ok, let me make something clear…..

damn frenchy

how about you get off the ban wagon, and let me be. if you would of read the stories, you would of noticed that basicaly all i’ve done is change the names, thats it. maybe added a little more details……. but all in all, its the same story.

as for claming them as my own, you’ve obviously miss read my post about me clearly stating that i DID NOT WRITE THESE STORIES.

so i dont know what you’re trying to prouve here or what, but how about you lighten up, enjoy the stories, and every body will live happily aever after.

ps. if these stories were’nt made to be read or reposted or what ever, they never would have been released in the first place, or a copyright would of been added.

my only intension here was to share my love for these stories with others.