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    Ian T Bamma

    Hey everyone

    I had an idea for a small fun little video game that could be interesting. I was toying around with it, the closest thing i would compare it to would be a smaller and simpler Hunnie Cam Studio or Doki Doki Literature Club or Starcraft with muscle girls. I was going to code up a little prototype but wanted to get your opinions on it first. I’ve made myself some notes on what I would put in feature-wise and am open to input about what you would like to see if you’d be interested

    Things that I was thinking about (nothing set in stone):
    You as the main character would somehow help girls (your 1 girlfriend at first but more could join later) grow to become as strong and jacked as possible in a certain timeframe

    possible (working) starter text:
    “Good news! Your runner girlfriend has decided she wants to put on muscle and she wants it yesterday! She’ll do whatever it takes to get as big as possible as fast as possible. Aren’t you the lucky one! She’s super excited, kisses you, flexes and promises it’ll be worth your while! She pulled out your old knee wraps, chalks, belts, and workout bag, so let’s go! Be the supportive boyfriend she needs while she packs on size, strength, and earns her Pro title. She’s waiting for you under a barbell right now!”
    Instructions: “Cheer her on through her strenuous workouts as she lifts bar-bending amounts of weights”

    You could unlock/purchase different items upgrades to improve the muscle growth rate:
    More weight/plates (increasing weight)
    BCAAs/Supplements (increasing number of scoops)
    Pre-workout (increasing number of scoops)
    Recovery Shakes
    Whey Protein (increasing number of scoops)
    Wrist and Ankle Weights (increasing weight)
    Personal Chef Meals (increasing frequency)
    Science/Genetic Engineering

    You could unlock a number of in-game achievements/badges as you progress
    For example:
    ACHIEVEMENT: “A Natural – Complete your first lift meter”
    ACHIEVEMENT: “Resourceful – Use 1 Upgrade”
    ACHIEVEMENT: “Ego Lifter – Load the bar with a large amount of weight”

    Possible workouts:
    // Chest and tris
    “Barbell Flat Benchpress”,

    // Back and Bis
    “Barbell Deadlifts”,
    “Bent-over Barbell Rows”,
    “Barbell Bicep Curls”,

    // Shoulders
    “Barbell Overhead Shoulder Presses”,

    // Legs
    “Barbell Squats”,
    “Barbell Front Squats”,

    // Calves and Abs
    “Standing Calf Raises”,

    // Full-body
    “Power Clean and Press”,
    “Power Snatch”,
    “Clean and Jerk”,

    Depending on how you play the girls could shuffle through different levels of conditioning

    and muscularity
    “An athletic, fit and sculpted Pro gymnast look. What a tight ass!”,
    “Superfit. This woman obviously works out.”,
    “Amazonian. The girl’s got guns.”,
    “Muscle babe with a deep six-pack you can feel”,
    “Buff, chistled look of a top-placing Crossfit Pro. She’s never looked better.”,
    “Crazy muscular”,

    and strength levels
    “Very Weak”,
    “About average for a girl her age”,
    “Extraordinarily strong now”,
    “Impressively strong. Her barbells are starting to bow from the weigh she’s using.”,
    “She’s starting to shock other gym members”,
    “Her workouts are intimidating the guys”,
    “Stronger than anything alive today”,

    and different “best” body parts

    and different contests to gain points/money
    “Powerlifting Meet”,
    “Strongwoman Classic”,
    “Powerlifting Grand Prix”,
    “Strongwoman Pro Championships”,
    “LA Pro Powerlifting Championships”,

    “USA Powerlifting Invitationals Qualifying Meet”,
    “USA State Powerlifting Invitationals”,
    “USA Regionals Powerlifting Invitationals”,
    “USA Nationals Powerlifting Invitationals”,
    “North American Ironwoman Championships”,

    “Powerlifting World Cup”,

    all depending on how you play

    The girls could realize in the game how strong their getting:
    “Babe, am I–Am I stronger than *you* now?”
    “All this strength! I feel incredible!”

    and/or there could be a storyline of you discovering how strong they’re getting
    “You kissed and hugged her good-bye before leaving for work. Her body felt as hard as rock.”,
    “She saw you struggling to open a pickle jar. She took it, opened it right in front of you and winked as she handed it back.”,
    “She’s started carrying all the grocery bags in from the car–in one trip”,
    “She has completely outgrown her clothes and started wearing yours. She knew you wouldn’t mind.”

    or it could even lend itself to being an idle clicker game like Cookie Clicker, depending on how it evolves

    What do you think? Worth it? Not worth it? What would you change?


    Ideas are nice but tangible prototypes are better.

    There was another poster who had said he was working on a rampage game where you control a female bodybuilder that could smash stuff. This poster has now disappeared.

    The only person who has made a completed “FMG-type” game is ReadyArt, in almost the exact same style you’re describing.

    Mass Attraction

    So if you’re waffling between whether you want to do an FMG video game or not, it sounds like you’re not really ready to commit to the project. Sorry if I’m being a little harsh, but there has been a history of people talking about ideas but never actually executing them and that just wastes everyone’s time.

    People will play an FMG game regardless, especially on a web browser. So it’s up to you whether you’re going to take the time to build one.



    NIce idea! I started something like a Tamagotchi some time ago for left it for several reasons. You can find it at:


    Now I plan to develop it in python. I can start with some of your inputs to define the classes and variables…

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