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    Doesn’t do much for me when the woman just abuses the fella.

    Cruelty for creulty’s sake isn’t fun for me. 😕

    However the attitude adjustment is interesting to me as long as it has some context I can visualize. The woman slowly outgrowing every garment in her closet while the man either attempts to ignore the goings on or just isn’t around to see it until too late. Sort of best exemplified in "The Caliph’s Oil" over in the Amazon Growth Story section of Diana The Valkyrie’s website. 😯

    When the woman is against incredbile odds or else so enraptured with her progress that she no longer cares about the reactions of the opposite sex such as in Soltan Bey’s stories, I can dig it. 😈

    Though oddly enough one of my favorite types of turn arounds embodies everything I stated earlier. Lingster the dream sequence/hallucination in "What I want" when the bichlette becomes ultra attractive while the fella is slowly ergressing but not realizing it is a potent mixture.

    An interesting thread. Perhaps part of a web designed to catch trhe striggling fliesof free associative inspiration eh? 😈

    Mark Newman

    UnDunn I think was getting at it from the male perspective. She may be cruel, but he’s so turned on by her and by the battle that he doesn’t notice. There is something erotic about "fighting a girl", isn’t there, and of course in these stories it’s not abuse, it’s sexual and a desperate fight to survive her superior strength. Maybe that makes it all right.

    I would file that under the "eroticism of the battle."

    As for attitude adjustment, I agree with Cowprobe that the situation has to be something recognizable. That’s why I write my fantasies as realistically as I can (if that makes any sense) Isn’t it just like us men to ignore the woman changing before our eyes because we’re focused on something else, usually how turned on she makes us, but sometimes just our daily life. And yes, the dream sequence in "What I Want" is one of my favorite "loss of control" scenes from my stories. It’s a loss of control on 3 levels. One, Rebecca is controlling his dream. Two, suddenly in the dream he’s become helpless against all the women of the world. And three, she’s arranged things so because of the dream he’ll transfer to her his special power; she gains his power to control his growth and hers. I loved writing that one!


    Yeah, I love that moment where the man and woman realise that she’s more powerful and I find it a real turn-on too. I love it when a woman gains fantastic strength but can’t quite believe it herself and laughs when she single-handedly wins a tug of war against ten guys who are effortlessly yanked off their feet, amazed (kind of thing).

    Also general strength feats involving one superwoman beating a group of men or somehow demonstrating she’s much more powerful than them is very sexy to me. However, it helps when these kinds of feats are woven skillfully into the story and not ‘bolted on’. That’s partly why I appreciate your writing and the writing of people like Smitty, Lingster, Steve the Z and others so much, Marknew – you tell a story with real skill. Thanks for all of your stories over the years – I’ve loved them all!


    I have a love/hate attitude towards some of Mark’s stories and the scenes he described on the first post. I can’t help but finding them extremelly exciting, but they leave me with a weird not so good feeling afterwards. I keep imagining ways for the guy to get back at the bitch. Hehe…

    I think that what bothers me in the end is the whole emotional detachtment thing, where the "villainess/bitch/girlfriend" ends up getting powerful and not giving a shit about him anymore, even though sometimes the only reason she got powerful was because of him in the first place. I mean…it’s awfully exciting but leaves me very unsatisfied in the end.

    The stories I find rather more balancing in excitability (sp?) with good afterwards feelings, are the ones where in the end, there is still a strong love/lust feeling towards the poor little guy. Even when it’s sometimes a weird obsessive kind of love (like in some of Mark’s stories).

    I think one the authors that best met my tastes was Puppetman. LBD II has to be one of my favorite stories ever.

    Mark, I like most of your stories (love some too), just not so much the ones that end really, really bad. 🙂

    Now, just so I’m not too much off-topic, I do love the loss of control element. That Hulk story ("Screw up" I think) is one of the best examples of this (along with 98% of Mark’s stories 🙂 ).

    Another type of loss of control I like, is the gradual one, where a couple’s or other female/male relationship is gradually turned upsidedown, and the guy ends up realizing SHE has all the power and there’s nothing he can do about it. One of the best examples of this was on the "Superfemme Chronicles" by Helplesscase.

    Another thing I really like in some FMG stories, is the ocasional F/f element. I find it super exciting when that rich bitch/popular cheerleader gets big and powerful and taunts and humilates the poor good little girl.

    Mark Newman

    I think that what bothers me in the end is the whole emotional detachtment thing, where the "villainess/bitch/girlfriend" ends up getting powerful and not giving a shit about him anymore, even though sometimes the only reason she got powerful was because of him in the first place. I mean…it’s awfully exciting but leaves me very unsatisfied in the end.

    I understand that, although I don’t have the same reaction. Where she is a villainess/bitch, there’s no reason for her to be grateful. Former girlfriends often end up at villainess/bitches, so that’s the same. I think the girlfriends in my stories often are sympathetic or grateful, but , hey, what can they do? Transfering superpowers around is much easier for the writer than for a character.

    I suppose the reason many readers feel unsatisfied or uneasy with my unhappy endings is that they are identifying/empathizing with the male character and don’t like the feeling of loss of power. I can’t fault you for that.

    Here’s a question. Do you think Jilly Milly had a happy ending or an unhappy ending?


    Here’s a question. Do you think Jilly Milly had a happy ending or an unhappy ending?

    Well…I thought it was kind of a good ending. Even though Clark had lost his powers, it didn’t end up well for Jill Milly either. And I loved how you put that religious fanatic friend

    of Clark’s in her place. Also, I can’t help but imagining the possibilities of a world full of muscular super powerful women flying around. But then, I’m a bit biased on that matter. 🙂


    Isn’t this great?! I’m so excited about this site. Let’s make it really busy!

    Is this a turn on, or not? And if so, what are your favs?


    My favs are simply plain muscle growth, as detailed as possibile, very slow, and the excitation that folows.

    I like to see small, frail woman who doesn´t want to be muscular, becoming a bit muscular, and feeling the taste, wanting more and more, losing control of herself. In the end the woman become so muscular that there is no need for violence, and the man simply submits himself, worshiping her muscles.

    That´s a turn on


    I must say I like all of the above ! Muscle growth in all it’s myriade forms.

    On a different note thou I was loking threw my own works checking a few older stories of mine and ehhhyuckkkkkkkk my gramar and ( this should be obvious ) sprlling sucks. What can I say I’m an idea man good at the imaginative part but challenge putting thoughts into words! So if anyone wants to help lets say co-write give me a shout!


    So if anyone wants to help lets say co-write give me a shout!

    The problem, Ristard, is that there’s insufficient incentive for editors. One of the things I’d like to look at doing once we’ve got things solidified here is to start a quarterly subscription eBook – something that we could charge a little bit of money for and then actually PAY writers, editors, artists and designers and colorists to contribute to. I doubt there’d be much money involved, but I find that just getting SOMETHING seems to eliminate the sense that the contributor is wasting his or her time.

    For instance, I feel a lot better about Transvigor now that it’s generating some advertising money, even though it’s less than $100/month, which is a small fraction of the value of the effort I put into it – just $2 or $3 a day. I think of it as you guys buying me lunch a couple times a week.

    Anyway, I’ve been looking at eBook publishing suites and the cheapest costs about $1500 (we’d need to incorporate copy protection and DRM), so I won’t be implementing this any time soon. But over the long haul, I think publishing a 100-page eBook digest four times a year, maybe for $10 or $15/copy, could provide as much as $12,000/year to pay out to artists and writers to encourage them to do their stuff. I mean, imagine being able to pay someone like Tom Burgos $2000 to illustrate a story, or to commission other professional artists to do work in the FMG genre.

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m going to stay fixed for the next few weeks on enabling all the features I envision for She Grew!, but after that’s done and we have 1000 or so members, maybe this autumn we can look at trying to kick-start an eBook storefront.


    I enjoy the role reveral or the alternate universe, such as in your Alt Universe-a love story, where the tables are turned and no matter than happens it only seems to get worse for our hero!

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