Re: role reversal


Marknew —

First of all, am a HUGE fan of your stories…..favorites which come to mind are:

Jilly Milly

Lilly Lane

Oh No III (an oldie but a goodie) — always wanted a sequel


The first three of these are the "role reversal" type where our heroine (or in the case of Joanna, villianess) gets powers of the hero transferred into them. Suddenly, our frail little vixen now feels like a volcano of power and is more than willing to try out her powers and see if she’s as strong as she feels. Yep…..that pretty much nails it on the head for me.

Due to my proclivity for this common "origin" theme, I don’t finish many stories that I’ve written — LOL. From that standpoint, its the whole acquisition/exploration of powers and how our heroine (and the people around her) first react to the sudden shift in the "balance of power" that I enjoy most in the stories.

I normally stay in the shadows in this genre realm of cyberspace cause the "muscle" stories I prefer (and write) usually involve "hidden muscle" — the superstrength and powers are there, but in a lithe, model-like body. While it makes sense to grow muscles with the strength, I enjoy the idea of all that strength and power bottled up in the unlikely, svelte form of a simple girl/woman (aka Lilly Lane). I suspect I’m prob in the minority on that round these parts, but you asked……

Irregardless, keep up the great work — everone!!


Curator, Supergirls Inc

I have a special directory of role reversal stories and never tire of writing them. I can read sequences like the folloiwng again and again and never lose the … enthusiasm.

"Hey, what happened to my muscles?"

"Your muscles? Awww, honey, you’re always losing things. Let me help. Why, HERE they are, dear.," she says happily, pointing proudly to her burgeoning biceps. "Looks like theyre’ MINE now!"


"What is it, Superman?"

"I don’t know. I … suddenly feel so … weak."

"Funny, I was just going to say … I’ve never felt better!" she replies, beginning to float into the air.

And of course the strories I’ve done with Nomdreserv: Tennis, Give and Take and Matt ‘n Emma.

Keep ’em coming.