New Poser stuff


I assumed that The Girl was built on the same mesh as the other major-release DAZ characters, but I checked following Cowprobe’s comment on Transvigor and was dismayed to find that she’s not. What this means is that I can’t move morphs between other models and The Girl, the way I normally do from the male models to the females for the sake of muscles.

Also, the muscle morphs that DAZ is offering for The Girl are less than show-stopping. I might have to make my own from scratch, which is something I’ve never tried before and probably wouldn’t be terribly good at.

As for putting The Girl’s head on She-Freak – that might actually work. But it’s been years since I’ve done anything like that and the meshes have become much more detailed than they were. I might give it a shot.

I just think she’s so cute, though. I just love her jawline.