Sadly, Art Adams seems to have given up on it

Mr Burroughs

I read the series when it came out, then picked up the Gen 13 crossover, then located all the mini-stories in Dark Horse Presents. All told, there’s probably only 200 pages of Monkeyman + O’Brien material out there. I have never seen fanart, and many sites that showcased Adams’ O’Brien art have died off.

It would certainly rule if Adams picked the character up again. He introduced Oniko O’Brien, Ann’s sister, and threw in some narration about how she had gone through the same growth spurt, but never drew a story with Oniko. And his rendition of Ann got noticeably bigger between the original mini-series and the Gen 13 crossover, so it would have been cool to see if he continued on that path.

I have large, high-quality jpgs of the GTS e-comic, if anyone wants them – they originally appeared as a 6-page story in Dark Horse Extra.