Thar she grows! (nudity)


Incase any morphers out there are interested, I’d like to share a few things I learnt doing this morph.

1 – Colour matching different FBBs’ source photos is a pain! Try and pick one FBB in particular and use an original photo as the ‘middle’ pic, then choose others from the same person and shoot and make her less and more muscular/busty for the other extremes – this is what I should have done and will do in future!

2 – Likewise, I stupidly picked pics with different jewellery/breasts/clothing, which was time-intensive to remove! (I had particular fun trying to get Lynn McCrossin’s lopsided nipples to behave themselves in the third figure and removing Anja Langer’s stringed bikini in the last figure…)

3 – Don’t make morphs this size lightly – I found it a struggle with source pics that were a little too small and started looking grainy/blurry. Also, mistakes are more obvious (while a smaller pic will kindly forgive a lot of errors! Compare the large and small versions of this pic to see what I mean!)