Re: Female Muscle in Cartoons


But hey, at least you can watch Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors again! .  And… Pole Posistion?  Please tell me that is based on the arcade game of the same name.

WOO HOOOO!!! Of course I can not confirm nor deny the fact that I may or may not have gotten some episodes off of eMule, along with M.A.S.K.

As for Pole Position:

The Pole Position cartoon was on CBS from 1982-1986 and the Family Channel in the late 80's and early 90's. Based on the popular Atari video game, it was about a group of siblings (Dan, Tess and Daisy Darret) who fight crime with the help of two computerized cars (Roadie and Wheels). Basically, you combine Scooby Doo with Knight Rider.

Pole Position is a top secret FBI type agency run by Dr. Zachary Darret, the Darret kids' uncle. After their parents were killed they take over the family "business", the stunt show, and also as agents for Pole Position