Power Play, chapter 7


Well, the truth is, I didn’t feel fine about it when I read it. I hadn’t seen any warnings in front of the story, so when I actually saw the under-age goin’s-on in the original work, it really bothered me. But the sci-fi story around it had put too many good ideas in my mind. And it kept rattling around in my brain, and germinating into a full fledged story. I had to put it into print somewhere or go nuts.

What I really would like to do is see if I could do an MPAA-aprovable Jimmy Dimpled version of marknew’s Transfer Student. A prequel, if you will. Of course, I had to get his OK to do this sequel, and I was still kicking around the Asian story AND bracing for crunch time at the end of the term coming up. It may be a while in coming up, if I get his stamp of approval.