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    Sounds good, Magnus! Can't wait.


    If you join TRC's Yahoo Group "buffytfreborn", you will find a story "A Scratch Among Sisters", located in the File section at the very bottom of the list (i.e. not in any of the folders).  It stars Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Buffy Summers and Dawn Summers transforming into 7-foot tall, super-busty, super-muscular werewolves.  Lots of clothes-ripping, my personally favorite part of FMG.  An excellent story, and the only "fmg/gts werewolf" story I know.  Hope that helps.



    u need approval for that group

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Someone better link me to that group.



    there u go
    im waiting for my membership to be approved

    magnus knight

    Check the other fiction section.  I hope you enjoy it.


    Well for anyone interested in the stated topic of this thread I would suggest checking out
    Peter's girlfriend Sarah strays pretty close to both (well actually shes solidly got both BE and FMG down but shes about 7 to 10 feet tall so it just depends where your Amazon ends and your GTS begins.) 



    hi guys, don't wanna blow my own trumpet but as a writer I need the pick-me-up, I've actually done a number of werewolf/fmg/semi gts stories in the past which you can find in trc's groups or if you want I can hand you them over via e-mail.  Anyone who wants them just pm me in here…

    Mort Bailey

    Just a particular point I'd like to make, since its so commonly misconstrued, so often on the forums, but whenever I see the word "were-" in reference to the topic of female anthropomorphic transformations, i.e. a were-woman, one should keep in mind that its Old English for "man" and has absolutely nothing to do with transformation process itself.

    From the American Heritage Dictionary:

    Old English werewulf : wer, man; + wulf, wolf;

    In otherwords, if you're misusing it in that manner, "man-woman", you're actually describing a transgender transformation.

    Thars real cute & all, but nobody here is using it in that manner, except you.

    On the topic, you should definatly check He does ask for a donation for full membership, but there are 6 or 7 class act sequences and a whole bunch of other stuff on there, well worth a look.

    Deadly Pixxxie

    Dude, don't be an ass.

    If AlexG says it's in the wrong context, AlexG is right.

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