Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


So if anyone wants to help lets say co-write give me a shout!

The problem, Ristard, is that there’s insufficient incentive for editors. One of the things I’d like to look at doing once we’ve got things solidified here is to start a quarterly subscription eBook – something that we could charge a little bit of money for and then actually PAY writers, editors, artists and designers and colorists to contribute to. I doubt there’d be much money involved, but I find that just getting SOMETHING seems to eliminate the sense that the contributor is wasting his or her time.

For instance, I feel a lot better about Transvigor now that it’s generating some advertising money, even though it’s less than $100/month, which is a small fraction of the value of the effort I put into it – just $2 or $3 a day. I think of it as you guys buying me lunch a couple times a week.

Anyway, I’ve been looking at eBook publishing suites and the cheapest costs about $1500 (we’d need to incorporate copy protection and DRM), so I won’t be implementing this any time soon. But over the long haul, I think publishing a 100-page eBook digest four times a year, maybe for $10 or $15/copy, could provide as much as $12,000/year to pay out to artists and writers to encourage them to do their stuff. I mean, imagine being able to pay someone like Tom Burgos $2000 to illustrate a story, or to commission other professional artists to do work in the FMG genre.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m going to stay fixed for the next few weeks on enabling all the features I envision for She Grew!, but after that’s done and we have 1000 or so members, maybe this autumn we can look at trying to kick-start an eBook storefront.