Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


The problem, Ristard, is that there’s insufficient incentive for editors.

I feel like the biggest hurdle facing authors and artists is perceived apathy. I’m happy to spend hours on a single morph, for example, if I feel as though my time was "worth" it. I personally value praise, constructive criticism, and appreciation above any monetary incentive. I guess that is most actors’ draw towards theater.

The problem comes when you have a silent audience. Did they like it? Did they get it? Did I bomb?

When you have a bunch of lurkers who enjoy the work but don’t post, the artist doesn’t get a good sense of how their art is perceived. So, my question was simply this; how can we motivate lurkers to post?

I have been trying to figure out how to make a site that awards points based on contributions to the site. How do you make a lurker more active? Reward them for contributing. As things stand, I can easily take in all that this site has to offer and contribute nothing in return. If there was a point-based system where you had to pay 2 points to “buy” read rights to a story, for example, I’d find a way to earn my credit balance. So, an author or artist would receive a certain number of points in their account based on their contributions, then would use those points to be able to view other authors’ works.

This obviously poses a lot of questions. Does an author get more points for writing more words, for example, or is it the content that determines the work’s worth? If it is the content, who determines the value of the work? Is it a panel of judges?

I would also expect that there would be some number of points before someone is eligible for lifetime membership.

Just my two cents – American not Canadian. ;o)