Magnus’s Mighty Grow-Off Contest entry – The Giant Ones

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    The Giant Ones

    (Spulo’s Entry for Magnus’s Mighty Grow-Off, 2004)

    Just a little intro from me…I think this contest is a really good idea, it’s finally got me to write something. Although a few of the other ideas are very interesting, I’ve really only had time for one, and this is it.

    A few apologies…it’s crap, and I don’t actually watch Charmed, so I could have made some massive transgression of established series lore. I probably have. Still, it was fun. 🙂

    Why are they all screaming and running away from me? thought Phoebe sadly. I just want to have a look at them…gosh, they’re so small…

    She bent down, and began to crawl through the city centre, trying to make herself seem smaller to the terrified crowds that were fleeing from her in panic, but as she continued to grow, she found it harder to keep track of them. With a sigh of disappointment, she stood herself upright, to her full size of at least 100ft tall, and still growing. She didn’t know how she’d started growing in the first place, but all she knew now was that she loved it and never wanted it to end. She smiled as she glanced down and saw that her sigh had blown fleeing vehicles and people all over the place.

    “Sorry, guys!” she giggled. “Hey, I’m still getting bigger! Look, I can see over the tops of those skyscrapers now! Cool!”

    Phoebe didn’t stop to listen to any response the crowd may have had for her, as she strode confidently towards one of those skyscrapers, brushing it delicately with her soft hands. She gazed at it closely, and smiled as she saw windows that previously were at eye level sink down to chest level as she grew even taller.

    “Mmm,” she purred. “You know…all this growing I’ve been doing…it’s made me feel sooo horny…and in about a minute, I’m going to be twice as tall as your little skyscraper here…so, here’s the deal. You’ve got about thirty seconds…ooh, maybe less…before I use it to make me cum all over your little city…mmm…”

    Phoebe now had to bend over to look in through the windows, where she could still see terrified office workers gazing spellbound at the beautiful gigantic girl that had invaded their city. Phoebe, still growing by the second, grinned at them and waved.

    “You’re gonna stay in there, are you? Good choice. You get to be part of…mmm…a *unique* sexual experience. You might not survive it, so I wanna say thanks to you now. This is going to be soooo great!” She giggled, and blew them a kiss, before she stood up to her full height of 1700ft tall. Gazing down at the top of the skyscraper, and then around at the sprawling city beneath her, she smiled, before standing directly over the building, her eager sex dripping hot cum onto the structure.

    She gently opened her womanhood, and slowly lowered herself onto the skyscraper that had once towered over her rather than vice versa. She slowly began to lift herself up, and then back down, up, and down, getting faster and faster as the giantess grew bigger and bigger – as she realised that her arousal was making her grow even faster. She threw head back and moaned.

    “Yes!” she cried, closing her eyes. “Oh, yes…mmm…mmm, mmm, YES!!!!!!! GROW!!! Oh God…GROW!!!!…uhhhhh!!!!!”

    As she writhed in orgasmic ecstasy, she suddenly became aware that her hand felt very hot, and very sticky. She opened her eyes, to reveal the darkness of her own bedroom. A pang of bitter disappointment tainted her orgasm, as she realised she’d just dreamt being a giant. She wasn’t one for real, and the skyscraper she’d been pleasuring herself on was just her finger.

    Phoebe, panting hard, rolled onto her side, thinking about what had just happened to her, and hoping that neither of her sisters had heard her screams of pleasure. She started to think about her dream in more detail. It had seemed so real…almost like one of her premonitions, but she’d never had even remotely sexual before. She eventually went back to sleep, thinking not of the reasons why she’d dreamed of herself as a giant…but hoping she’d have another dream like it…


    “Eeyana ma nosku…carala me nosuka…menala kee laka…”

    Nothing. Gina sighed. So much for magic, she thought sadly, getting up from her bedroom floor, and placing the old book of spells on a chair.

    She sat back down in front of her mirror, absentmindedly brushing her hair, and trying to figure out where her life had gone so drastically wrong. 5 years ago, she had been the most popular girl in school. Everyone had been her friend – or so she’d thought. And yet, when the time came for her and her friends to leave school, and move on to the next stage of their lives, she felt like she’d been left behind. She hadn’t got the grades to get herself into higher education, and so she’d had to take a job in a clothes shop in the local mall. That had paid for her flat, but was barely enough to live off of.

    Gina gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Now 25 years old, the blonde’s tired face now made her look ten years older than she was. She missed the old days – she missed being the centre of attention, and she missed having friends. Her work colleagues were all much older than her, and again she felt isolated.

    One night, she’d walked home from a work a different way, and had stumbled on a shop of old books. Gina would never normally have gone in, but she’d felt something pull her towards it, through the door and over to the book of spells which now lay rejected on the chair in the corner of her room. The spell she’d just tried was one meant to roll back time, by five years if she’d said the right words. It was a waste of time, she told herself. You can’t turn back time – and there’s no such thing as magic.

    Gina took the pack of cigarettes that was beside her, and extracted one. She flicked her lighter and brought the flame to the tip of the cigarette, blowing a cloud of smoke at the reflection of herself in the mirror. As the smoke cleared, she was amazed to see another reflection in the mirror. There was someone behind her.

    She jumped to her feet and turned around, to face a woman whose beauty held her transfixed. She quickly realised that this woman looked about her age, but was not human – 7ft tall, with fangs, claws, a tail, and eyes of pure black, with long dark hair that ran down to cover her exposed breasts. Her skin was bright red, and a fanged smile made Gina’s blood chill, but she still couldn’t look away.

    “Who…who are you?” she asked.

    The woman giggled playfully. “You do not recognise me? You summoned me. You spoke the words.”

    “I…no…I was trying to perform a spell…”

    “Oh…what kind of spell?” asked the woman, slowly beginning to approach Gina.

    “I wanted to take time back 5 years…back to when I was popular. When I had friends, and people noticed me…”

    “Oh, darling,” said the woman sincerely, sitting herself on Gina’s bed, and motioning the human to join her. “You feel lonely, do you?”

    Gina crossed the room and sat down beside the woman, feeling a bond with her. “Yes…none of my friends have kept in touch with me…I feel terrible, and I want things back the way they were.”

    “Oh, you poor child.” said the woman, holding out her hands to Gina, who took them in hers, marvelling at how hot they felt. “I understand. You’re the first person I’ve spoken to in…ooh…several million years…I have to thank you, you’ve released me from a prison I thought would hold me forever. I want to reward you…I can give you what you want. I can make you famous, I can make people notice you again. But you have to trust me. Do you?”

    Something in the back of Gina’s mind began to scream to her about what this creature was, but she ignored it. “I…yes, I trust you. I’ll do anything to stop the loneliness.”

    The woman lent closer to Gina. “There’s no need to worry about that anymore…no matter what happens, I promise you, you will never be lonely again.” With that the woman grabbed Gina’s head, holding her mouth open despite the human’s struggles. “This won’t hurt, Gina, I promise. It’s the only way I can enter you…become one with you…” The woman forced her tongue into Gina’s mouth,

    Gina’s struggles ceasing as the kiss became more and more pleasurable the longer it continued. She closed her eyes, and could feel her body beginning to surge with power. Eventually, the kiss ended, and she opened her eyes. The other woman was gone.

    “There,” spoke a voice from inside her head. “I have entered you. I have given you power. The power to transform yourself into a colossus of pure woman. And now, my beautiful Gina, I allow you to access it. You must accept me as a part of you, our spirits must become one. Do you want that, Gina? Do you want that power?”

    “…yes…” spoke Gina slowly, in a whisper. “…power…”

    Her delicate fingers began to reshape themselves as claws.

    “You have that power, Gina. I am one with you now. Use your power…grow, Gina, make the whole world notice you. Your strength comes from your size. Make the whole world yours. Make the humans grovel at your feet…and then crush them…Grow, Gina, GROW!!!!”

    “…yes…uhh…” Gina could feel her clothes becoming increasingly tight on her, and her whole body felt like a rumbling volcano. She willed the eruption to transform her body. “Grow…GROW!!!” she screamed, not caring who heard her. She knew she wasn’t human anymore. She was better than human.

    She noticed how tight her blouse was becoming, and flexed both her arms. With an almighty ripping sound, her arms burst through the fabric. She stood up, moaning in pleasure at the feeling of her growth and the transformation her body was undergoing. Her breasts, which had never been especially big, were now trying to force themselves through her blouse buttons. 6 successive pops quickly released them, and Gina tore the remains of her favourite blouse from her body, beginning to squeeze the swelling breasts that now threatened to destroy her bra the same way.

    She glanced over at the mirror, which was now far too small for a creature of her size to get a full view of herself in. She smiled as she saw her skin rapidly darken to a brilliant crimson, and she felt dagger fangs grow into her mouth. Her long black skirt now looked like a pair of shorts on her, and with one swipe of her clawed hand, it (and her panties) were cut loose. Her bra struggled to hold back her increasingly swollen breasts, until the sheer volume of flesh proved overwhelming, and a muffled snap allowed them to break loose and continue their growth.

    Gina, now 10ft tall, began to feel her growth constricted by the size of her tiny bedroom. She sat down, crushing her once precious possessions under her increasingly massive form, and thrust her fingers into her pussy, closing her eyes and moaning in ecstasy as she continued to grow.

    “Oh…YES!!!! Grow, grow, GROW!!!! Uhhh!!!!”

    Her head suddenly hit the ceiling, and she snapped her eyes open, feeling a twinge of movement beneath each shoulder, almost as if her bones were rearranging themselves. She welcomed it. She knew what it was.

    At the same moment that two black, leathery wings erupted from her back and punched their way through the walls, causing an ecstatic roar from her that shook the whole apartment block, the floor beneath her gave way, and the residents of the room beneath her finally found out what all the noise was about…


    Paige groaned as her alarm brought her out of her slumber. Tossing her blankets back with a grumble and a yawn, she grabbed her pink woollen dressing gown from her chair, wrapped it around herself, and staggered downstairs. The young witch could handle almost anything, except mornings.

    Glancing over at the couch as she entered the living room, her drowsy mind made out the shape of Phoebe, staring at the TV almost hypnotised. She wandered into the kitchen, and helped herself to some of the coffee that Phoebe had made, as well as throwing two slices of bread into the toaster. She picked up her mug and wandered over to Phoebe.

    “What the heck’s this you’re watching, Power Rangers or something?” she asked.

    Phoebe remained silent, as the tv screen showed a demoness, towering over a city, smashing at buildings with her wings and tail, and laughing evilly at the destruction she was causing.

    My God, thought Phoebe. She’s colossal. How did she get that big…how can I get that big?

    “Earth to Phoebs? What’re you watching? It seems so…real…” said Paige, noting the CNN logo at the bottom left of the screen, and the caption “Giant creature destroying city” along the bottom of the screen.

    Phoebe was finally able to draw her eyes away from the screen. “That’s because it is…she’s real, Paige…she‘s about 5 or 6 miles from here…”

    “What?!?!” cried Paige, as the toaster pinged and released her two pieces of toast. “You mean…oh my God…”

    The TV image changed to inside the station’s weather helicopter, and the face of its nervous reporter as they flew ever closer towards the gigantic demoness.

    “What’re they doing!?!?” gasped Paige. “She’ll kill them!”

    “We’re going to try to talk to this creature, and find out what she wants.” said the reporter.

    “Oh, for…this is insane!” cried Paige. “What’re we going to do, Phoebs?”

    “Us?” asked Phoebe.

    “Well, she’s a demon, isn’t she? That’s kind of a department we’ve got a bit of experience in, remember? We go down there, and vanquish her. Except…”

    “Except that we’ve not got a hope in hell of getting close enough to her to cast the spell before we become an interesting splattery design on the sidewalk.” finished Phoebe.

    “Yeah…” Both witches continued to stare at the tv screen, as the helicopter approached the giantess.

    “She’s seen us!” cried the pilot.

    “Keep going!” ordered the reporter, before turning back to face the camera. “Now, I’m going to-”

    An unearthly roar shattered the helicopter’s windows, and sent the men inside writhing in agony at the noise. The 1500ft tall creature that had once been Gina Harrison grabbed hold of the helicopter with her clawed hand as it began to spiral out of control. She held it up to her face, and gazed inside.

    “HUMANS,” she roared. “YOUR WORLD IS NOW MINE. I AM YOUR GODDESS, AND YOU WILL ALL PERISH BENEATH ME!” With that, she grabbed the helicopter in both hands, and crushed it in one swift action.

    Paige had to look away from the screen as the picture went blank, unable to take in what she’d seen. Phoebe, however, kept watching, amazed at the size and sheer power that this woman possessed. Suddenly, the answer came to her, and she jumped to her feet.

    “Phoebs?” called Paige. “Hey, where’re you going? Phoebs!”

    Paige followed her sister as she dashed up the stairs, into the attic. “We can’t get close to her…unless we’re her size.” she stated definitely, beginning to flick through the Book of Shadows.

    “Phoebs…um…you mean…we have to grow?”

    “I can’t see any other way of us getting as big as her. And seeing as how no one else is going to…”

    Paige still couldn’t take it in. “Um…won’t that kind of clue people in that we might not be your average family?”

    “It’s that, or carry on watching her squish everything. Yeah, it’ll give away our secret, but we’ve got no choice. Ah! Found one.”

    “Found what?”

    “A growth spell, of course…why didn’t I think of this before?…yeah, this seems easy enough. You ready?”

    “I…what, you mean you want to do it now?”


    “O….K….um, shouldn’t we be outside for this? We might smash the house up…”

    “Well, we can’t take the Book outside…we might lose it…”

    “At 2000ft tall, we’re not going to be able to see it. Or the house.” added Paige.

    “Look, we’re wasting time.” snapped Phoebe. “Why don’t you get outside, and I’ll try to get out of here without destroying the place once I’ve cast the spell.”

    “Right…sure” said Paige nervously, heading for the door. “What about Piper? She’s still asleep.”

    “Well, get her up as you go. Hurry, Paige, that thing could be on top of us any minute!”

    Paige bolted from the room, leaving Phoebe to stare at the Book that would –

    “Can you get us back to normal once we’ve dealt with her?”

    Phoebe turned to the door in frustration. “What?”

    “When we’re done with her, we’re gonna need a spell to get us back to normal. I don’t much fancy spending the rest of my life as one of the amazing colossal women.”

    “Er…yeah, sure, there’s a spell here for that too. Now go on, get out!”


    Phoebe turned back to the Book, trembling in anticipation. She knew that to use it for her own personal gain was wrong, and as much as she would have wanted to, she wouldn’t have used the spell under normal circumstances, but it just so happened that there was a 1500ft tall demon woman destroying her home town. She was one of the Charmed Ones, whose duty it was to defend the world from evil forces. If doing that meant that she and her sisters would have to grow to 1500ft tall to do that, then that was what they would have to do…and then once they’d done that, Phoebe planned to have a little fun with her new size.

    She began to read the growth spell from the Book, giddy with excitement…


    Paige dashed down the stairs, charging straight into her sister’s room without knocking.

    “Piper, you’ve got to get up and out NOW…oh….SHIT!”

    Piper’s bed hadn’t been slept in. Paige was about to rush back upstairs to tell Phoebe, when suddenly a warm feeling of power swept over her body, and she knew there was no time. The world around her seemed to be getting smaller. She was starting to grow.

    Paige stared down her body, amazed, as the knot she’d tied in her dressing gown cord slowly began to unwind itself as its occupant’s size began to increase. Paige frantically tried to get the gown off, but her arms, now twice the size they’d been when she’d woken up, burst through the fabric and ruined it. Tearing the remains of the gown from her body, the now 8ft tall woman left her sister’s bedroom and hurried down the stairs as fast she could, each stair creaking under her increasing weight. Arriving at the front door, she was about to open it when her head hit the ceiling with a painful thump. Crouching down, and trying her best to shake the pain off, she fumbled with the door handle, but her oversized hand found it difficult to control, tearing it from the door instead of pushing it downwards. Paige stared into her hand, watching the door handle in it growing smaller and smaller as she grew bigger.

    “Ow!” she cried, as again her head hit the ceiling. She tried to crouch down even more, but she knew wouldn’t be able to get out of the door by any normal means. She shuffled herself into a sitting position, crushing a bookcase between herself and the wall as she did so. She gently rested both her feet, each of which was now the size of the door anyway, on the doorframe, and gave a gentle kick. The house shook under the force of it, as the door and doorframe crumbled to rubble. Paige fanned the dust away from her face, accidentally smashing the wooden banisters with her clumsy hand as she did so.

    Sighing, she shuffled herself forward again, shoving her legs out of the hole where the front door had once been, and struggled to squeeze the rest of her growing body out the same way. The house continued to shake under the oversized girl’s strength and build, but eventually Paige was able to crawl herself outside. She brushed the rubble and dust from her hair and eyes, and then sat up.

    What she saw stunned her, even though she knew it shouldn’t. She felt like she was sitting naked in a model village, except this model had live people in it. Friends and neighbours watched in terror as she slowly got to her feet, and looked around herself in amazement. She her best cover her modesty, but soon gave up. She felt as though every eye for miles around was looking straight at her, and her face turned red. She was easily embarrassed, even by people only a fraction her size.

    “Oh…wow…” she said. Although she had been scared by the thought of growing, and still was, the feeling of power being big gave her was undeniable. Her eyes met with those of people she knew, who were now visibly very afraid of her. She gave a weak smile, and tried her best to reassure them.

    “Um…hi.” she said. “I know this is gonna seem very weird…hell, it does to me, but I-I promise I won’t hurt any of you. You know me…I’m just going to stop that creature you’ve probably seen on TV. I’m not going to stomp on anyone or eat anyone…I’m just gonna help, I promise.”

    Just as Paige felt like she was winning some of the people over, a deafening explosion noise from behind her made both them and her jump, and she began to notice cracks in the road surface where her feet had been. She turned around to the sound of the explosion, and watched in both horror and amazement as Phoebe, the same size as her and similarly naked, began to force her way out of the Halliwell home. The house had now been pretty much reduced to rubble around Phoebe’s waist, and it protested loudly as Phoebe began to slowly walk forward towards her sister, with a big smile on her face.

    “Phoebs, look what you’ve done!” Paige cried.

    Phoebe looked down at the remains of their house. “Well…I had to get out somehow.”

    “Yeah, but did you have to crush everything!?!?!”

    “Hey, you’re not doing too badly on the crushing side of things yourself, sis.”


    Phoebe pointed down at Paige’s right foot, underneath which was the crushed remains of their next-door neighbour’s fence and car.

    “Oh…oh, Mrs Connors, I am so sorry! Oh, um…” Paige gently kicked the wreck of the car out from under her feet, and it embedded itself in the side of the house next door to that one.

    “Oh…man…” moaned Paige.

    “Um…sis, where’s Piper?”

    “What? Oh…oh, you tell me. Her bed’s not been slept in. She could be anywhere. How are we ever gonna find her?”

    “It depends, I guess…”

    “On what?”

    “On how many women our size and growing are in the immediate area.”

    Paige fell silent. Stupid question, she thought to herself.

    Phoebe turned her attention to the stunned residents of their neighbourhood, putting her hands on her hips and trying her best to look domineering in front of them. She spoke in a loud, commanding voice.

    “Little people,” she began. “as you can see, my sister and I are growing. We’re going to save you all from that demoness, so we’d appreciate it if you’d get out of here pretty quickly. We’re can’t control our growth, and it’s going to get harder for us to watch where we’re putting our feet. Thank you.”

    With that, Phoebe, now 60ft tall, turned and began to stride confidently towards the city. Paige, amazed at her sister’s superior attitude, glanced back down at their neighbours, her eyes struggling for a second to refocus on them as her size increased.

    “Um…yeah.” she added feebly, before walking off after her sister. Despite what Phoebe had said, she wasn’t being particularly careful where she put her feet at all, and whilst Paige took great care to navigate the various obstacles that blocked her path – buildings, vehicles, and telephone and electricity cables – Phoebe was striding straight through them, smashing them to pieces. Although, Paige admitted to herself, her own techniques weren’t actually working that well, it made her feel better that she was trying.

    With each step, both sisters grew larger.


    It was rare that Piper ever went out at night with her work colleagues – she always seemed to be too busy, but when her friend Caroline suggested that the two of them go out together to as many bars and clubs as possible in one night, she’d accepted. The beautiful black-haired witch rarely did anything like, but she liked to every so often, if only to see the look of amazement on her sisters’ faces when she told them.

    By 3a.m, Piper and Caroline had staggered, exhausted and very drunk, into a motel room for the night. Caroline had, for a joke, ordered a room with a double bed, but the two friends had more or less gone straight to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

    It was 8.30 when Piper awoke again, to the smell of a cup of coffee being waved under her nose. Her head pounding, she opened her eyes slowly. It was far too bright for her liking, but she smiled at the sight of Caroline.

    “Hey, sleepy head. Time to get up.”

    Piper moaned, and sat herself up in bed, taking the coffee. “Ohh…God, my head…what have you got to be so cheerful about? Am I the only one with a brass band marching around in my skull?”

    Caroline giggled. “You’re just not used to your drink, darling. This is the price you pay for it.”

    Piper moaned, and threw her pillow at Caroline, missing. “Ohh…what time is it?”

    “8.30.” said Caroline, climbing back into bed with Piper, and snuggling close to her. “Did you enjoy last night?”

    “…yeah…well, what little I can remember of it.”

    Caroline began to stroke Piper’s hair. “Do you remember…this?”

    Caroline leaned over, and gently kissed Piper on the lips. The witch returned the kiss, and then sat staring at her friend in amazement.

    “Um…no…but I wish I did…”

    “Really?” said Caroline with a smile. “Well, it started like that…and then…”

    She climbed on top of Piper and looked down at her friend. “It kinda got like this…”


    “Silly, I’ve not done anything yet.”

    “I know, but…ohh!! I felt so…so good just then…like a warm glow, or something…”


    “…mmm, what?”

    “Piper, you’re growing. I’m sitting on you and you’re getting bigger.”

    “Don’t be silly – ow! What did you do that for?”

    “Do what?”

    “Hit me on the head…ouch…” she moaned.

    “Piper…sit up.”


    “Piper, sit up!!!”

    Piper reluctantly tried to do as she was told, unable to as her increasingly large head hit the ceiling. “Oh…oh, no, this is nuts. I’m still asleep, aren’t I?” Her clothes began to hurt her as her body struggled to escape from them.

    Caroline leapt from her friend. “Piper….stop growing!!!”

    “I would if I could!” cried Piper, as she lay back on the bed, clawing at her clothes to stop the pain and praying that this was all a dream. The sudden noise of more tearing seams followed by the bed creaking and then collapsing under her weight suddenly made her realise that this was no dream.

    Caroline was desperate to help her friend. “Piper, what should I do?” she asked in a panic.

    “Get out of here!” boomed Piper. “Get everyone out of here!!! Hurry, Carol, GO!!”

    Caroline reluctantly abandoned her friend, rushing from their room into the corridor. Piper tried again to sit up, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to. She realised that the only way she’d get out of here would be by simply growing larger than the room was, and then kicking her way out. Something at the back of her mind told her who was responsible for this – she guessed that Phoebe and Paige were growing too.

    And when I find them, she thought, as her toes touched the other side of the room, they are in *so* much trouble…


    “There she is!” cried the 1000ft tall Phoebe, pointing into the distance, where the demoness was thrashing her wings against yet another skyscraper.

    “She’s so far away…” said Paige, still struggling to minimise the damage she was doing as she made her way through the city, even though by now she’d resigned herself to the fact that she’d almost certainly crushed someone, and probably caused more damage than she’d ever earn enough money to put right.

    “You’re forgetting, we’re giants now. It‘s not that far.”

    “No, no, Phoebs – we’re just giant-sized. Not giants. ‘Giants’ makes it sound permanent.”

    “Wouldn’t you like to stay like this, for a while?” asked Phoebe.

    “No.” said Paige. “I don’t like everyone being able to stare at me, I don’t like having no clothes that fit me, and I don’t like thinking about what I might have crushed on the way here.”

    “Oh, Paige…” Phoebe hugged her sister. “There was no other way, you know that. If we don’t stop her, no-one else will. Besides, they’d given the order to evacuate the city about an hour before you got up. I expect everyone had gone.”

    “I hope so…”

    “HOW VERY TOUCHING.” boomed a voice from above them. The girls froze in their hug.

    “That’s her, is it?” asked Phoebe, who was facing away from Gina.

    “That’s her.” said Paige. “One demon, considerably bigger than us, hovering at 10 o‘clock.”



    The girls broke their hug, and Phoebe turned to face Gina. “Think again. I want you to stop this.”

    Gina stared at Phoebe for a moment, before cracking up. “YOU…LITTLE WOMAN…YOU WANT ME TO STOP? I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!!!!”

    Phoebe glared back at Gina, defiantly. “Give up.”

    “NEVER!” Gina snarled, and faster than the eye could see she darted forward and grabbed Paige in her clawed hands. “NO-ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO!!!” she bellowed. “NOT ANYMORE!!!!!” Bolts of what looked like lightning began to fire themselves from Gina’s hands into Paige’s body, causing the young witch to scream out in pain.

    “LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!” cried Phoebe, who rushed to tackle Gina, sinking her nails into the demoness’ leg but soon receiving a swift kick that knocked her off her feet, sending her crashing through 3 skyscrapers and several apartment blocks on her way to the ground, which trembled for miles under the force of her impact. Gina smiled at what she’d done, and rose into the air, still clutching the screaming Paige.

    “YOU’LL SUFFER FOR WHAT SHE’S DONE!!!” snarled the demoness.

    Phoebe lay unhurt in the rubble, desperately thinking what to do. She wasn’t growing fast enough, she realised, and by the time she was big enough to fight that monster off it may well have killed Paige. Suddenly, it came to her – her dream. The same thing that had made her grow faster in her dream could also be the same thing that would make her grow faster for real. A long shot, she realised, but it was better than nothing.

    She staggered to her feet, and looked around for any building that could serve her purpose. Almost immediately, she found it – and was amazed to see it looked just like the one from her dream.

    “So it was a premonition…” she mumbled to herself.


    Piper had managed to make her escape from the motel by freezing time around as she’d smashed her way out of the building, ensuring that she could get clear and nobody would get hurt. She’d staggered into the street, glancing down at the increasingly tiny streams of frozen traffic and pedestrians in amazement. How had this happened? Why had this happened? How could she get herself back to normal?

    Piper stumbled as best she could over the traffic and people, until finally she managed to trip backwards over a parked van, falling to the ground and crushing much of a packed car park. The disruption to her concentration restarted time around her, and suddenly the air was filled with the sounds of screams, and horns, and crashes, as the people beneath her suddenly had *another* giantess pop into existence right in front of them whilst they were trying to get away from the other one.

    “I’m sorry.” said Piper feebly. “Um…oh, God…I’m sorry!” She began to feel the car park walls rubbing either side of her backside, until with a small crumbling noise, they gave way under her expansion. She managed to get to her feet, and she tried her best to run to a sparsely populated area, yet everywhere she went she was confronted with more traffic and people, always becoming harder to keep track of as her eyes got further away from the ground.

    As her size increased, she became aware of a battle taking place about a mile or so away (for her at her size), and she instantly recognised two of the combatants; her sisters, Paige in the grip of the larger demoness creature, and Phoebe, apparently pleasuring herself on a nearby skyscraper. Disgusted at first by her sister’s actions, she watched in amazement as Phoebe began to grow much faster, until she was almost the same size as the demoness. Suddenly, the demoness spotted what Phoebe was up to, and with a hissing shriek flew straight into her, knocking her to the ground and utterly demolishing the building she had been using. Piper winced, almost feeling her sister’s pain, but she knew now she had an advantage; it didn’t know she existed, and she knew how to get much, much bigger than it. Even though that meant pleasuring herself in public…

    Piper sighed, and, keeping down as low as she could, began to search for a suitable building…


    Gina had tossed Paige aside, and she’d landed unconscious on the edge of the bay, crushing factories and ships under her immense body. The demoness now concentrated her attentions of Phoebe, who was now able to fight back much more easily.


    Phoebe struggled to fight off Gina’s claws and flapping wings, without much success. Gina brought both her wings around to the front at the same time, enveloping Phoebe. The witch, battered and bruised, fell to her knees, breathless, as Gina towered over her.


    Suddenly, two impossibly large feet slammed down either side of Gina, making both her and Phoebe wince from the noise of the impact. Gina looked up at the owner of the feet.


    Piper, now hundreds of times larger than Phoebe and Gina, gazed down at the demoness with a slight grin on her face. “NO, I’LL KEEP MY SECRET, THANKS.” She lent down, and picked the demoness up by her wing, standing upright again and holding the thrashing creature up to her face. “BUT NOW YOU’RE GOING TO TELL ME YOUR SECRET – HOW DO I VANQUISH YOU?”

    The demoness refused to answer.


    A look of fear crossed the demoness’ face, and then she began to shout again. “PUT ME DOWN!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!! I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

    Phoebe crawled over to Paige, trying to rouse her, and watched in amazement as her older sister towered over them. Piper cupped her hand, and placed the struggling demoness into it. “YOU DON’T GIVE UP, DO YOU?” Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. “FINE…I DIDN’T WANT TO HAVE TO DO THIS, BUT YOU’VE LEFT ME NO CHOICE. I’M GOING TO SHRINK YOU.”



    Gina’s gaze was locked on Piper, who appeared to be getting bigger and bigger as she grew smaller.



    “SO LITTLE…”


    “SO SMALL…”



    “No!!!!” Gina shrieked, and grabbed her head. “No…NO!” She screamed in agony as a red shape floated from her body, taking the form of an even more demonic creature in Piper’s hand as Gina herself began to turn back into a human, who fell to her knees, sobbing to herself.


    “You BITCH!” cried the demoness to Piper. “NO MATTER…I MUST HAVE A GIANTESS’ BODY…SO YOURS WILL DO JUST AS WELL!!!!!”

    “Piper, look out!” cried Phoebe, even though she couldn’t actually see what was going on. The demoness launched herself at Piper, flapping its wings furiously and heading straight for her mouth. Piper was not afraid. She could see what it wanted to do, and how she could stop it.

    A split second before the demoness reached her mouth, Piper brought up her free hand, and jabbed her fingers out. The demoness flew straight onto one of Piper’s nails, impaling herself.

    Piper grimaced, and looked around a little uncertainly. Suddenly, the body of the demoness exploded into dust, and Piper sighed with relief. Remembering the little woman in her other hand, she brought it slowly up to her face.

    “ARE YOU ALRIGHT?” she asked Gina, as softly as she could.

    “I’m sorry…” sobbed Gina. “I let her take me over…”


    Piper bent down as low as she could. Even with that, Paige and Phoebe only came up to her knees. Piper lowered her hand, and let them help Gina out of it.


    Paige and Phoebe looked at each other nervously. “Um…well…” Piper waved them silent, her massive hand making all three smaller giantesses jump away from her in fear. “OH…COME ON, JUST SHRINK US BACK DOWN. I NEED SOME SLEEP, BADLY. AND SOME BREAKFAST…”

    Phoebe glanced around nervously. “Um…that’s not going to be possible…”

    Piper glared at Phoebe, and stood up to her full height. “…WHAT?” she roared.

    “Well, I…can’t remember the spell to shrink us back to normal…”

    Piper took a deep breath, and her next word shattered every remaining intact window for miles around. The ground rumbled under its force, and the three smaller giantesses had to cover their ears to avoid being deafened.


    Rob Smith


    Thanks for posting it!


    I assume the total silence from everyone else should be read as a very bad thing. 🙂


    I assume the total silence from everyone else should be read as a very bad thing. 🙂

    Not necessarily – I haven’t been as successful getting GTS fans here. For the GTS guys, there’s lots of sites. For FMG, not so much. I thought the focus on the growing, rather than the end size, would bring more GTS readers.


    This was hilarious. 😆



    Good o. 🙂


    Yup, That was a great story. The growth is the best thing I like about Giantesses. Keep up the good stories!


    Being an avid Charmed fan and a fan of giantess fiction, I absolutely enjoyed your story. Thanks, it was awesome! I luved all the background info and you depicted their personalities vividly and accurately!

    Also being the avid Charmed fan, I’d just like to point out a couple of inconsistencies with the TV show…

    “We can’t get close to her…unless we’re her size.” she stated definitely, beginning to flick through the Book of Shadows.

    I know you already said you don’t watch Charmed, but you did apparently know about their powers. It would’ve been easy for them to get close without becoming giantesses, Paige can port them right next to her and Piper can freeze her, and then proceed to do a vaniquishing spell…but of course what fun would that be? 😉

    It was rare that Piper ever went out at night with her work colleagues – she always seemed to be too busy, but when her friend Caroline suggested that the two of them go out together to as many bars and clubs as possible in one night, she’d accepted. The beautiful black-haired witch rarely did anything like, but she liked to every so often, if only to see the look of amazement on her sisters’ faces when she told them.

    I found this especially hiliarious hehe, since Piper owns a club and her job is actually managing her club. Piper is at her club almost every night and her sisters goes and hangs out there all the time too. But who cares, I still luved the fact that u provided a nice background story. Thanks Spulo! 😛


    Great Story you won a fan in me!


    Yeah! Great story man. Lingster's right in that there are a lot of other GTS sites out there. is the biggest one, but I hate the fact that there are rules and obligations (the point system annoys me to no end) The growth in this one was pretty good and I urge you to continue writing.

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