Magnus’s Mighty Grow-Off Contest entry – The Giant Ones


Being an avid Charmed fan and a fan of giantess fiction, I absolutely enjoyed your story. Thanks, it was awesome! I luved all the background info and you depicted their personalities vividly and accurately!

Also being the avid Charmed fan, I’d just like to point out a couple of inconsistencies with the TV show…

“We can’t get close to her…unless we’re her size.” she stated definitely, beginning to flick through the Book of Shadows.

I know you already said you don’t watch Charmed, but you did apparently know about their powers. It would’ve been easy for them to get close without becoming giantesses, Paige can port them right next to her and Piper can freeze her, and then proceed to do a vaniquishing spell…but of course what fun would that be? 😉

It was rare that Piper ever went out at night with her work colleagues – she always seemed to be too busy, but when her friend Caroline suggested that the two of them go out together to as many bars and clubs as possible in one night, she’d accepted. The beautiful black-haired witch rarely did anything like, but she liked to every so often, if only to see the look of amazement on her sisters’ faces when she told them.

I found this especially hiliarious hehe, since Piper owns a club and her job is actually managing her club. Piper is at her club almost every night and her sisters goes and hangs out there all the time too. But who cares, I still luved the fact that u provided a nice background story. Thanks Spulo! 😛