Lois’ Time to Fly

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    Lois’ Time to Fly

    by Mighty Lingster

    Hey folks. Here’s a story I wrote in June, 1996, and posted on alt.amazon-women.admirers. I’d completely forgotten about it.

    This is for grown-ups and people who like amazon transformation stories

    only. Go away if you’re not both.


    (With apologies to DC Comics)

    Mighty Lingster

    "Hi, honey!" Superman said as he landed on the roof of the Daily Planet

    Building, bending down to kiss his fiance, Lois Lane.

    "How was your day?" she asked, rising up on tip-toes to return his


    of affection.

    "Same old same old," he smirked, "train wreck in Chile, Ebola


    in Zaire, gay pride parade in San Francisco. You know how it is."

    "What happened at the gay pride parade?" she asked.

    "Oh, the Toyman manufactured these ‘Mr. Slim’ dildos that were


    do you really want to hear about this? It’s pretty messy."

    She scrunched up her nose, "No, I guess not. There weren’t any


    involved, were there?"

    "Thank Rao, no. Explosive whoopie-cushions filled with cow-dung, if


    really want to know. The most embarrassing part of the whole episode


    when some lesbian bodybuilders started asking me why I wear my underwear


    the OUTSIDE of my tights," he said, grinning sheepishly.

    "What did you say?"

    "I just flew off."

    "Smart," she admitted. "Hey, what’s that you’ve got?"

    "Oh, this?" he asked, displaying a small luminescent cube. "It fell

    into the D.C. Universe during our recent crossover with Marvel. It’s

    called the ‘Cosmic Cube’, and it’s raised all sorts of heck for Marvel

    superheroes. It gives its holder godlike abilities to alter reality.

    Just for laughs we gave it a shot – to see if it works here. We tried


    make Robin’s genitals bigger than Batman’s – just like in the movie.


    It works, but because of stronger continuity rules here at D.C., it’s


    more limited in its power and range."

    "Still," he snickered, "you should have seen the look on Batman’s


    (Especially after Blue Beetle made Batman’s nipples so big that they

    showed through his costume!!)"

    "Can I see it?" she asked.

    "Sure, but be careful," he said as he handed her the Cosmic Cube.

    Instantly, she could feel the power of the Cube surge through her



    "Weird, huh?"

    "You bet!" she said, "So if I wanted to, I could make you an


    and take away your strength and powers?"


    "Hey!" he said, as his posture suddenly became less erect, and his

    voice’s pitch slightly higher, "My powers are gone! Lois!"

    "And I could make myself a full-powered Kryptonian?" she asked,



    "I feel GREAT! I’m so aware of everything around me! And I feel


    STRONG!" she exclaimed, her voice booming with power and energy.

    "Lois, give me the Cube back," Superman insisted.

    "Not just yet, Clarkie. I’m going to have some fun for a while. And

    don’t try to take it away from me, or I’ll twist you into a pretzel."

    After considering the possibilities for a few moments, she said, "You

    know, ever since high school, I’ve never really been satisfied with my


    I think I’d like to have larger breasts!"


    Superman watched amazed as the front of his fiance’s dress began to

    spread apart between the buttons on her chest. "Lois…this is….WOW."

    "You like, honey?" she asked, displaying her newly enlarged breasts


    his examination.

    "Uh, (gulp) yes. Very much," Superman admitted, blushing.

    "VERY much?, she laughed, "Looks like I removed your Kryptonian power


    control erections, too! Is that a lump of Kryptonite in your pocket or


    you just happy to see me? Babe, that was only one cup size. I went

    from a

    ‘C’ to a ‘D’. Watch THIS."


    Even with his super-hearing gone, the last son of Krypton could hear


    stretching and breaking of threads as Lois’ breasts swelled further, far

    beyond the range of normal female mammary development. The last surge


    growth propelled the the third button from the top forward about a dozen

    feet, over the edge of the roof.

    "Great Scott, Lois!" Superman choked, "You’re as big as some of


    porn stars now!"

    "Yes," she agreed, "but these are all natural, and (gasp) so

    sensitive –

    feeling them strain against my clothing feels sooooo GOOOD!"

    Suddenly, Lois inhaled a tremendous quantity of air, sending buttons

    exploding off her chest at near escape velocity as her jutting breasts

    burst outward.

    Superman couldn’t help but stare at Lois’ mostly naked,


    breasts. The remnants of her dress and underwire bra bunched outward


    her generous shelf of invulnerable boob flesh. "I must be around a


    now," she said to herself while judiciously examining her swollen



    "Earth’s gravity doesn’t put much drag on these babies, huh?" she


    rhetorically, her bountiful orbs of hypertrophied lactating tissues

    bobbling up and down, back and forth, as though in freefall. Massaging


    chest, she said, "I love my new breasts!" Adding as she arched her


    and stuck out her colossal boobs, "I’ve always fantasized about being

    fabulously well-developed, though, so why stop now?"


    In violent, punctuated bursts of growth, Lois’s breasts busted out of

    the remaining fabric constraining them, finally tearing through the

    distended remains of her now completely irrelevant WonderBra.

    "My cup size must be something in the second half of the alphabet now,

    something you have to get custom made by a tent company, don’t you



    "Gah…WOW," Superman drooled.

    The former Man of Steel watched as his future bride twirled around,

    levitating 3 feet above the roof, her tight, neat cable-knit dress


    concealing her slender-yet-curvaceous figure, and revealing an enormous

    eruption of breast tissue no matter what direction she faced.

    "Look at my breasts! God! You don’t think they’re TOO big, do you?

    They must weigh about 15 pounds apiece, but with my new strength, that’s

    not a problem!" she smiled.

    "Your breasts are…magnificent," Superman agreed, reaching out


    her with both hands.

    "Not yet!" she said, slapping his hands back. "Now that I’m the one


    can bench-press ocean liners, I’ll be calling the shots. And I don’t


    you casting sidelong glances at Wonder Woman anymore. Don’t think I

    haven’t noticed. Besides, she’s flat-chested compared to me, now. And


    wait until I’m finished with my makeover."

    "There’s more?!" he asked, staring at her beachball-sized breasts.

    "Oh, yes. Plenty more. I mean, I’m now the strongest person on


    but except for my breasts, I’m still a skinny little bag of bones, just

    under five and a half feet tall. Even though I’m super-strong, I LOOK

    scrawny and weak. What’s the point of being strong if you don’t look

    strong? I figure if I’m going to be a super-amazon, I ought to look the



    Superman noticed the hem of Lois’ dress begin inching up a second


    he realized the gaps in the cable-knitting were spreading. He watched


    his girlfriend grew taller and more muscular before his eyes, her


    enormous breasts growing still more, keeping the same proportion


    to the steadily increasing size of her body, even as the shoulders above

    them grew broader and thicker. "My GOD, I thought I felt strong before,

    but look at my muscles grow! I’m really getting built – like I’ve spent

    years in a gym!" Already Lois had the appearance and bearing of a


    bodybuilder, and she continued to grow, gaining nearly a pound of solid

    muscle every second!

    Lois’ neck grew thicker as cable-like trapezius muscles blossomed

    seemingly from nowhere. Her thighs and calves bulged outwards as the

    stitching along the sides of her dress loudly protested. Her stomach

    muscles thickened and grew to such a degree that he could see them


    individually through her clothes. Even as her body gained mass and

    definition, expanding in all directions, Lois grew taller and taller,


    she stood nearly six feet in height. Once the expansion had stoppped,


    suddenly realized the extent of her growth and raised both arms, flexing


    powerful, thick biceps.

    Superman gasped as he realized that throbbing, powerful bicep muscles

    had grown from Lois’ formerly rail-thin, fleshless arms. Her once-puny

    arm muscles bulged tremendously against the wool of her dress, "Lois,"


    said, "you look incredible! Your muscles are huge, they look so


    "So that’s what you like about Wonder Woman! Tits and biceps, huh?

    That skinny little thing’s got nothing on me anymore – she’ll never be


    strong and well-developed as I am now, and I’m not quite finished."

    Looking down on her firm, jutting breasts, protruding from her


    pectoral muscles like watermelon halves, Lois said, "Well, actually,


    got about as much tit-flesh as I can stand (if it weren’t for X-Ray


    I wouldn’t be able to see my feet!), but my arms couldn’t be more than

    12-inches around, wouldn’t you say? Compared to these," she said

    facetiously as she handled her breasts, "my arms and shoulders almost


    puny! I wouldn’t mind having enormously muscular arms, in fact I think


    love it!"


    Lois once again resumed her double-bicep pose, and Superman felt his


    catch as he watched her arms begin to swell, when, after adding only


    an inch in diameter, they suddenly stopped growing.

    "You know what? Let’s put that off for a bit," she said, "I want to


    something else first."

    She smiled coyly and pressed the Cosmic Cube down into the deep


    of her cleavage, and then stepped closer to the weakened Man of Steel.


    stopped a foot away from him, her breasts pressing firmly into his


    "My, you’re STILL about 4 inches taller than me!? What should I do


    that? Should I get bigger or should you get smaller?"

    "Lois….", he began.

    "Oh, I was only teasing, silly," she grinned, "I’m going to get


    of course."

    As he began to step away, Lois reached out with blinding speed,


    him into her bosom. "She used to feel so weak and frail in my arms," he

    thought, acutely aware that the situation was now reversed.

    "You’re about 6’3", right? Well It’s time for me to grow some more.

    Height first."


    As Lois began to grow taller, Superman could feel her large, and once

    again enlarging, bosom sliding upward against his torso. Looking down

    into her eyes even as they rose closer and closer to his own, he was

    astounded to see how tall she was becoming. At the moment when he was

    looking eye to eye with her, he felt her nipples press into his own.

    Involuntarily glancing down at her truly mammoth endowments, he gasped

    upon looking up, finding himself staring at her nose. Her growth


    for some time, coming to a stop just as Superman’s chin began to become

    buried in her cleavage.

    "I think I’m tall enough, for now," she said as she bent down and


    him on the forehead, "You little cutie."

    She flexed her large, vascular, bulging right bicep, but nonetheless

    made a disappointed sound. "My arms and shoulders still look so small

    compared to my breasts, my biceps couldn’t be more than 16 inches around

    now. Let’s see…"


    Even though he had seen this show before, Superman became


    watching Lois’ arms grow. She repeatedly straightened and bent her


    as though curling two invisible dumbells. They must’ve been some


    because each time her biceps flexed, they grew larger. An orange became


    baseball, then a grapefruit, larger and larger. The artifical fibers in

    her dress had held out far longer than wool alone could have, but just


    her arms became truly massive, a sudden explosion of growth caused the

    sleeves and shoulders of her dress to burst apart, its remants flopping

    down over her powerful thighs and muscular glutes. Lois was now


    nude from the waist up, and Superman was staggered by the sheer drama of

    her size. Big Barda seemed a flat-chested, scrawny schoolgirl by

    comparison, and Wonder Woman couldn’t even begin to compare.

    Still Lois pumped her arms, and her upper body musculature swelled


    larger. Superman realized with some dismay, looking at Lois’ football-

    sized biceps, that she was now much more muscular than even he. All the

    while, Lois chanted, "Bigger, stronger, bigger stronger."





    Finally it stopped.

    Lois Lane stood seven feet tall on the roof of the Daily Planet

    Building, the strongest creature ever to take a breath of the Earth’s

    atmosphere (and such an impressive set of lungs!). Her watermelon sized

    breasts were complemented by her 30" arms and bowling-ball sized


    Though Superman had visited other planets, and watched stars erupt into

    novas, the sight before him was the most beautiful and impressive he had

    ever witnessed.


    And Superman realized he was dressed as Clark Kent.


    And the tattered remains of Lois’ dress expanded into a copy of

    Superman’s costume, except for the irregular pentagon-shaped hole over


    chest, which would have normally displayed the stylized Superman "S",


    now, lacking any fabric, displayed something MUCH more impressive and

    eye-catching. Also missing were the red shorts of Superman’s costume.

    "Okay, Clark, I’m giving you your powers back…."


    "…but I want dinner cooked when I get home in a few hours. I’m

    probably about three times as strong as you now, so don’t try my


    she said.

    "Oh-Okay, b-but, but, where are you going? Oh, and, and you forgot


    red trunks," he said.

    "I’m going to San Francisco to teach those muscle-dykes not to pick


    MY man, and as for the red trunks, I’m never wearing underwear again,

    inside OR out!"

    As she flew away to the west, Superman used his restored X-Ray and

    telescopic vision powers to see what was in the freezer at his



    A sweet story.

    Superman isn’t so much emasculated as given a LOT more to handle.

    It’ll be amazing to see how exactly Lois expects to maintain a secret identity. There would be vast changes between point A and point K one would imagine. Plenty of an excuse for changes of all sorts.

    Maybe you could sic the ever confused Frog Prince with his personal existence/copyright altering powers on the cosmic clevage of Over-Lois. 8)

    Not to mention the Darksied tittyF 😳

    Rob Smith

    You may have forgotten about, but I never have :-). I’ve always liked that story.

    And I realize that you have moved on to other things and understand that, but I wish you were still into writing. You wrote some awesome stories back in the day. Amazon Artifact is a classic and one of the all-time best. Mighty Morphin’ Amazon Cheerleaders was also great.

    Even if you’re not into writing new stuff, how about posting all your old stories here, so that there’s finally a definitive location for all of them?

    Mark Newman

    I’ve always liked this story. The innocent, trusting Superman hands naively turns over absolute power to Lois. Or was he naive or just unwilling to act on his suspicions. Was he afraid of her reaction if he had said no? Didn’t he know she secretly envied him his powers? His absolute superiority?

    "Aw, Superman, what’s the matter? Don’t you trust me?"

    "It’s not that, Lois. It’s just … well, it’s an awful lot of power to give ANYONE."

    "Really, Superman. If you can’t trust me, who CAN you trust?"

    Who indeed!

    I mean, would any WOMAN not suspect her man of having an ulterior motive to look at the cube?

    "Lois, may I have it? Just to see how it feels?"

    "Are you kidding Superman? You think I’d fall for THAT one? When I give you the TV remote, do I EVER get it back? Or the computer mouse? I let you play with those little toys, but not with this baby."

    And then there’s the ZAAP, ZAAP, ZAAP. The repeated charger of bigger, sexier, stronger, bustier, taller, beefier, BOOM, BOOM BOOM!

    Love it, Ling.



    Yep, this is one of my favourites too! Thanks for sharing it again, Lingster!


    I can honestly say that I’ve never forgotten that one either & it remains one of my all time favs too… Thanks for bringing back the fine memory…

    A search on my hard drive shows quite a few matches for Lingster:

    Buffalo,the amazin morphin cheerleaders (a fun story to read!), the frog prince story (two versions), Larger (third times the charm – the oldest mighty lingster I have: 1995), a few monkey’s paw variations, and will’s power… Another one I remember enjoying… I had no idea that I was such a pack-rat! I have got to clean house one of these days!

    Rob Smith

    Larger? I don’t recall that one at all? What was it about? Or better yet, how about posting it? 🙂


    I’ve actually adapted an open source content management system as a story archive, but I crashed it last week and haven’t been able to restore it. I know what I have to do – just no time. Once I have that going, this message board and the story archive will be under one interface, and one sign-in.

    Mark Newman

    I think "Larger" is the "Iggerbay Iggersay" story.


    Lee Waara

    Far be it for me to correct the preeminent writer in this genre, but I think the title that you, Mark, were trying to help with is actually "Iggerbay, Exiersay."


    PS X=The percentage of completion on the latest addition to "Pendant Changes". Mark, what is the value of X? 😯

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