Re: fmg/gts werewolf

Mort Bailey

Just a particular point I'd like to make, since its so commonly misconstrued, so often on the forums, but whenever I see the word "were-" in reference to the topic of female anthropomorphic transformations, i.e. a were-woman, one should keep in mind that its Old English for "man" and has absolutely nothing to do with transformation process itself.

From the American Heritage Dictionary:

Old English werewulf : wer, man; + wulf, wolf;

In otherwords, if you're misusing it in that manner, "man-woman", you're actually describing a transgender transformation.

Thars real cute & all, but nobody here is using it in that manner, except you.

On the topic, you should definatly check He does ask for a donation for full membership, but there are 6 or 7 class act sequences and a whole bunch of other stuff on there, well worth a look.