Monkeyman & O’Brien


A really good post thread to start Freak2k!

As spectacular as Ann O’Brien is, remember she started from the frame of a lass in her late teens with little -ahem- development to start with. Oniko O’Brien was a full grown woman exposed to the extra-special extradimensional engergies that harkened Monkeyman’s and unnamed torso ScannerApe arrival in Earthspace one would expect quite an advancement.

Also Oniko was head of her own criminal empire and was proubably in tip top shape when it came to esoteric martial arts and such. There are occasional pictures and small story threads lead one to believe that Oniko and the ScannerApe team up once he gets a cybernetic body built. Sort of the ‘Anti’ Monkeyman and O’Brien..

Art Adams has been doing the penciling, and ocasionally inking, Jenny Future in Tom Strong’s Sensational Stories from ABC comics (An imprint of DC).

As far as any sightings of Monkeyman and his pituitarily gifted firehaired counterpart inada, zip, zilch as far as I’ve seen.

Though I do have to say a miniseries with Oniko and ScannerApe (Unnamed in the comic) creating havoc would be quite cool. Perhaps if it could be shoehorned in with Adam’s Gojira fetish it might be a distant possibility, : 😆