Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


Yeah, I love that moment where the man and woman realise that she’s more powerful and I find it a real turn-on too. I love it when a woman gains fantastic strength but can’t quite believe it herself and laughs when she single-handedly wins a tug of war against ten guys who are effortlessly yanked off their feet, amazed (kind of thing).

Also general strength feats involving one superwoman beating a group of men or somehow demonstrating she’s much more powerful than them is very sexy to me. However, it helps when these kinds of feats are woven skillfully into the story and not ‘bolted on’. That’s partly why I appreciate your writing and the writing of people like Smitty, Lingster, Steve the Z and others so much, Marknew – you tell a story with real skill. Thanks for all of your stories over the years – I’ve loved them all!