Lois’ Time to Fly

Mark Newman

I’ve always liked this story. The innocent, trusting Superman hands naively turns over absolute power to Lois. Or was he naive or just unwilling to act on his suspicions. Was he afraid of her reaction if he had said no? Didn’t he know she secretly envied him his powers? His absolute superiority?

"Aw, Superman, what’s the matter? Don’t you trust me?"

"It’s not that, Lois. It’s just … well, it’s an awful lot of power to give ANYONE."

"Really, Superman. If you can’t trust me, who CAN you trust?"

Who indeed!

I mean, would any WOMAN not suspect her man of having an ulterior motive to look at the cube?

"Lois, may I have it? Just to see how it feels?"

"Are you kidding Superman? You think I’d fall for THAT one? When I give you the TV remote, do I EVER get it back? Or the computer mouse? I let you play with those little toys, but not with this baby."

And then there’s the ZAAP, ZAAP, ZAAP. The repeated charger of bigger, sexier, stronger, bustier, taller, beefier, BOOM, BOOM BOOM!

Love it, Ling.