New Poser stuff



Did I mention that seeing this cherubic carb consuming cutie in any way, shape or form that you’re able and willing to share is an amazing visual stimulation enough? I’m entirely happy with the tenative experimentation you’ve done so far and can’t wait to see what bizzare scenarios are played out on your Pulp-esque pin ups in regards to mega-GIRL.

That being said Mighty L you should look to the tutelage of a certain Tigersan.

While he doesn’t have any tutorials on his site the fella’s work in Poser shows he surely has a great deal of experience.

Drop him a line and perhaps he might have some ideas to help.

If that fails at least you’ve gotten a nice excuse to observe some really nice contest pics 😆

Do not fear the power of post-work an amazing artist on the BEarchives called The Rocketeer/ Buddy_Busen does amazing stuff almost entirely after the computers done rendering.

A little Dr,West action between a donor cutie GIRL and a waiting She-Freak coded corpse might be possible in Photoshop 😈

Then again thinking on it the reaction of lights and natural shadows would be really difficult unless the ‘head’ was actually ported in seperate from the body. Damn this IS Lovecraftian isn’t it? 😳

Well thanks for the braincell firings devoted to this mad dream so far. I wish you luck!