Kate’s story chapter 3


“ Oh it was at first but I have been doing it for so long now I don’t even notice. Actually now it takes a conscious effort on my part to move as quickly as I should.” Brian gave a understanding nod as he continued to look around despite the limitations on what he could see. As Kate neared the mess hall she wasn’t surprised to find that various food items where already being placed out for her while a table had clearly been set up for Brian. As Kate looked around for the chef though she found that Greg was no where to be found and instead it was some of the others on mess hall duty. “ Hey just what happened to Greg?”

“ Oh you didn’t notice Kate you mistook him for a side of beef last week.” The tiny soldier shouted intentionally loud actually managing to get his words to reach Brian’s ears. Unsure if they were playing a trick on him he gave Kate a nervous look who looked rather embarrassed herself.

“ Haha very funny I have never once mistook a person for a food item and besides I didn’t have beef any of last week I had fish.” Kate stated in a matter of fact tone the little people below grinning. Kate felt awkward as it seemed everyone on the base was out to give her a hard time and scare the crap out of Brian. It wasn’t helping her attempts to get to know him though she did find it mildly amusing. “ Hey come on what is it this week Debra already tried to scare the crap out of Brian and here you are making it… it is Debra isn’t it she mentioned it to Greg and got the idea in his head.” Kate sighed as she lowered herself down to the ground assuming a setting position before removing Brian from her hand. While Brian was indeed adapting to being around Kate quickly without going through the pure panic stage the others where making it kind of hard on him and she wasn’t sure if he was ready to see her standing up.

“ Yeah sorry about that Kate we just couldn’t resist.” Brian looked to see Greg stepping out of the kitchen carrying a rather large tray which he set down in front of Brian. “ Sorry about the scare lad we weren’t aiming it at you though. It is just rare that we find a way that we can really pick on the young lady there.” Kate stuck her massive tongue out at Greg deciding that she would not only have to exact a revenge on Debra later on but Greg as well that is as soon as she found a proper way to take her revenge. A wide grin suddenly formed on Kate’s face as she recalled something that she had been working on later.

“ Oh don’t you worry Greg you will get yours.” Greg actually shuddered when he noticed the look on Kate’s face and realized that she had really come up with a plan for revenge. Sighing and accepting that what ever was going to come he did bring it upon himself he looked up at Kate.

“ Well just make sure it isn’t while I am busy.” Kate giggled as she watched Greg shuffle back inside. Brian for his part was occupying himself with looking over the food which to his surprise despite being prepared on a military installation looked extremely appetizing but then again that could have been because he hadn’t eaten since he had left home. He had been so nervous the previous day that the thought of food really hadn’t entered his mind.

Kate grinned as she watched Brian start eating his food. Picking the one utensil she used herself the object looked like a rather large spoon and had been prepared for her upon her switching from beef to fish. Some of the smaller type fishes proofing rather frustrating for Kate to clean her play plus she had eventually grown tired of having smears all over her fingers once she had finished eating. Brian slowed down his eating as he watched Kate dip the spoon into a rather large thing of boiled fish though he did notice that it wasn’t prepared nearly to the point that a normal human would have eaten it. The fact that the fish included the bones seemed obvious however as he watched Kate place a spoon full many times his size in her mouth and slowly begin to chew he doubted they pose any real problem. As he watched this though he actually found himself feeling some what sorry for her as he thought of her food as lower standard then what he was eating.

Kate noticing that Brian was watching her eat took her time to chew the food carefully and swallow before speaking. “ Something wrong?”

“ Oops sorry I didn’t mean to stair I was just noticing what you where eating.” Kate chuckled for a moment.

“ Yeah I do eat a lot that is for sure.” Brian grinned and shook his head in the negative direction though he didn’t plan on continuing the conversation the action caused Kate to. “ Oh where you meaning something else?” Brian took a moment to answer as he considered if he really wanted to continue this conversation. One part of him said to tell a little lie and just let things drop another part of him told to continue it.

“ Well I was just thinking that your food doesn’t seem really well prepared. I mean they didn’t even seem to make a attempt to separate the fish from the bone.” Kate blinked then giggled as Brian referred to the amount of prepared that went into her food.

“ The bones are good for me and they don’t provide any resistance to speak of. I know it might seem strange to you but really cooking my food is just a formality. Really it is so hot inside of me that there is no way any disease could survive and even if it did my immune system is more then able to deal with any virus that might come from you little people or your animals.” Brian grinned as Kate boasted of her body’s capabilities he could see how her body could be so capable considering how it must have adapted so that she could survive in the first place. Kate for her part couldn’t help but grin as Brian concerned himself with her comfort already. “ That was sweet of you to mention though most people just see how much I eat and don’t stop to think about anything else.”

A grin formed on Kate’s face as she felt a temptation building within herself one that she couldn’t quite pass up. Bending down she brought her massive lips within a few yards of Brian so that they where the only thing he could see. “ Besides Brian do you think these teeth of mine would have trouble grinding fish bones to a paste? Why I can easily eat cow bones so you can imagine what I could do to a pers I mean fish.” Kate giggled slightly and leaned back up to see Brian’s face. She realized that she had just done the very thing that she had been scolding Greg for doing earlier but she couldn’t help herself. A strange thing happened though as she noticed Brian chuckle a bit at her humor.

“ Ah poop you are already getting use to my teasing aren’t you?” Brian actually grinned and nodded his head as he found himself growing more relaxed with Kate. It was odd but the more she teased and held him the faster he seemed to lose his fear of her. Her constant teasing seemed to have a humanizing effect on her despite her impressive scale. He couldn’t help but think it would be harder to get use to take if she where to be aloof and not pay any attention to him at all. Kate only chuckled and once again began to eat her meal finishing off the fish in a rather short time she switched over to a mass of watermelons and oranges that had been laid out for her. Kate was careful to keep her eating pace down some what in order to not finish before Brian the two of them actually finishing their meals at roughly the same moment.

“ Well that was good thanks for the meal, so now what do you have planned.”

“ I figured we would go back to my room and spend some time talking to get to know one another better. Then we can do some other things tomorrow but first how about we head back and you brush your teeth.” Brian nodded in agreement and expected Kate to pick him up once again but was surprised when she lowered her hand down next time. Taking the hint Brian began to climb into her hand however as he stepped out he couldn’t shake a odd feeling. Having spent his time setting on Kate’s hand earlier and always having her pick him up now that he was actually climbing into her hand he couldn’t help but feel odd about something. His shoes came off a moment later as he finished climbing into her palm and began to walk towards its center. The feeling of Kate’s skin underneath his socks was quite a odd one but he couldn’t help but feel it would be rude to walk across her palm with his dirty shoes.

Kate had planned on telling Brian she prefers for people to remove their shoes while walking on her hand but grinned when she realized she probably wouldn’t have to. “ Hey just how do you brush your teeth?” Brian looked up at Kate and noticed a slight rise under her lips her massive teeth had been very close to him earlier so he knew that they where all perfectly strait and pearly white.

“ Hmm well there are various ways really since my teeth can’t really be damage by pure acid there isn’t really much normal food can do to them and it really has trouble sticking to my teeth as well. Really when I swallow everything that is in my mouth ends up going down my throat so between those factors I don’t really need to. I do like to have them use a high pressure water hose on my teeth every once in a while just to be sure though.” Brian thought about this for a moment and could see where she was coming from. A fire hose could strip bark from a tree after all though the thought that it couldn’t hurt Kate’s teeth in the least was a bit scary.

“ Lucky lady.” Kate grinned at Brian’s comment as she made her way back to her room. Running her massive tongue over the inside of her made he now had her thinking of her teeth which meant despite the information she had just given she wouldn’t feel clean until she had them washed down.

“ Now see what you have done you got me thinking of my teeth. Brian I am going to set you down in front of your room and go and get my teeth washed.” Brian nodded then looked around the room for a moment spotting more then a few fire hoses in the room.

“ Why don’t you just use one of those?” Brian indicated the various hoses along the wall.

“ Oh well I figure I must as well be thorough when getting my teeth cleaned so I like to have a little person do it for me. Hmm well Brian since you’re the one that got me thinking of it how would you like to help me out?” Brian considered this a moment as he was moved towards Kate’s face and recalled the view from earlier. He didn’t mention it but he rather liked the close of view of Kate’s massive lips and actually wanted to reach out and see just how they felt.

“ Alright that sounds okay.” Kate set up some what surprised at Brian then chuckled a bit. She had expected him to decline her offer but now that he had agreed to she wasn’t going to back down either. Brian watched as Kate used a finger nail to open one of the cases and them drew out the long length of fire hose. Taking the fire hose from Kate’s fingers he watched as she turned the nob to allow the water to flow freely. Leaning in close to Brian Kate fully opened her mouth a site that Brian wouldn’t soon forget as he realized that he could easily walked inside of her mouth. The void seeming large enough that he imagined he could actually stand up even if she did close her mouth though he wasn’t sure of it. He was sure that if Kate wanted to she could indeed swallow a person whole the thought of what it would be like to be eaten alive spoke to one of Brian’s primal fears and he shuddered as he turned his gaze away from the open void.

Focusing on Kate’s massive teeth proved to be a easier task as he turned on the water and began to run it along them. The massive white columns where easy enough targets each one of Kate’s teeth seeming to be nearly the size of a full grown man. Despite this it only took Brian a short while to get the job done though thanks to him having to use a good deal of his strength control the rushing water he also felt rather drained. A moment later a rather large amount of water slammed into Brian actually knocking him onto his back as a bath tubs worth the water slammed into him and Kate’s giggles hit his ears. Realizing that Kate hadn’t swallowed all the water but rather kept some of it in her mouth Brian let out a long sigh. “ Well now I guess I need to go and take a bath now to.”

“ Ah would you mind waiting a while since if you are going to do that I want to go bath as well.” Kate proceeded to tap one of the walls knowing that the security cameras where on right now. “ In case you didn’t get the hint from that would you mind going to tell Sheila that I want to get cleaned up.” Brian looked around for a moment wondering who Kate was talking to then he recalled just where he was. Figuring that they were security cameras about everywhere he suddenly felt some what self conscious about taking a bath.

“ Hey Kate just where do you bath?”

“ That tower outside of course after all it is the only structure large enough to get my entire body.” Brian suddenly realized why it took a while for everyone to get ready for Kate to take a bath as he imagined they had to get some things cleared away. His first temptation was to ask if he could go ahead and bath then watch her take hers but he pushed it away. Though in truth had he found the courage to ask Kate such a question the answer may have very well been yes.

“ Yeah I guess being so tall does have some disadvantages.” Kate nodded in agreement as she scooted over to a few large containers. Taking a moment Kate didn’t take long to chose a outfit as the total number of outfits she had remaining that still fit totaled two. Looking over at Brian she gave a large grin.

“ I normally have more clothing then this however I recently went through a rather large growth spurt and now a lot of my old clothing doesn’t fit so I am having to make do.” Brian didn’t think to much of Kate’s comment until the realization that if she had a recent growth spurt she must still be increasing in size hit him.

“ You mean that you are still growing?”

“ Yeah and at a fairly rapid pace really it might be hard to tell since I am already so big but if you came back in a week or two I would be larger then what I am. In a month I would have probably grown enough that you would notice a slight difference in my height. Well when you get use to how big I am right now.” Brian let out a bit of a whistle and quickly came to understand why Kate’s clothing seemed lacking. Making clothing for her at her current size he imagined to be enough trouble and with her growing it wasn’t really surprising.

“ It must take a while to make anything for you just what do they make your clothing out of?”

“ Oh synthetics of course actually some of the synthetics they use have been developed by studying me. Good thing to other wise it would be extremely difficult to make clothing that even resembled what normal sized people wear.”

“ Want to keep up with the normal trends?” Kate grinned and shook her head.

“ No not really actually my clothing is fairly revealing and pretty much has been so since I became a teenager. They try for normal looking clothing since they say it has a humanizing effect Sheila and the others have tried to give me something of a normal life after all. Though despite those efforts I can say that my life is far from normal.” Brian nodded in agreement as he doubted there was anyone that was so closely guarded as Kate. Though the thing that he considered most amusing was the simple fact that out of anyone on the planet Kate seemed to need the least protection. “ Also well I figure since I got a body as nice as mine I might as well show it off.” Kate proceeded to rap her arms around herself pressing up lightly on her breast to enhance the image Brian was presented a rather spectacular view of Kate’s massive endowments.

Brian blushed a bit as while he was getting use to Kate’s massive size it meant that he was beginning to notice other features of her that is fear had at least partly masked. This was evident by the fact that he seemed to be noticing Kate’s breast for the very first time. Kate let out a slight giggle when the pa system went on and Sheila’s voice came over the line. “ Alright Kate you can go and get cleaned up now.” Kate nodded and took her close once again opening the main door as she scooted out she didn’t stand up right away but rather turned around on her knees.

“ I will be back in a little bit so why don’t you go ahead and get yourself cleaned up now. Oh and if you want there is a basket for laundry you can have it cleaned.” Brian nodded as he watched those massive doors be slid shut so very easily by Kate. Now alone in the massive structure he was able to appreciate how large it truly was without Kate taking up so much space. As he looked around he found it hard to believe that in truth the area was little more then a tent that Kate used to sleep in and set around in. The only place that she could really walk around was outside and even that afforded only so much freedom as he wondered how many times Kate had walked around the island how many times she had seen the same sights.

Making his way back to his room he wondered if it would be a good idea to talk to Kate about such subjects. No one had mentioned anything that wasn’t suppose to be talked about and if they had implied anything he hadn’t caught on to it. Stripping down his thoughts switched to the subject of the cameras as he hoped they where at least kind enough not to have any in his room.

Kate sighed as she stood in front of the tower the jets of water slamming into her body. Everyone noticed that Kate seemed to be in a hurry to get herself cleaned off as her behavior was no where near as playful as it usually was. Kate didn’t want to leave her company alone for to long and she was enjoying spending time with Brian. So far he had managed to handle things even better then Amy had at least it seemed like he was. Amy had a delayed reaction while it seemed Brian was able to get things out of the way from the start. To make things even better his reaction had been a quiet one that didn’t require Sheila to come rushing back into the room and drug him. Kate wondered though if it was all Brian’s doing or if it was the teasing he had received when he had been brought over. Perhaps having someone a little nervous and scared before they met her worked better then having them relaxed. After all when someone is expecting something they can normal deal with it better then if there guard is completely down.

Kate gave a slight pout though as she knew the reason Debra had scared Brian had been her having some fun on the job and not psychology. Even if she had stumbled upon a better way to prepare some people to meet Kate the fact that she had done it just to give Brian something of a hard time meant Kate was going to have to get some pay back. Just how she would go about getting even with Debra escaped her for the moment. Unlike Greg, Debra could spend extremely long lengths of time away from the facility and even then she spent a good deal of time inside. Greg on the other hand often came out to talk with Kate whenever he was preparing her dinner leaving her plenty of time to get even with him. The jets of water turning off Kate looked down at the crew who called up to her. “ All done.” Kate nodding gave a slight grin as she decided to be a little playful and took hold of her hair.

Moving a portion of its length out over the tower the crew knew what was going as Kate rung some of the water out of her hair. The top few people getting the worst of it got soaked to the bone while those who happened to be working at crotch level and lower got very little of the torrent. Kate giggled and strolled over to her clothing which she had deposited upon one of the larger structure. Picking up her clothing and slipping the outfit on it was very similar to the one Brian had seen her in earlier except it covered more of her up. Originally it had been one of the few outfits of hers that could be define as having a long skirt now it could hardly hold such a status.

Brian looked on as he watched the massive doors open and saw it feel with Kate’s form. A moment later the giantess had eased herself completely into the room and shut the door behind herself. Instantly Brian could almost since the amount of walking room in the area decrease as the entire room looked much smaller when Kate was actually in it. Looking at her he was surprised when the only area that seemed to be wet on her massive form was her hair. Then again considering how fast she walked he wondered if the wind rushing by her as she took each step had dried her off. Kate for her part could still plainly tell that Brian had only finished bathing a short while before herself. Scooting on over to him something that caught her attention was the fact that he wasn’t wearing any shoes as he walked around. “ Decide not to were your shoes?”

“ Not if you are going to be picking me up and besides this place seems clean enough.” Kate nodded in agreement as she looked around the area then again the entire facility was kept fairly clean. Reaching down Kate didn’t bother asking Brian if she could pick him up but rather simply did it as he seemed ready for such activities in the first place. As she lifted Brian Kate planned on placing him down in her open palm but changed her mind and instead ended up lowering him down upon her skirt. Brian was actually surprised by his action and especially surprised when he looked up and found that he could no longer see Kate’s face as she pressed him against her waste band. The two massive swells upon her chest blocking out his view of her face.

Kate had meant this to happen though as a form of teasing plus she knew that with the shirts material seeming so lacking on her that the bottom of her massive tits where not exposed to Brian. This also was helpful in getting Brian more use to her size before she took him out later on as while he was in her hand he could more easily see her face to face. Now pressed against her waste he could get a better idea of just how massive she truly was. Brian not knowing what to say felt his mouth get a little dry and found that he had the starting of a erection as he looked up at Kate’s massive breast. Though only a small portion of their glory was being exposed the fact that this was still many times larger then the largest set of breast he had ever seen was not lost on him. Brian trying to think of what to say resolved that at least while he was here, he didn’t have to worry about Kate asking if he was looking in her eyes. “ You said you wanted to talk earlier on I think. So what do you want to talk about?”

“ I was planning on leaving that up to you I am sure you have a lot of questions to ask.” Brian nodded his head as he considered asking Kate just how big her breast was but pushed the thought away worried that he might offend her. As his mind was currently flooded with images of those two massive gloves far above his head that was largely the only thing that he could think of. At least until he managed to push his thoughts away from Kate’s breast and focus on the woman herself.

“ Well lets see here have you ever gotten to do any traveling? I imagine it must be something else for them to transport someone like you around and not get any attention.” Kate grinned and giggled a bit at the thought of someone trying to bring her into the states without them noticing her.

“ Actually that would be kind of impossible so no I haven’t ever got to leave this place actually. Though I hope to eventually when ever it is time to introduce me to the rest of the world I hope it comes soon enough. They’re a lot of things that I want to see especially the statue of liberty at one time I had actually wanted to see it while it was still taller then me. That isn’t going to happen now though but I would still like to see it.” Brian was actually quite surprised by this news and how cheerful Kate seemed despite the fact that she had been stuck in the same area for so long. This didn’t set well at all with Brian as he wondered just what they had told her in order to get her to stay so willingly or what threat she was under. The fact that a person as large as Kate was confined to a area that would make most regular sized people want to travel didn’t seem right to him.

“ Yeah I guess if I was only allowed to explore one island I would want to travel some as well. Well now I guess I can’t ask you about places you have been so what is something else? Do your parents live on this island as well or do they just come and visit you once in a while.” The look that Brian saw flash across Kate’s face was a mixture of sadness and a great deal of anger as she recalled what Sheila had told her parents did to her.

“ My parents have never been to this island neither do they know I am alive. Good thing to as I would like to pay them back for throwing me away like a peace of trash.” There was more then a little anger in Kate’s voice and even though the anger wasn’t focused at him it made Brian cringe. Still the fact that Kate felt so strongly about the subject made him want to know more about it.

“ So who raised you?” Kate’s anger seemed to fade rather quickly when Jack asked this question and a large grin formed on her face.

“ Sheila, Michel and the rest of the scientific team have all had a hand in raising me. I guess I could say that I have a lot of replacement mommies and daddies. Though it was mostly Michel as Sheila has more things to attend to then he does and as the head of the project that brought me about I am actually Michel’s main concern.” Brian immediately picked up on the affection in Kate’s voice and realized how Kate was kept around most likely. She was being a good girl doing what her parents told her. Then again he also recalled how affectionate Sheila seemed towards Kate for the little time she had been there. This made him wonder if Kate really was being manipulated or if they had her best interest in mind. She did seem to have all her needs met and behaved happy enough that was for sure.

“ Ah so I guess that you could say that you were raised by the government?” Kate seemed to think about this considering that Sheila and the others were indeed employees of the military she finally shook her head in agreement. Brian grinned at this thought and wasn’t completely sure he liked the idea of a government being so close in a girl’s upbringing then again he imagined they wanted to make sure she favored the USA. Brian of course trust largely in the government that is why he had been willing to come after all. He still wasn’t sure if he trusted it to give someone a completely truthful upbringing.

“ Alright actually that does leave me with a good question. Quite a few people feel that the government and church are suppose to be completely separate. So just what have they raised you to be?” Kate seemed to get a confused look on her face as if she wasn’t quite sure of what Brian was asking her. “ Well you know how most parents will try to teach their children to have the same religious beliefs as they do. What religion has the government tried to teach you to have.”

“ Ah I see well to be honest religion wasn’t ever really mentioned to me and I haven’t been pushed in any directions. Though I guess that most of my values have been taught to me by Sheila, Michel and the other military personnel on this installation. I guess I believe in something I just am not really sure what.” Brian seemed to think about Kate’s response for a few moments.

“ Ah then you do have some gods though I am not sure if it is ones that I would particularly want to trust.” Kate blinked for a moment and slightly turned her head to the side now she was quite confused. “ Well you are relying on the government to tell you when it is okay for you to leave this place and you did just say that they have taught you essentially all your values. I can’t help but say that really does seem like a god in my opinion.” Kate seemed to consider this option for a moment before shrugging her massive shoulders.

“ I can’t say that I really agree with you on that and besides at least I can see the people I listen too at least.’

“ You mean you get to regularly meet the politicians that get to chose if you leave or not? I must say then you must have met a lot of politicians over the last few years.” Kate grimaced a bit clearly not liking the direction this conversation was going as she didn’t care for having one of her points so easily defeated. Still she had never really stopped to consider that even though she considered Sheila and Michel her parental figures they truly were not the ones that got to make the decisions of what happened to her at least in the long run. In truth it was who ever the people elected that is if they ever learned about her.

“ Alright you got me there still I don’t think my faith is any more blind then any other religion.”

“ Yeah I guess while I have my Bible you have the Constitution as yours. Though I wonder if it is really a good thing for you to let people decide what you should do. I can’t help but worry that as long as you trust in the government to set you free then you won’t ever get to leave this place.” Brian couldn’t help the last few words as he considered the political uproar that would come upon Kate leaving the installation and worried that no politician would want to have her hands on that.

“ You worry to much they have been introducing me to people I am sure I will eventually get to introduce myself to the world.” As Brian considered what he should say next he was held back from saying what he really wanted to considering that he knew the room had cameras through out it.

“ You know even if I agree with what a preacher says I like to look it up in my Bible to see if it seems to agree with him. Perhaps you should try look into your own Bible and see if it agrees with the fact that you are being kept here against your will.” Kate blinked as she considered Brian’s words then the entire room was shook with her laughter.

“ Oh Brian is that what you think of this? That I am being kept here against my will?”

“ Well you did say you wanted to travel and they won’t let you.” Kate couldn’t help but giggle at Brian. Drawing herself closer to the walk way she made her scale more apparent to him by the simple fact that even so high up he wasn’t eye level with her and she was still on her knees.

“ Brian no one can make me do anything against my will. I guess no one told you this but new forms of ammunition are regularly tested on me and ever sense a few years ago nothing has been able to hurt me. I swear I think the only thing that hasn’t hit me is a hydrogen bomb and I am very doubtful they would be willing to use that on me even if I did try to leave the island. Brian I stay here because if I did leave without proper preparation it would cause all sorts of chaos after all how do you think the public would respond to seeing someone my size wading towards shores.” While Brian at first had this hard to believe the confidence and sincerity in Kate’s voice told him that she wasn’t laying. Trying to think of a retort to Kate’s comment nothing really seemed to come to mind except one thing.

“ Well then I guess you can free yourself any time you want.” Kate grinned and gave her head a slight nod. Brian was thinking of what he should do next when he noticed a hand appear in front of him. Taking the hint he climbed over the walk way railing and into Kate’s hand. A moment later he was transported in front of Kate’s smiling face.

“ It was nice of you to worry about me but really for now it is really best if I wait here for a while longer. Still now that I let you drill me about my believes I think I am going to ask you a few questions.” Brian nodded slowly wondering just what she was going to ask he had questioned her though and it only seemed right.

“ I guess one of my main questions is why do you chose to even have a specific religion in the first place and put their rules and guide lines on yourself?” Brian seemed to think about this for a moment finally thinking of a logical way to explain it to Kate.

“ Because those rules and guidelines work for me I agree with the teachings and think that if they where followed everyone would be a lot happier. Also I have to admit the thought that if I just died today I would cease to be scares me a bit.” Brian looked up at Kate expecting her to laugh at his admission to being afraid of death considering from what she had just told him he doubted she had to fear such things. The thought made him wonder if he really could explain his reasons for choosing a religion to someone powerful enough to almost be a goddess.

“ I think I see where you are coming from and if it works for you I don’t see anything wrong with it. Provided you don’t go all nutty and strap a bomb to yourself or try to start a war. I do question the wisdom though of praying for something and expecting it to happen though.” Brian grinned and considered mentioning that the first option namely suicide was not allowed by his religion but chose not to.

“ Well there are a lot of varying views in any religion and while I for one believe that praying helps I also think you have to get out and do some things on your own.” Kate’s eyes seemed to light up a bit as she began to understand some more.

“ Oh so you treat your religion like a confidence booster. I guess that would help makes things to come to pass after all the more sure you are in yourself and the more driven the more likely you are to succeeded.” Brian wasn’t sure if he liked the way Kate referred to his beliefs as a confidence booster but he couldn’t argue that was one of the effects it did have. He would have liked to say that it also meant God would be helping things along but he was trying to keep such things as the unprovable out of the conversation. As Brian considered what he should say next he remembered one of Kate’s statements earlier.

“ Hey didn’t you say that you believed in something earlier?” Kate nodded her hand having recalled making the statement. “ Well just what is it that you believe in?” Kate bit down on her lower lip trying to think of how to word what she wanted to say.

“ Well I admit that I do believe in something I just don’t know what it is. I don’t really agree entirely with any one religion and further more so many of the religions that use a text well the text are so old and I have to think that they might have been altered some. Further more very few religions if any are completely united as far as I am concerned so I don’t know which teachings to really follow. Also I guess by the way you put it that your religion works for you my current beliefs work for me.” Brian gave a slight nod not seeing anything particularly wrong with Kate’s way of thinking though he didn’t care for the amount of trust she put in the government.

“ Good thing I am not a Mormon or I would have to spend this time trying to convert you and telling you my beliefs. Luckily I am not one and don’t really see a problem in people having their own beliefs. Really I think one problem with a lot of religions is that they want to spend to much time trying to convert people and telling them why they are wrong.” Kate giggled a bit at the thought of a bunch of religious zealots showing up and trying to convert her. The thought was actually a fairly amusing one as far as she was concerned.

“ Hey Brian did you bring a Bible with you on this trip?” The question actually caught Brian a bit off guard as Kate actually seemed interested in his religion now.

“ Yeah I did do you want to take a look at it?” Kate grinned and only shook her head in the negative direction.

“ No thank you I was just curious if you had. So do you plan on reading it while you are here?”

“ Na I don’t tend to read it unless I am curious about something I don’t have the desire or will power to memorize it after all. I have to admit that it is pretty darn boring to read especially if your not looking for something.” Kate giggled at this as Brian openly admitted that he found his religious studies to be boring. It wasn’t surprising that he didn’t expect another person to simply be converted if they weren’t seeking something when him a believer already could make that admittance.

Sheila set in her office watching the security feed of what was going on in Kate’s room. While she didn’t find the religious conversation to be all that interesting she liked that it was getting Kate to think just a little. Though they where some comments that she wished he hadn’t said particularly those about her not needing to trust the government so much. Even though Sheila agreed with most of the comments she knew her superiors wouldn’t like that such a person was talking to Kate. Taking a moment to phone down to the security desk Sheila actually put in a word that those moments where to be edited out just incase someone did a check for them. Kate needed some diversity in her life after all. Brian and Kate’s conversation actually extended until lunch and then after as Kate actually seemed interested in discussing religious views. Though Brian did find himself having trouble as Kate’s questions got more in-depth and began to deal with other religions as well. Sheila found this particularly funny as she couldn’t help but listen in when Kate began to get different religions mixed up.


Brian felt odd as he woke up the next day having spent the previous day in conversation with Kate it was amazing what a few days could do to your perception of a person. In such a short time his fear of Kate had been significantly decreased though she had warned him that today he would see something that would test if he was really that far along. Just what that test was he wasn’t sure but from the way Kate acted it had scared quite a few people almost to the point of passing out. Resolving that he would just have to find out what it was he finished putting on his shirt before stepping outside. As he did this though something caught his attention namely the fact that Kate was no where to be seen and both exist where wide open. Thinking for a moment Brian recalled how good Kate’s hearing had proven and the security figuring that they would relay the message even if she didn’t hear him he called it out. “ Hey Kate where are you.” He got his answer a few moments later as Kate spoke louder then normal so that her voice could carry through the thick walls of the structure.

“ I am waiting for you outside why don’t you come on out and join me.” Shrugging his shoulders Brian walked on over to the exit realizing why it had been left open for him. Stepping on outside Brian began to scan the area for Kate as he did this two large objects to either side of him got his attention. While he was too close to the right one he could make out the far left one and realized that he was looking at the side profile of a foot. Slowly moving back his eyes began to follow the foot to the leg that it connected too after the massive expanse of lacking up until Kate’s knee. Catching some her thigh he couldn’t see all of it thanks to Kate setting down upon the building. Traveling up her stomach he noted her exposed abs and the rather pronounced muscles. He found that he had to step back even further from the structure in order to be able to see Kate’s face thanks to the swell of her breast. As he did this and his eyes where finally able to meet up with her Brian quickly realized what the test was going to be.

Kate for her part continued to smile as Brian’s eyes traveled up her setting form. Looking down in his eyes she could see that a good deal of fear had reawakened within him and she wasn’t sure that it was a good thing that they were outside. While confined it seemed that his instincts where less likely to take hold but not outside there was the very easy option to try running away not that it would do any good. She had expected him to be scared when he first saw her setting down despite the time spent the previous days. This was do to the fact that despite knowing she was setting Brian still didn’t have a very good idea of just how big she really was. Such things seemed to only be conveyable when ever she stood up to her full towering height which at the moment she still wasn’t. “ Well don’t you look teeny way down there. Hey I think this is the first time you have gotten a close up look of my feet. Don’t you think I have pretty toes?”

Brian felt himself trying to panic and run as Kate extended her legs out to him and brought them closer together. Though they were still several yards from him on either side their size still made this a rather frightening experience for him. “ Sure do big lady.” Brian managed to struggle out a response and actually force himself to walk towards Kate’s foot. He imagined it was how someone felt when swimming up to a shark at least some what similar Kate could kill him far more quickly then any shark though and with far less effort or meaning to. Kate wondered what Brian was up to until he walked over to her foot and much to her surprise gave her toe a slight pay as well as a quick tickling motion. The rush of air that hit Brian a moment later as Kate quickly with drew her foot nearly made him fall over.

“ Brian don’t do that my feet are ticklish. I am glad that you are able to keep control of yourself around me but that is really dangerous.” Brian blinked visibly startled by what had just happened especially after Kate warned him. The notion that this girl who had explained to him the previous days tank shells couldn’t hurt had ticklish feet was actually kind of humorous. He imagined he wouldn’t feel that way had Kate flinched and accidently kicked him. The fact that Kate had with drew her feet because of his actions even if they where to save him still seemed rather funny to him.

“ Sorry about that it just seemed the best thing to do.” Kate grinned moving her head to the side as if getting a better look at Brian. His body language told her that he was still quite scared but he was still able to behave in such a way.

“ You have had to act in spite of your fear before haven’t you?” Brian blushed visibly as he considered what to say to Kate finally settling on something.

“ My religious training often allows me to act despite my fear and even gotten me through some of the more tragic times in my life. Also I will admit that I am something of a chicken that is easily scared thus while I can’t be fearless I have learned to act despite my fear.” Kate giggled for a moment though she hoped Brian would eventually quit being scared of her she imagined such a mental set was a pretty good one for dealing with a Titaness. After all those that where use too never being scared for one reason or the other often lost complete control when dealing with her.

Kate did find it strange that Brian referred to his beliefs as religious training but as she considered it she resolved that everyone is probably trained by their parents or society in one way or the other. “ Well Brian I guess you are ready for the final moment since you didn’t run away from me when you saw me setting down. Well almost the moment after this there is one more thing I want to try but I think you will do fine.” Brian nodded as he watched Kate slowly start to stand up and up to her full height. To massive columns of flesh towering in the sky as Brian’s eyes traveled up Kate’s form he found that his proximity to her allowed him to see part way up her skirt which already being rather short allowed a slight view of her panties. Traveling up her stomach he once again found Kate’s breast blocked the view of her face requiring him to step back even more. He didn’t quite get to the point where he could see her face though she Kate took a step of her own.

Brian froze up as he watched Kate’s massive leg reach over him as the shadow of her foot passed him by he was amazed as Kate took one step over him. This was truly a defining moment as the full realization of how small he was seemed to sink in. Despite his fear even Brian noticed when Kate slowed down a moment as she finished her first step and gave her rear a slight shake. Watching the wonderful sculpted backside of this Titaness actually got more of a reaction from Brian then he had expected. Taking one more step Kate turned around and grinned down at Brian who was finally able to come out with something to say. “ Can you even see me down here?” Brian’s words where something of a shout do to his excitement Kate’s reaction was to immediately burst into a fit of giggles.

“ Yes Brian I can see you just fine actually Brian I can probably see you far better then a normal size person can despite my height. My motor controls and my senses are even more times sharper then a normal person then my size.” Brian nodded grateful for his news as he fully comprehended now how good Kate’s self control must truly be. Kate for her part was looking over Brian slowly taking note of his reaction to her body. He seemed scared but he also seemed excited and in a state of aw plus there was something else. As Kate caught site of Brian’s trousers she grinned even wider noticing that she had more then the standard reaction on him. Normally people where so scared of her at first that sexual reactions where kept in check until they got relaxed around her such as the guards.

Brian on the other had already seemed excited in that area thanks to his pop tent a fact that Kate actually liked. The only thing she worried about was if it was do to him picturing her as a normal sized woman. She doubted that he could be to that stage already Kate actually found herself wondering if he was partly excited because of her size. Now wanting to play around with Brian more Kate began to walk around him lightly shaking her hips as she talked to him. “ This is when people really get a idea of how big I am. Up until now I have been told you or setting and not really freely moving around. When I am standing up and walking around it seems to bring everything home.”

“ Especially the ground shaking.” Brian called up to Kate as with every step she took the ground would shake and depending on how close her steps where he would almost be sent to the ground. Kate’s giggling voice was pleasant too here making him wonder if she had learned to speak at certain levels for certain ranges.

“ And just think Brian I am slowing down my foot steps every time I took a step if I really put my foot down as quick as I should you would be thrown flat on your tail most assuredly.” Brian enjoyed the show despite the fact that one mess step from Kate would be the death of him. Her revealing outfit and way of bouncing around was really quite a site while Kate enjoyed the attention she was getting though not just from Brian. The fear Brian felt began to reside as he resolved that he just had to put his trust in Kate. At least if she did make a mistake while strutting around he most likely wouldn’t feel anything as he imagined being caught under just a small portion of Kate’s body would end his life before he even knew what was happening. At last Kate stopped and began to lean down to pick up Brian. Though as she did this she made sure to present a wonderful view of her cleavage.

A moment later he found himself scooped up and deposited in the center of Kate’s palm as she stood up to her full height. Curiously Brian found himself moving towards the side of Kate’s hand having just spent a while watching her strut around he found himself wondering just what the view was like. As he looked over the side of Kate’s hand he quickly found himself falling back though. “ Dang this is high up.” Now closer to Kate’s face the rush of air that hit him as she giggled actually felt nice. The fact that Kate was simply standing and wasn’t quite holding him at eye level was perhaps the most amusing fact of all.

“ Yes I suppose it is pretty high up and just think in a short while it will seem to be even higher up. Well you seem to be getting use to be quite well so I was thinking today we could do some activities outside and perhaps get some pay back for the teasing you went through not by me of course.”

“ Oh and do you have something in mind?”

“ I can’t say for sure just yet I can’t exactly scare the others like normal people after all they have been around me for quite some time. No I think I am actually going to have to do something to them in order to get some pay back.” Brian nodded his head noting that the volume of Kate’s voice seemed to be the same when he was standing at her feet. He was sure of it now this girl had very good control of her vocal cords and every other dimension of her body.

“ Alright well how about we eat breakfast while you scheme?” Kate nodded her head in agreement and began to head towards the mess hall. As she considered her options she knew popping Greg in her mouth or acting like she was going to step on him wouldn’t work. He had been with her for several years now and thus seemed about immune to her normal practical jokes. There was of course several things that she could do to him that would simply frustrate him and that seemed like what she was going to have to do. Grinning it would give her a chance to show Brian her building skills as well though. Greg for his part let out a sigh as he wondered what Kate was scheming or if she was just trying to stress him out. Either way it was his job to make sure they where feed and he knew Kate would wait until she had eaten before she did anything. He figured that he could sneak off during the time Kate was working on her meal and she had been fully served.

Kate for her part was still debating on carrying through her plan even after she and Brian had been served. She wanted to get a little pay back but then again she had enjoyed scaring Brian a bit herself. Kate and Brian didn’t take to long to finish there meal and it seemed like Kate had resolved not to get even just yet. Greg stepping out of the kitchen area having not decided to run off was relieved for a moment when he felt one of Kate’s feet move around him. A moment later he found himself pinched between two of Kate’s toes and much to his surprise not crushing having not known Kate could control her toes so well. Kate for her part grinned as she began to walk Greg quickly picking up on what the pay back was going to be as Kate talked to Brian.