damn frenchy

i dont know. maybe its me. maybe i missed the sign that sates that this is a fucking gts writters convention. man, you guys sure know how to suck the fun out of something. you all you guys harping on me would let go of your hard ons, and concentrate your energy on your writters blocks, then there would be lots more stories out there for the gts fan to enjoy. all i intended to do is share my finding here in this comunity. there are way to many half ass gts web sites out there that charge you to see these guys cut and past shit using ms paint for their collages. i tought this place was more then that. all i see is fucking hate for others. i mean, honestly, you all truely need to lighten up. it was an inocent move, which obviously pissed a selected few off. if you cant look past that, then go fuck yourself. get life, and leave me the hell alone.