Power Play, chapter 7

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    I’ve debated on commenting about your last post Jimmy mostly becouse I’m a big fan of your work. But ( there’s allways a but isnt their ) allthou my own work tends not to have much " graphic violence" my stories do tend to have their fare share of nudity and …erm… affiliated activities. So I guess I take a bit of exception to your soap box comments . That being said I assume you did read Marknews original story that you extrapolated on so brilliantly. So assuming this I couldnt help but wonder why you feel it’s fine to read stories with " affiliated nudity" but that writing them somehow dimminishs the author and his work!

    Again I dont mean for this to be accusatory or overly critical but I was struck by the irony of your statement.


    Well, the truth is, I didn’t feel fine about it when I read it. I hadn’t seen any warnings in front of the story, so when I actually saw the under-age goin’s-on in the original work, it really bothered me. But the sci-fi story around it had put too many good ideas in my mind. And it kept rattling around in my brain, and germinating into a full fledged story. I had to put it into print somewhere or go nuts.

    What I really would like to do is see if I could do an MPAA-aprovable Jimmy Dimpled version of marknew’s Transfer Student. A prequel, if you will. Of course, I had to get his OK to do this sequel, and I was still kicking around the Asian story AND bracing for crunch time at the end of the term coming up. It may be a while in coming up, if I get his stamp of approval.


    I really don’t see what’s the big deal with nudity in a story. Unless you’re thinking of writing a children’s story , there’s nothing wrong with a little nudity. This is specially true when concerning fictional writing, since you can make whole sex scenes and not make it graphical or vulgar. It’s done all the time, in many, many main stream books.

    Now…if you’re going to describe in details the female genitalia, then I would agree with you on this, but otherwise, you’re displaying a "G.W. Bush" level of puritanism.


    I’m sure Marknew will give you his permision Jimmy and when he does I’ll be looking forward to your story.

    Mark Newman

    Please go ahead Jimmy. You know that I will feel free (privately or publicly) to let you know if I disagree with the way you’ve done it but I look forward to reading your creative ideas — even without the nudity.



    And some continuity errors, lesser dialogue, and typos have been yoinked. That’s that. We’re all sequenced now.

    And the thing is, I’ve been getting all sorts of nifty ideas of where to take this thing… Like:

    Transfer Student: the Jimmy Dimples Remix

    Power Play: Martissa’s Story

    And of course the story formerly known as Biotopia: Child’s Play.

    And the other continents, as well.

    (sigh) So many ideas, so little time.

    But my break should kick in after the 20th, so I’m going to have some extra time to write after that.

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