Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


I have a love/hate attitude towards some of Mark’s stories and the scenes he described on the first post. I can’t help but finding them extremelly exciting, but they leave me with a weird not so good feeling afterwards. I keep imagining ways for the guy to get back at the bitch. Hehe…

I think that what bothers me in the end is the whole emotional detachtment thing, where the "villainess/bitch/girlfriend" ends up getting powerful and not giving a shit about him anymore, even though sometimes the only reason she got powerful was because of him in the first place. I mean…it’s awfully exciting but leaves me very unsatisfied in the end.

The stories I find rather more balancing in excitability (sp?) with good afterwards feelings, are the ones where in the end, there is still a strong love/lust feeling towards the poor little guy. Even when it’s sometimes a weird obsessive kind of love (like in some of Mark’s stories).

I think one the authors that best met my tastes was Puppetman. LBD II has to be one of my favorite stories ever.

Mark, I like most of your stories (love some too), just not so much the ones that end really, really bad. 🙂

Now, just so I’m not too much off-topic, I do love the loss of control element. That Hulk story ("Screw up" I think) is one of the best examples of this (along with 98% of Mark’s stories 🙂 ).

Another type of loss of control I like, is the gradual one, where a couple’s or other female/male relationship is gradually turned upsidedown, and the guy ends up realizing SHE has all the power and there’s nothing he can do about it. One of the best examples of this was on the "Superfemme Chronicles" by Helplesscase.

Another thing I really like in some FMG stories, is the ocasional F/f element. I find it super exciting when that rich bitch/popular cheerleader gets big and powerful and taunts and humilates the poor good little girl.