she expected though, she couldn’t lay a finger on him.



    Reappearing out of seemingly thin air, mother and son stood poised in battle stance, until Chichi took a deep breath and stood up straight, stretching out her limbs.

    "Okay… I guess that’s enough for now," She huffed alittle, exhausted by her exertions. Her chest swelled into her baggy shirt, making the fabric stretch alittle in certain places before she relaxed, only for the process to repeat itself over and again. If it weren’t for the length of the shirt, it probably would’ve snapped free from her slim, tightly belt-tied waist by now.

    "That’s not bad mom, you’ve gotten strong so quickly," He said, truthfully impressed. He chuckled. "Never underestimate the teachings of Kamesenin!"

    "Yea… but now I can see where I stand against you and your father," She answered with a sigh.

    "But, if you keep up–"

    "Oh, CAN IT, Gohan!" Chichi yelled back in a sudden burst of anger. Everyone… even Chichi herself was stunned by her own outburst. With tears welling in her eyes, she ran off to the house. The group looked between eachother in silence, their faces brimming with confusion.


    "…Mom?" Gohan spoke as he stepped into his mother’s room, Videl close behind. Chichi was meanwhile sitting on the bed, her face buried into her hands as she shivered, her tears wetting her palms.

    "… This was a stupid idea," She mumbled aloud, "Since I started this training, the only thing that has become clear is just how TRULY strong you guys really are. I’m not a Saiyan, a Namek or an Android, just a normal human. And I can’t even hope to get near even the best human martial artists like Krillin or Tenshinhan, who have been training for years from when they were younger to get as good as they are."

    "But mom… why are you putting yourself down so much?" Gohan asked as he walked over to his mother’s side, sitting down beside her. "You told me your own father trained you from the time when you were young…"

    "But after marrying your father, I gave up fighting to devote myself to being a housewife, and to give you a positive upbringing…" She sighed, staring at the floor. "In a way, all those years were lost… and all this time, I thought I maybe he would settle down one day… but by the time I realized that would never happen… I’m way too old to do anything about it!!" She sobbed angrily.

    Gohan wanted to object on the age point. She and Bulma BARELY looked their ages now, and training she was doing was giving an even greater tone and crafting to her body… And heck, even Mr Satan was still up and fighting, running his #1 martial arts school. She continued on before he could give his words form.

    "Not that it would’ve made a difference; you’re all so damn STRONG!! How can anyone possibly compete with it without being an alien, or, something…"

    Videl stepped into the room, sitting down on Chichi’s otherside as she spoke.

    "I think I understand what you’re going through Chichi; I felt the same way after I realized just how strong Gohan *really* was so long ago, back in high school and at the 25th Budokai."

    Gohan nervously swallowed a lump in his throat as he looked back and forth between wife and mother. He never felt guilty before about his own strength. It was an undeniable truth, but they had to push their limits and get stronger all those times, to combat against the menacing foes threatening their world and their lives. He didn’t know what to say to make her feel better; she should instead be proud of the strength she had obtained!

    Speaking of which…

    "AHHHH! And to top things off, I’m all big and bulky now!" She exclaimed into her son and daughter-in-law’s ears, making Gohan cringe and Videl nearly fall off the bedside. She began to poke a finger at her left biceps, flexing it on and off from a rock hard, orange-sized mass to something even greater. Gohan was stared almost slackjawed for afew moments at the bulging mound of tight muscle, a small vein gently cresting the peak. It was such an incredible change in the look between the mother he’d known throughout his childhood all the way into adulthood, and the one here and now flexing an admirable mass of muscle. He began to chuckle alittle awkwardly as she began to poke herself all over in a frantic motion, as if trying to make her washboard abs, rounded forearms, and broadened shoulders disappear.

    "It looks natural on you, really!" Son Gohan replied with a nervous chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck. Now he thought about it, somehow she did look… younger, more radiant perhaps, what tiny signs of age in her skin she had were now practically impossible to see…

    "It’s not a bad thing."

    "…You…. think so?" She asked Gohan, and then looked over to Videl for female support. She answered with a comforting nod.

    "What looks so bad about this?" She asked, stepping over to poke the powerful curve of muscle. And then poke it again, harder, and one more time, her mouth an ‘o’ of awe.

    "Wow, it’s so hard…"

    Getting caught up in it, she gave the biceps a squeeze, oblivious to the low-eyed stare Chichi was giving her. She was surprised at how tough it felt in her fingertips as it refused to give a millimeter to her strength.

    "Women aren’t supposed to be ‘hard’," Chichi said with a pout, sweatdropping.

    "Well I think Gokou would be pleased." Chichi blushed.

    "Huh? What do you mean?" A pause, and then… "You really think so?" She began to blush and frown, looking down at her sweat soaked body and chuckled alittle uneasily, running a hand through her hair.

    "Of course he would," Gohan answered, trying to get back into the conversation. "Besides, he’d love you no matter what!"

    "Nice textbook answer," Videl playfully chided him as he sighed uneasily. The two women chuckled at his innocent blushing.

    "So, what now?" Gohan asked, "Are you going to continue training?"

    She thought on it for a long moment…

    "Yes, I think I will. It’s not like I have all that much else to do anyway, though I don’t know anymore about the entire challenging Gokou to a fair fight…"

    <<Goooood…. to hear that….>> Chichi gasped.

    "That voice again! Just who are you, and what do you want now??"

    Gohan and Videl blinked and raised their eyebrows at Chichi, scratching their heads as she talked to the ceiling.

    <<The truth… will be knnoooowwwnnnn….! Journey to…. God’s… Lookoooooout… ouuut… ouuut……!>>

    Chichi couldn’t help but feel that she heard that voice before from somewhere, not just from the ruins she traveled in the past month. She was totally unaware of the duet of offbeat looks she was meanwhile receiving from the two.

    "God’s lookout…"


    After a grueling 3-hour drive above the clouds, Chichi finally arrived. She would’ve arrived about an hour or so earlier however if she’d remembered it’s location or gotten instructions. Luckily Piccolo found her and guided her to the temple in the sky in afew minutes. She wasn’t sure however, how he knew she was coming…

    She still felt a tad uneasy being around the once ‘Demon King’ that was out to kill Gokou and take over the planet decades long ago, and more importantly kidnapped her son for a year and hardened him into a warrior, but that was so long ago, and she did her best not to let her intimidation show. It got harder as he stared far down at her, arms crossed, with just the slightest of emotion cresting his face. Her intimidation grew at the sight of it, until she realized his look to be a favorable… maybe even, friendly? But very knowing grin. Her intimidation transformed into curiosity as he led her across the grounds.

    ‘The once evil Piccolo sure has changed over the years…’

    It wasn’t long before they could see Dende, the current god Earth, coming to meet them from the steps of the temple. The last time she’d seen either Namekian was years ago, during the Buu incident…

    "Welcome back Piccolo, and hello Miss Chichi! I want to say what a good job you did with those demons afew weeks ago."

    "You know about that??" She asked, surprised, then reprimanded herself.

    ‘Of course he would, he’s god.’

    The shorter Namekian meanwhile nodded, and Piccolo’s grin seemed stretch a smidgen of a fraction wider. Chichi now had a good feeling that she knew what that smirk was about. She couldn’t help but bashfully smile herself.

    "So you guys are the ones that were talking in my head?"

    "Oh no, that wasn’t us, but you’re going to meet him now. Ready?" He asked, offering his hand. She was hesitant for a moment before she finally took it. She yelped and the young Namekian chuckled as they disappeared from the mortal plain.

    Although he had his doubts, Piccolo snickered.

    "Whatever happens, Gokou may be in for a pleasant surprise next time they meet…"


    Chichi’s breath was taken away as in the blink of an eye, her body felt a comfortable numbness for just a nanosecond, as if someone was stretching and mushing her limbs before the abrupt disappearance. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself standing in a completely different location. The first thing she noticed was the giant desk overhead as big as a small house! Second was the giant, red skinned man in a blue business suit, sitting behind said desk and looking down at her and Dende.

    "Ohh, Dende! And this must be umm…" He looked through his book for a moment, "Ohh yes, Chichi, the wife of Son Gokou! Please wait here, his flight is landing just now."

    "Hey wait, wh-where are we??" She stammered as she looked back and forth at the blue skinned orcs wearing shirt and tie, idly going about their daily business, keeping order with a group of small white jabbering clouds who were standing… err… floating in an orderly line as they awaited judgment. "It looks familiar…"

    "Why, this is the underworld of course!"

    Chichi turned as blue in the face as the orcs that were walking around.


    "Miss- Chiiie-chiiie pl-eea-se ca-llm d-oooww-n!" Dende tried to say as the hysterical woman shook him back and forth like a leaf.

    "Y-ou-r NOT d-ea-d!"


    "Quiiiite right," A subtle, familiar, whispering voice said from behind them. "This iiiiis theee unnndeerrr…."

    Both Dende and Chichi turned to the sound of the annoying voice, but only saw air before them.

    "Hey, umm… down here."

    Looking down, standing little over a foot away from them, Dende and Chichi saw a short blue man eating a bag of airline peanuts. He reminded her of an insect from that odd cap he was wearing on his head with a pair of long antennae spouting forth. He reminded her of the Namek Dende with their similar pointy ears. He reminded her of the ‘Turtle Hermit’ Master Roshi, in the way that his dark sunglasses hid any possible chance of reading the emotions of his eyes. He reminded her of a catfish, by the way a pair of strange whiskers protruded from his cheeks.

    He reminded her that he was dead, by the look of the glowing halo hovering over his head.

    He reminded her of too many things. The short man chuckled,

    "What’s up Dende?" Dende chuckled alittle nervously, and flicked the sweatdrop off the side of his brow.

    The short man then held out his bag up to Chichi.

    "Hi!! Peanut?"

    "W-who are you? Wait, that voice… YOU are the one that’s been talking to me inside my head!"

    "How was I? Eerie and spooky huh?" He hopped back a step and bowed before her cheerfully.

    "The great King Kai, at your service!" The small blue man said, smiling an ear to ear smile, and then holding up a ‘V’ sign.


    "So, let me get this straight; you want to train me in your art, which is the same one you taught Gokou long ago, the ‘KaioKen’?"

    The small round man nodded.

    "’The Fist of Worlds’! Taught to you by the ‘Lord of Worlds’! How’s that sound to you?"

    "Like I need to wake up," Chichi said, sitting down in a nearby chair in disbelief. "I mean, coming to the underworld to be offered training by a martial arts god?? It’s all so… unbelievable!"

    "Well yes, I guess it is…" King Kai felt flattered. He didn’t get this kind of respect from Gokou, or the other Kais for that matter. Alittle mortal recognition was nice to have once in awhile.

    "But it’s a once in a after-lifetime offer! You’re training yourself so you can match Gokou, are you not?" She nodded, not giving second thought to how he knew that.

    "The KaioKen may give you an edge, a chance…"

    "Really? That’s great!" Chichi beamed.

    "HOWEVER! I should warn you, that it WILL be difficult to learn; it is a massive strain on the body to use the technique. You will have to become strong in *ALL* *WAYS* to handle the KaioKen! Do you think you can?"

    "Well, if my Gokou could it, then I can!" She proclaimed, Dende applauding her show of determination.

    "Way to go, Ms Chichi!"

    "IT’S NOT THAT EASY!!" King Kai yelled, making the both of them flinch.

    "Gokou was a special case; his Saiyan heritage gave him a large advantage in learning the art. Plus, you will have to advance KaioKen to a level that even Gokou has not mastered; a level that I have just in the past few years created and perfected for use, ridding it of some of it’s flaws. But this will still not be an easy feat to accomplish I will tell you THAT much." Chichi was beginning to feel disheartened.


    "AGH! Stop shouting like that!"

    "Oh, sorry, drama and all. But anyway, you should not give up. This is your chance! I have made my own form of progression in the KaioKen art, not to mention I know afew extra tricks that I hadn’t time to teach Gokou during his time here. I definitely can not guarantee success…" his voice dropped to a low decibel a he continued, "But, if all goes well in the end, hopefully your wish… will come true…"

    "What’s that?" The short man shook his head.

    "Nevermind that now; I’m getting too talky as is. So, what do you say? Take the training?" Chichi thought about it for afew moments. She wondered what he was talking about at the end of his rambles, but made her decision.

    "There’s no turning back for me. I’ll do it."

    "Great, great! Today we’ll relax at my suite in Heaven, and tomorrow I will take you to the training grounds for your first day of training, alright?"


    Dende barely managed to catch Chichi in time as she fainted.

    The Kai of the North Quadrant sighed as looked down at the passed out woman.

    "…Hooboy… these humans sometimes…Heaven’s no big deal. She forgets that she WAS dead before…"

    "But on the otherhand, it’s not every day one gets an offer like this, is it Mr. Kai?" Dende politely asked. The North Kai snorted, holding in a laugh.

    "Only if you don’t know THEIR family."


    Wow, I’m totally hooked. I was a huge fan of DBZ when I was younger, and this has just brought all of that rushing back. What’s better is that you’re story moves along at a much nicer pace than most of the DBZ arcs, for which I am most grateful. You should consider entering this as a fanfic to some of the DBZ sites out there as well – it really is very well written and draws you inexorably in as you read. Bravo. 8)


    And so ten days later, I finally return!

    *…shoots the crickets before they chirp.*

    Thanks for the kind words, Temugen. I would like to enter it on a dragonball ff website, but I don’t really feel right about it. I mean, who would really care about a fic dealing with an "unimportant" background character that’s not even a saiyan? Besides there’s a reason why I’m posting it here in the first place. πŸ˜‰

    Didn’t mean to be THIS late in replying though, or posting. But I haven’t felt right about this particular chapter for some reason though I mulled over it for awhile.

    *shrug*…Hnh, I talk too much. Next chapter up!

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