Favorite Parts — Loss of Control

Hunter S Creek

I appreciate many of the same FMG themes noted above. I am much more appreciative of the empowerment of a undersized, underdeveloped, and underappreciated female than of the disempowerment of guys. Having said that, I do appreciate many role reversal stories but tend to lose interest when the female is or becomes evil unless another female grows to even things out and allow some justice. Teasing can be great fun but not if it is violent or mean-spriited.

I really like the stories where the female is originally unaware of what is going to happen to her. For example, her growth is either the result of an accident or the result of a well-meaning equivalently nerdy male friend’s activities. All the better if the results develop to a point that is much more than he expects.

Sex described in detail is fine if the story is otherwise well-written and engaging. The stories that could stand alone without the sex scenes tend to be better stories in my experience. I suppose it is the difference between a FMG story that contains sex vs a sex story that happens to contain FMG.

Many thanks to all of you who have written and posted stories!